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Naughty Donki! Don Quijote in Akihabara


I don’t know who Don Quijote is (or who the man behind Don Quijote is), but whoever he is, he is a very quirky fellow!

Don Quijote, also known as “Donki,” is a chain of discount stores in Japan that sells, well, just about everything: food, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, costumes, party kits, condoms, sex toys, nose-lifting clips, penis-enhancing briefs, pig and horse face masks, butt-shaped pillows, Michael Jackson face masks in black AND white, and… you get the picture.

The Don Quijote branch in Akihabara is an 8-storey building of extreme randomness. On the 1st to 4th floor, you can find a miscellany of cheap knick knacks, while maid cafés and cosplay shops occupy the 5th to 7th levels. At Home Maid Café is located on the 5th floor. On the 8th floor, there is a theater where the girl pop group AKB48 performs nightly.

After walking around in Akihabara, checking out the toys at Mandarake, and having dinner at Go! Go! Curry, Mike, Paula, and I explored Donki, where I felt like singing a line from The Little Mermaid’s ‘Part Of Your World’: “I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty / I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore!” We were overwhelmed by the motley mélange of items and didn’t know where to start looking. Below are just some of the items that you can find at Donki.


You can find all sorts of snacks at Don Quijote — chips, sweets, biscuits, and more. This is where we bought our Green Tea Kit Kats because they were selling it for a cheap price.

Dried squid
Coffee in can
Biscuits, crackers, and chocolates


I know I said Don Quijote carries sex toys, but they have wholesome ones as well. Don’t worry, these toys are very child-friendly.

Robo Fish
Coin bank
Super cute dancing Maiko dolls

Here’s a short video that shows the Maiko Dolls “dancing.” I got myself a pink one and it’s now sitting in our living room, together with Mike’s solar-powered Ninja figurine.




Geisha dolls. “Take me to your home!” they plead.
Musical geisha dolls that beg you to “Take the stocks plz!”
Star Wars Metallic Nano Puzzles
A home planetarium! Mike and I were really thinking of getting one for our bedroom. So cool!
How awesome is this Earth Theater? It must be so cool to have a planetarium at home!


Perfect for both a sunny day or a rainy day, these umbrellas from Donki are just charmingly adorable!

Kokeshi (Japanese doll) folding umbrellas for ¥1,500
Those faces! Those cheeks! So cute!
I had my eyes on this one but I was disappointed because the actual umbrella did not have the same design as the cover.
More umbrellas


They sell “normal” clothes and also not-so-normal ones, like these shorts:

Oh, and take note, these are medium sized. It makes me wonder just how teensy the small and extra small sizes are!
If you think the front is skimpy, wait ’til you see the back!


Japan would probably be the best place to be on Halloween. For those who love playing dress-up, even if it’s not Halloween, Don Quijote is a treasure trove of zany costumes and kooky accessories.

Take your pick from these eccentric eyewear!
Dress up as a dainty swan
Channel Britney Spears in her “Baby One More Time” days by wearing a schoolgirl uniform… even if you’re a boy
Even if you’re a scruffy hooligan, you can still look like a pretty little school girl! Hmm… now I’m thinking that maybe scruffy hooligans actually wear this as a disguise because black ski masks are sooo yesterday.
Hmm… I wonder what I’ll be today? A sexy Santa? Or maybe Alice from Alice in Wonderland? The options are endless!
A policeman costume isn’t unusual. But the face of this guy is.
This is my cousin and her dad / my uncle. They got these cute costumes from Donki!


T-backs, panties, boxers — whatever kind of lingerie you love, Donki’s got you (and your butt) covered. They even have what they call…

The Black Man!!!

Tell me you’re not cracking up right now! You know that famous saying… “Once you go black, you’ll never go back!” (Or “Once you go black, you’re gonna need a wheelchair!”) I don’t think the Japanese are being racist about this. In fact, I think they created the Black Man underwear as a form of admiration for and tribute to the strapping sperminators of our black friends. The Black Man underwear comes in different colors, designs, and cuts, including the Super Bikini (above) for those who are feeling extra sexy.  There are also other styles to choose from:

They also have T-Backs (or the “Skinfit Series”) in Fighter (perfect for swordfighting) and Poison (for those with deadly daggers).
They also have long boxers for that breezy “out doors feeling,” though I wonder if anyone would actually want to wear this — and just this — outdoors.
Because just a T-back isn’t risque enough, there’s a SUPER T-back for those who are extra kinky

Phone Cases

Phone cases with embossed boobies, that is
Guys who own a case like this might end up pressing the back cover more than the keypads in front!

