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Hi! I’m Nadine Smith, a lifestyle and personal blogger from Manila, Philippines. I’m a 32-year old lady who’s not really 32. I’m only 8 years old as of this writing (I was born on a leap year, February 29, which only comes once every 4 years). A friend once said that my extraordinary birthday is a metaphor for my fun, crazy, unique, and quirky personality. I tried to check this site to see if her statement was on the money, but to my dismay, February 29 isn’t even listed! Even Facebook believes February 29 is an imaginary date (my birthday alert is always set to February 28). I guess this means I’ll be forever young. Fine with me!

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That’s me!
Who am I kidding? This is me, on a normal day. Sorry to burst your bubble. Haha!

Basically, I look like a woman, I sometimes act like a boy, I play like a child, I work like a dog, I eat like a horse, and I laugh like a hyena. There. I hope that was informative enough.

I live with my husband / best friend, Mike Smith or Miguel Lazatin. No, I don’t have two lovers. Long story, but anyway, Mike and Miguel are the same person, even if airport Immigration Officers don’t believe him when they check his two passports.

This is Mike…
…and this is Miguel. So… who do you think is more handsome between the two?

I pay the bills by being a freelance event host for weddings, birthdays, corporate events — and pretty much any kind of event. I am also occasionally a singer, voice talent, and freelance writer. Obviously, I can’t sit still doing just one thing. Yep… I wasn’t kidding about the “working like a dog” bit.






Want to talk? Got a question for me? I would be happy to hear from you! You may e-mail me at itsnadinesmith@gmail.com. I try to respond to all e-mails as much as possible (unless you’re really creepy).

For inquiries about my wedding & events hosting (and/or singing), you may also get in touch with me through my event hosting page. I’d love to make your event more fun!

If you would like to borrow some of the photos or text in this blog, all you have to do is ask nicely and don’t forget to link back to me. 😉 Remember: stealing isn’t sexy.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! My tita asked me to help her look for a host for their coming birthday party/hs get together this coming Dec. 15. May I know you PF?

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