Russky & Erika Olivares

“3 things that we would like to commend her for: her dedication to support us on how we envisioned our reception, her ability to adjust, and her poise.”

We are blessed to have Nadine host our wedding about 2 months ago. She just has that natural lively aura that is not exaggerated or trying hard. Because of this, she was able to entertain our guests without making them feel uncomfortable.

3 other things that me and my wife would like to commend her for.

First is her dedication to support us on how we envisioned our reception. There were quite a number of very specific things that we wanted her to touch on. From long scripts such as information about some of our guests to narratives about the history of our relationship to making her say some comic punchline and to making sure that we maintain wholesomeness in our program. She made sure that she executes what we instructed her for the reception.

Second is her ability to adjust. There were a couple of on the spot changes that happened. The band’s set was shortened. Some alterations were made during one of our games. A surprise number from one of our relatives was squeezed in. But because of her knack to adjust, these changes were carried out in a seamless manner.

Finally, her poise. Our OTD Coordinator team had a challenging time during the reception. And it did look that they weren’t able to handle it quite well as they looked really stressed and panicked at certain times. That could have made our guests uncomfortable. But Nadine somehow was able to handle it well. She was composed and relaxed (at least she looked and sounded like) all the way amidst the panic moments that our OTD Coordinator went through.

We commend the service that Nadine rendered. She is very professional and you can see in her that she loves what she is doing. She is not doing it for a quick buck. She has genuine intentions in helping her clients achieved their objectives for their event.

Photo by: Wally Gonzales Photography
Launch of the Solenn Heussaff Art Wine In Tube

“With a 10-minute briefing and 35 minutes of drawing up a script, Nadine performed marvelously!”

 Due to a sudden change of plans, we had to look for a host for a product launch– just two days before our event. Pressed for time, we were only able to meet with Nadine on the day of the event itself –45 minutes before the start. We gave her a one-page program and verbal instructions of what to say and what not to. With a 10-minute briefing and 35 minutes of drawing up a script, Nadine performed marvelously! She was able to deliver more than what we’ve expected. 🙂  – Juan Patag, Wine In Tube (WIT) Philippines

Patrick & Antonette Garma

“Your worries of a boring reception will turn out to be a wonderful and memorable one.”

 We really made the best choice in choosing Nadine Smith as our host. It has been a week since our wedding and up to now people are talking about how lively and how fun the program went. Everyone was also saying our host was good. We can say she’s a flexible host and can adjust her hosting style depending on the crowd. The program ran smoothly and it was truly fun. She was able to make everyone participate and managed to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable! Not only did she host the event but she actually helped suggested programs that we incorporated to make the event more fun. She is also very nice and very easy to work with and with her, your worries of a boring reception will turn out to be a wonderful and memorable one. She was referred to us by a friend and today I keep recommending her to all my other friends who are in need of a host. Thank you so much Nadine for helping us make our dream wedding possible.

Photo by: Bryan Venancio Photography 
Owen & Crystal Samiano

“Natural, classy, yet fun!”

We refer to our wedding as our ‘best day ever’, as it has given us so much precious moments worth treasuring for the rest of our lives. Our guests commended our reception program, and we’re not surprised that a lot shared their high praises for Nadine as well. All these wouldn’t have been possible without our fab, smart, and talented host! A few glitches went unnoticed; all because she kept the program flow fun and very much lively. Every inch a pro, we had a seamless exchange of ideas during the preps. She was sincere, receptive and so helpful — we felt her support from the preps until the end of the program. Thanks to a close friend who recommended her to us last year, and we’re just too blessed & lucky to have booked her. We love her hosting style – natural, classy, yet fun! We highly recommend Nadine to all couples out there who are about to tie the knot. Not 5, but 10 stars for this lovely lady!

Photo by: Chestknots Studios
Eric & Sophia Ty

“You can find a friend in her.”

Nadine was our emcee during our wedding. Aside from her performance which many will attest that she is perfect, she is a genuine and sincere person. Aside from being a supplier, you can find friend in her and that’s what makes her a great emcee.

Photo by: CamZar Photography


Toby & Jecca Swing

“I’ve seen her host 3 times in three different weddings catering to different classes and she was able to adjust her hosting accordingly.”

Giving her a 5 rating is not enough. Nadine is AMAZING! i’ve seen her host 3 times in three different weddings catering to different classes and she was able to adjust her hosting accordingly. she delivered well whether she was speaking in tagalog or in english. she’s professional, funny, witty and she connects with the audience well. she makes it a point for everyone to have a good time. and if something went wrong, the audience would not notice coz she’s quick to improvise. but what i like most is her personal approach in hosting and her genuine concern for her clients. when she hosted my wedding, it seemed like we have been long-time friends. and it was the same for the two other weddings i attended. she’s that talented! thank you nadine! 🙂 i’m really one of your biggest fans!

Photo by: Blissful House Digital


Bryan & Lon Bacalso

“Thank you for creating exactly the kind of cheer I want for our wedding.”

What a beautiful host and wonderful person you are. I wanna give you 10 million hugs! We were very lucky you were able to squeeze us in your nearly full schedule. Thank you for creating exactly the kind of cheer I want for our wedding. See you again at Jecca’s wedding. God bless!

Photo by: The Perfect Grey Photography


Mikko & Aie Acuña

“Perfect for elegant weddings!”

Nadine is such a stunning host! Very elegant and formal. Perfect for elegant weddings! We booked nadine last minute, 5 days before our wedding. She asked for “getting to know the couple” notes but we handed it to her a day before the wedding. It was a one word/ one sentence answer, but yet she was able to pull it off. She looked very calm and relaxed while hosting. Our guests were entertained and stunned by her beauty. 5 star rating for her because we loved her!! Thank you Nadine!

