Family-Friendly Holiday Recipes using Mega Prime Ingredients

Christmas may look a little different this year, but one thing stays the same: we’re all looking forward to having a yuletide feast! We Filipinos love to eat and bond over food, so despite the pandemic, we’re all set on making our Christmas celebration more joyous and special with delicious meals.

With Christmas being only 5 days away, most of us have already planned what to serve for Noche Buena. But if you’re still looking for some ideas on what food and drinks to prepare, read on as I share with you some easy and family-friendly holiday recipes using Mega Prime products.

Last November 14, 2020, I hosted the Mega Prime Pinasarap Holidays online event. For the first half of the program, which was an exclusive event for the press, social media influencers, and Prime Mom Club members, Mamacademy PH’s Kaye Ang conducted an online workshop about pursuing one’s passions alongside motherhood. It was a beautiful talk that surely left the viewers inspired to do what they love (and possibly even earn from it) while juggling the demands of parenthood.

The second half of the program was open to the public, and the highlight of this event was undoubtedly the cooking demo by Chef Rosebud Benitez and Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Chef Rosebud’s Holiday Mocktails

Add a bit of zing into your Christmas Eve party with some drinks! But wait! Don’t panic… it doesn’t have to be alcoholic! Chef Rosebud taught the event viewers how to make some refreshing mocktails using Mega Prime ingredients that the whole family will love… even the little kids.

Here are the recipes for the Mega Prime Fruity Cinderella and Mega Prime Lychee Mint Fix. It’s so easy that your kiddos can help you make them!

Now you and your little ones can have some ‘booze’ without the buzz!

Andi: “Is this… wine?”
“Mocktails? Is that better than milk?”
“Mom, you sure I can drink this?”
“Hmm… it DOES look delicious!”
“Mmm… yum!”

Sweet and Savory Fruit Salads by Marian Rivera-Dantes

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll see fruit salad on the dinner spread every time you have a yuletide gathering! But if you’re tired of the same old salad recipe served year after year, you should really try Marian Rivera’s salads with a twist!

Hosting the event and chatting with Marian Rivera-Dantes

The Creamy Yogurt Fruit Salad — her first take on the fruit salad — is a leveled up and healthier way of preparing it. Instead of the usual all-purpose cream, she used Greek yogurt as the sauce, then combined it with honey, cinnamon, and of course, Mega Prime’s fruit cocktail. It sounds creamy and delicious!

Her second version of fruit salad – which is her Savory Fruit Salad — is definitely unique. Never thought I’d ever hear the words ‘savory’ and ‘fruit’ together in salad! For this, she still used Mega Prime’s fruit cocktail, but this time, mixed it with mayonnaise, crab sticks, shrimps, and lettuce. How interesting! Seafood lovers will definitely get a kick out of this!

I really like these recipes because they’re so simple and quick to make, and everyone in the household will get to enjoy them.

If you want to see exactly how Chef Rosebud and Marian Rivera whipped up their concoctions, do watch the replay of the Mega Prime Holidays Pinasarap livestream here:

Upgrade your holiday celebrations by using delicious and quality ingredients like Mega Prime’s Tropical Fruit Cocktail, as well as Nata de Coco, which comes in four flavors: coffee, pandan, lychee, and white. You can find these in leading supermarkets or you may also order through the Mega Global online store. Delivery is free for the whole month of November and December!

If you want to gain access on more recipes using Mega Prime products, make sure you sign up for the Prime Mom Club at Members get other great perks such as free attendance to private events, points and rewards, promos, as well as resources on various topics such as parenting, home management, kitchen tips and more.

Will you try the holiday recipes of Chef Rosebud and Marian Rivera-Dantes? If you do, post them on Instagram and tag me and @megaprimequality!

Have a delicious Christmas!

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