Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Partners’ Night: Pajama Party

No one is ever too old for slumber parties!

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel held its very first partners’ night last September 5 and invited some of the Philippine event industry’s suppliers to a fun and playful “pajama party”! We were asked to come in our comfiest, cutest, or sexiest sleepwear, which made all of us look and feel sleepover-ready!

Photo c/o Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

It wasn’t just us guests who came in our sleepwear though. The Sales team of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel traded in their blazers and suits for cute animal onesies that night!

The Sales Team of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Photo c/o Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Who says pajama parties are only for kids, teens, or young girls? At the party, guys and gals from different age groups had a blast as everyone gathered into different groups (with group names such as ‘Team Pillow,’ ‘Team Teddy Bear,’ and ‘Team Pajama’) to play the game ‘Minute to Win It.’ The folks from Eastwood Richmonde Hotel were generous enough to give both winners and losers a prize: a container filled with delicious cookies! And that was only the beginning!

Our table centerpiece (a pink bear) with my cookies and souvenir, which was a mason jar with an assortment of nail polish

With a pajama party-themed event, you can expect that everything will look cute and dreamy, and that is exactly what the ballroom of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel looked like that night. Candy-colored drapes, stars, and round paper lanterns hung on the ceiling, making the room look very feminine and pretty. The stage, which resembled a little girl’s bedroom, had a real bed with a dainty net canopy and silk pink throw pillows, as well as lots of teddy bears on it and around it. If I could go back to my childhood and have my room redecorated, I would want it to look like as sweet as this! And now that I’m having a baby girl, I wish we have enough space in our condo so we can set up a room like this for her.

What’s a sleepover without fun and delicious food? Eastwood Richmonde Hotel made sure that it would be a night to remember by serving delicious food and free-flowing sparkling wine by Raffa.

Everyone’s favorite section was the dessert buffet! Just like a real sleepover, we got to enjoy milk with cookies (but fancier coz they were served in a champagne glass glass!) and cookies shaped like pajamas! People hoarded those cookies though, so I wasn’t able to grab one! Bummer! To make up for it, I helped myself to some amazing mini doughnuts from the doughnut bar. Everyone in my table couldn’t stop raving about those delicious doughnuts, and even when I got home from the event, I couldn’t stop telling my husband, “The doughnuts were sooo good!”

Milk and cookies for the grown-ups. Photo c/o Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
Photo c/o Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
Pajama cookies
Pajama party-themed cupcakes
Dessert buffet
We loved these doughnuts!!!

At the end of the evening, people looked forward to the grand raffle draw. One lucky lady won gift certificates for an overnight stay in a Superior Room with breakfast for two in the hotel while someone else got the grand prize, which was a 2D/1N stay in a 1-bedroom suite with complimentary breakfast for two. There was one more prize, and this was for the Best Dressed guest.

Well, what do you know?! I guess it’s true that babies bring good luck because I bagged the award!!! I won an overnight stay in a Superior Room with breakfast for two PLUS a gift certificate for hotel services worth PHP 1,000! I honestly wasn’t expecting it. There were some guests who were wearing these beautiful sleeping robes, and there I was in an improvised sleeping outfit, which was really just a romper from H&M and a white silk robe, which came free with my wedding gown. I have Mike to thank for that, because he was the one who helped me put this outfit together. (Sometimes, he’s my fashion consultant!) We plan to use the gift certificates when baby’s out so we can have a little family staycation and she can reap the rewards of her good fortune.

Awesome! I won the Best Dressed Award! Thank you for choosing me, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel team!
The “winning look” — a combination of Mike’s styling skills and baby’s good luck!
Soon, I’ll be able to rest on one of these beds in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel because I won an overnight stay in a Superior Room!

Whether I won or not, I really had a great time! (Of course, it was even more fun because I was with my good friend Alessa). The event was extremely enjoyable and the hotel staff were able to execute the pajama party theme really well. I have hosted a few weddings in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, and it was always a positive experience every single time. What’s not to love? The location is accessible, the function rooms are comfortable and elegant, the service is excellent, and the food is delish!

Table mates turned sleepover gal pals!
Mommies’ night out. Thank you so much for coming with me, Alessa!
My friends from Detalye Weddings and Events, one of my the best event coordinators I’ve ever worked with!

If you want to have a worry-free event, whether it’s a wedding, debut, kiddie party, or just a simple meeting, you can count on Eastwood Richmonde Hotel to help you orchestrate an efficient and memorable affair. Here are the different packages offered by the hotel. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.

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  1. Erika Ann says:

    Wow cool theme, colorful party, and cute costumes! Might try this kind of theme on my nephews debut party. Thanks for the idea Nadine. (Btw you’re so pretty!)

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