John & Diane Stevens

“Professional, energetic, knowledgeable…”

Nadine recently hosted our wedding and did a great job! She was very professional, energetic, knowledgeable, and was sure to cover all aspects to ensure the night went smoothly. Thank you for being an awesome host, and making sure everyone is having a good time. Highly recommended.

Photo by: East Digital Studios


Leo & Favs Cabrera

“She exceeded our expectations!”

Nadine hosted our wedding just this 29th of April 2016 and it was amazing! She was referred to me by my sister as I was really problematic on who will host (emcee) the program. I really wanted the wedding program to be fun and not boring for everyone. We had our first and only meeting via Google Hangouts; a very casual one, but, she exceeded our (me and my husband) expectations! She had executed the hosting quite well; more than the details I have provided in the form she sent me to be filled out. Right after the event, most of the guests approached me and great feedback for the “host (emcee)” never slipped nor skipped from them; said that “Sobrang galing ng host mo!” If may more than 5-star rating, she would exceed that! Thank you, Nadine!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Photo by: Stellar Shots Photography
Mika Watanabe

“It’s also a plus that she is funny!”

Nadine hosted for my daughter’s debut last march 12 and it was absolutely awesome! She filled the crowd with excitement!:) She speaks fluently without being tactless. She is very mindful of what she is saying. It’s also a plus that she is funny!:) Without a doubt, she will not disappoint… And wait.. Lastly, she is very pretty and presentable! Highly recommend her service! It’s her forte!

– Juri Watanabe

Photo by: Erick Delim Photography


Ricky & Ted Valdez

“She had good diction which my foreign guests praised!”

Ms. Nadine was the perfect host for our wedding! As recommended by our wedding coordinator, Ms. Erika from Detalye Events, Nadine was able to host the program in a formal but relaxed manner. She had great diction which my foreign guests praised! Thanks for being a part of our momentous occasion, Nadine! It’s just too bad we didn’t have enough time for our game, that would have been a hoot! May you continue to bring joy & excitement in every event you host! Kudos also to your hubby who supports your passion all the way! 🙂

Photo by: Jiggie Alejandrino


Christian & Jieh Herrera

“Reliable, spontaneous, and professional.”

Ms. Nadine is really the best!!! Eventhough there were slight problems, she made it flawless. Our guests really enjoyed her hosting and she’s really reliable, spontaneous and professional We are really thankful for making our wedding a success

– Jieh

“Very down to earth and very easy to communicate with.”

If you’re looking for a great and lively MC/Host Nadine is for you!!

Despite the lack of coordination from our coordinator, Nadine was able to improvise and carry the program fluidly with ease. Her lively and energetic voice resonance throughout the reception kept our guest entertained. Nadine is very down to earth and very easy to communicate with, we had no problems with her professionalism and conducting as MC. She has my full recommendation. Thank you once again Nadine!!! 🙂 

– Christian

Derrick & Johanna Dy

“Truly recommended!

Blessing in disguise! So glad we met her. Great host! Truly recommended!

Photo by: Imagine Nation Photography


Super8 Christmas Party 2015

“Everyone at the office was raving about how they loved Nadine for days.”

Nadine did an awesome job at hosting our company Christmas party last Dec. 5, 2015. Everyone at the office was raving about how they loved Nadine for days. Even our bosses said they would love to hire her again! She’s very friendly, helpful and always game. When something malfunctioned or didn’t go as planned, she was quick to improvise. She kept the audience engaged and interacted with them, making them feel relaxed around her.Thank you so much Nadine for making our party a success. God bless and I wish you the best!

– Stephanie Ang (Super8)

Yury & Stephanie Sharov

“All my family took to Nadine and we all felt like one big family.”

Nadine came just at the right time when I was in desperate need of an emcee for my wedding. I contacted all the obvious choices. But I am so glad I choose Nadine! She is bubbly, personable and super natural. The night was a huge success because of her. All my family took to Nadine and we all felt like one big family. I just wish more people knew of this woman’s talent. She helped us have an unforgettable night! :)))

Photo by: Jeff & Lisa Photography


Dino & Isse Iturralde

“She brings in a good command of her hosting but can also easily crack up a laugh from the audience.”

Nadine is a natural. She does an outstanding job and prepares before each event very well. She’s very adaptive and takes her time getting to know about the event and of the couple. She brings in a good command of her hosting but can also easily crack up a laugh from the audience. Thank you Nadine for making our wedding more special and without any hitches. Awesome job and more power to your work! 👏

Photo by: Toto Villaruel


Paul & Kat Tan


Love the hosting Nadine!!!! Thank you very much!!! Superb!

Photo by: Studio 1


Hadrian & Jonah Go

“She was able to handle the delays.”

Superb hosting by Nadine during our wedding day. She was able to handle the delays and was able to entertain our guests well despite of late dinner. Thanks Nadine! You really had a big role in our wedding!

– Jonah

“A flexible host…”

Nadine is a great host. Very flexible and really knows how to entertain guests.

– Hadrian

Photo by: Nice Print Photography


Mark  & Kim De Guzman

“This fun and lovely lady was able to boost the liveliness of our guests in a very natural way.”

What will pe a planned reception feels like without someone to set the mood the entire night? This fun and lovely lady Nadine was able to boost the liveliness of our guests in a very natural way. Unlike any other host, she seemed to be so comfortable in what she is doing and was able to blend right away with our friends. It wouldn’t be a fun night without you, Nadine! Thank you for being part of our very special day and for making it very memorable to us. More blessings to you and Mike! 🙂

Photo Credit: Brenco Studios