Ueno Zoo

In my previous post about Ueno Park, I mentioned that within this expansive 133-acre park lies a great number of attractions and activities, including several museums, various temples and shrines, art galleries, theater halls, and a 35-acre zoo — the Ueno Zoo, which you will see more of in this blog post! Founded in 1882, the Ueno […]

Autumn in Ueno Park

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our last day in Tokyo than strolling around Ueno Park, one of the largest and most famous parks in the city and in Japan. Ueno Park is a spacious public park located in the Ueno district of Tokyo, which attracts more than 10 million visitors each […]

Asakusa Part 2: Senso-ji Temple

After walking around, going shopping, and eating Japanese street food at Nakamise-dori, we headed to the famous Senso-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple found in Asakusa, Tokyo. Founded in the year 628, Senso-ji Temple,also known as the Asakusa Kannon Temple, is the oldest temple in Tokyo. According to legend, Hinokuma Hamanari and his brother Takenari, both […]

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

There is really an abundance of beautiful places to go to in Tokyo! There is so much to discover, including remarkable restaurants, lovely parks, and extraordinary buildings. And speaking of extraordinary buildings, one such building is the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, which is where Mike and I went to after having lunch at Torigen Shinjuku Restaurant. The […]

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