Air Fresheners

Do you like your home smelling like lavender, the sea breeze, or mandarin orange? Or do you want it to smell like marijuana, for a change? Then grab one of these hemp air fresheners. They come in different scents, too, like Love, Strawberry, Samourai, Anna Sui, Eternity, and Baby Doll!



Sex Toys, etc.

Before we proceed, let me ask you: are you 18 years old or older? No? You see that red button with an X mark on the upper right corner of the screen? Click that right now and get the hell out of here!

Warning: For adults only! And as the tarp says, “Be positive. Be smart. Be free to maximize your sexual life.”

As we were going around Donki, we thought that this place has everything you are looking for. But when we entered the secret room behind this red tarp, I changed my mind: this place has everything you’re NOT looking for! Seriously, we’re no innocent prudes, but half of the things we saw in the Adults section of Don Quijote were things we have never even seen before! We did not even know that these things exist! There was a lot of “Ooh… what is this?!” or “Ooh… what does this thing do?!” We were like a bunch of curious kids in a toy store… except, of course, it was a *sex toy* store.

What is a “Deep Throat Cup”?!
I’m guessing these are pocket-sized vibrators?
There’s something here for every kind of fantasy


Oh! How nice is the packaging of this deodorant? Oh wait… that’s not a deodorant.
Knock knock? Who’s there? It’s a “Pepee” for your “Back Door”!
Ricky asks, “The true ecstasy does not exist anymore?” Sure it does! (Is this inspired by Ricky Martin?)
Pastel-colored plastic penises! I would say “They’re so pretty!” but that wouldn’t sound right, would it?
Pink “Princess Sophias.” The 1st one looks like a dog, while the 3rd and 5th one look like a rabbit
Dildos of every color, size, and shape! Press the corresponding button and it moves!

I present to you… the dildos at Don Quijote! We were so fascinated with them that we pushed the buttons to see how they work. Watch this video and watch these dildos do their tricks!




50 Shades of Grey
In Filipino, there is a term for people with great bodies but less-than-appealing faces: “hipon” (meaning “shrimp” — because you keep the body and discard the head.) I guess this is what the black mask is for?
Up, up, and away! And she forgot to put on panties.
Umm… is this a fossil? No, seriously, what is it???


Let’s pretend this is some sort of hair wax
At Donki, you’ll never run out of ideas for role-playing!
Everything R-18
I don’t know why but I can imagine this girl saying in a sweet voice: “My first hole. Tee hee!”
I wonder what’s inside this “sexy box”?
I like those leopard print thingies… even if I don’t actually know what they are! Haha!
“Mega,” “Big,” and “XL” — three adjectives that emphasize just how elephantine “it” is. Plus, a picture of an elephant. Okay, we get it.
What exactly is a Panther Claw?!
For the lonely ladies, there’s the Magic Finger. Choose between 5 fingers: pin point, wide, circle, big dots, and small dots! Haha!

Wow! I know that the Japanese think of the craziest things but I had no idea that their sex and porn industry is so… creative!

You see, even if you’re not really buying anything in Don Quijote, you can spend hours just browsing through all the interesting finds in this store! Also, almost everything here is cheap! Whether you’re looking for practical items or out-of-this-world baubles, or you just want a good laugh, a visit to Don Quijote will surely amuse you! It’s my favorite store in Tokyo (NOT because of the sex toys!) — I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s random, it’s weird, and it’s funny!

Don Quijote Akihabara
Address: 4-3-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan, 101-0021
Phone: 03-5298-5411 / 03-5298-5422
Website: http://www.donki.com/en/store/shop_detail.php?shop_id=98
Operating Hours: 10:00 – 5:00
How to get there: JR Yamanote Line JR Chuo Line Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It takes a 3 minute walk from Akihabara Station (Electric Town Exit)

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  1. WOAH!!! I didn’t know that don quijote had these in Akihabara.. Totally NSFW and Rated R.. Just wondering though, does other Don Quijote Stores have these? … When I stayed in Tokyo, our hotel was near one and we just bought our groceries and breakfast stuff from them… I didn’t know they had these..


    1. Nadine Madarang says:

      Hahaha! I was pretty shocked with what I saw too! I don’t know if other Don Quijote stores have what the Akihabara branch has. I think the Akihabara one is the biggest, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Lol oh yeah… good ol don quijote.. I actually have a picture somewhere on my facebook fan page http://facebook.com/nihonscope of some more crazy adult stuff… I walked in to the “secret area” that was not at all secret… and the first thing I see is a corn on the cob dildo stuck to a plate of glass hovering over some teenage boys giggling and looking the sleeve section…

    Craziest place I’ve been for a long minute… and I’ve been for over a year.
    Nihon Scope recently posted…Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?- BBC NewsMy Profile

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