Birthday Post: 33 And Better

My aunt asked me a few days before my birthday, “How old will you be this year?” Without flinching, I proudly said “Thirty three!” My cousin-in-law laughed and said, “You’re too honest! You should have said twenty seven!” (I could have said 8.25, actually. The advantages of being a leap year baby!) I was getting […]

It’s “Just” Valentine’s Day but it’s STILL Valentine’s Day

What’s the big deal about Valentine’s Day? It’s just an over-promoted consumerist holiday marked by chocolates, flowers, and cheesy Hallmark cards. It’s a day of red outfits, bad poetry, heart-shaped anything (candy, eggs, a random rock on the ground — you name it!), and unimaginative marriage proposals, and yet even with all of these, the […]

I’m Not Your Superwoman

I’ve always liked being a “slashie.” I like being able to say that I am a marketing professional / writer / blogger / emcee / singer / teacher / homemaker, even though I do not practice these professions all at the exact same time. Somehow, more slashes always made me feel more accomplished. The more […]

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