Sardine Restaurant, Bali

Instagram-worthy. Is that even a real word? Now, it is. It’s an adjective used to describe something exceptionally pretty, amazing, or cool that it just needs to be photographed and shared online for the whole world to see and admire. If there is one restaurant in Bali that deserves to be called “Instagram-worthy,” it’s Sardine. It’s […]

Grand Puncak Sari in Kintamani

When Mike and I were making a list of things to do in Bali, I suggested to go on a sunrise trek up Mount Batur, an active volcano in the Kintamani district, about an hour’s drive from the Ubud center. “Hmm…” he considered, “Maybe.” “Okay. By the way…” I started, “if we’re going to do […]

Sanur Beach and Bennos Restaurant

A lot of people associate Bali with the movie “Eat Pray Love,” which is based on the international bestselling book by Elizabeth Gilbert. For our honeymoon in Bali, we thought that our theme should be “Eat Sleep Love.” Our romantic getaway would be spent mostly by filling our stomachs with Bintangs and Nasi Gorengs (EAT), […]

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