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Bangs Garcia’s Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party

Actress Bangs Garcia and her Filipino-British husband Lloyd Birchmore revealed last month that they are having a baby girl, and I was fortunate enough to host her adorable baby shower and gender reveal party!

It was the 14th of August, just an ordinary Tuesday afternoon at home, when, in the middle of watching Game of Thrones, I received a call from an unknown number. The person on the other end of the line identified herself as an event coordinator named Princess Ramos from Events by Miss P and Merry to Marry, and she asked me if I was available to host Bangs Garcia’s baby shower / gender reveal party… which was happening in about 2 hours!!!

Not only was I on my maternity leave already, but I was also unprepared! Despite the super short notice, however, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this. Being a mom-to-be myself, I felt that this was a very special event in the lives of two excited and expectant parents, and I thought that maybe it was no coincidence that Princess called ME of all people, even though she has never met me before. And when I gave her a disclaimer and said, “I’m actually pregnant as well. Will you be okay with a pregnant host?” she excitedly said, “That’s perfect!!!”

It was a simple and intimate get-together with only about 40 guests or even less. The rustic-themed party was darling in every way, with some sweet touches giving it a cute, chic, and cozy feel. The dainty details in blue and pink made people even more excited to know if it was going to be a buck or a doe!

Bangs and Lloyd finally broke the news by pulling the string of their piñata! When the pink confetti fell on the floor, a lot of people – including the couple – were a little baffled! It wasn’t until I exclaimed “Yes… it’s a girl!!!” that the cheers got louder! Bangs said that she and Lloyd already knew that it was a girl but they got confused because “we were both expecting to find a tag that says ‘Girl’… we didn’t know that the revelation was going to be through the color of the confetti!”

Play this video to see how we told everyone that “it’s a girl!”

Funny enough, they actually thought that they were going to have a boy, and shared that they even started calling the baby “Jacob”! Well, since their bundle of joy is, in fact, a little girl, “Jacob” was replaced by “Amelia.” What a lovely name!

The program was short and simple, but so much fun! Everyone had a fill of the delicious food care of Narcissus Event Styling & Catering, R-Freezy Snacks, and Sunrise Buckets.

We also played the following games:

  • Guess the Song and Dance – a song was played and the contestant had to guess the title of the song then dance to it
  • Measure the Belly – players had to guess the size of Bangs’s belly by tying a string around their own bellies then measuring it against Bangs’s baby bump.
  • Baby’s First Portrait – participants held up a piece of paper in front of their forehead and drew a baby’s face on it without seeing what they are drawing

We also chose a few gifts for Bangs and Lloyd to unwrap on the spot, then asked some of their guests to share their words of advice for the parents-to-be.

Looking at everything – the smooth program, the array of appetizing food, the pretty setup which was perfect for the couple’s little princess, and the big smiles of not just Bangs and Lloyd but also their guests — it’s hard to believe that everything was planned in only 5 days! Kudos to Princess and her team, as well as to all the suppliers who made it all happen despite the tight timeline!

Here are some photos of Bangs and Lloyd with their guests:


This was truly a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for me, and I have Princess to thank for it. Although she has never worked with me before, she put her full trust in me and believed that I could pull off the job despite the very short preparation time.

And of course, seeing this Instagram post from Bangs herself was what made it all even more fulfilling for me! With everything on her plate, plus her status as a public figure, I didn’t expect that she would write a heartfelt message such as this. She and Lloyd are really so sweet, down-to-earth, and lovable!

Congratulations again to Bangs and Lloyd on their baby girl and I wish Bangs an easy and safe delivery!!!

Here’s a short video of Bangs and Lloyd telling us how they first found out that they’re having a baby:


Event Host: Nadine Smith
Event Coordinator: Events by Miss P
Photo: Nice Print Photography
Venue: The Grove by Rockwell
Styling & Candy buffet: Loi Es of One Sweet Day Events
Catering: Narcissus Event Styling & Catering
Music and Lights: djN Audio and Lighting System
Souvenirs: Arteegram MNL
Cake: Joey Legaspi of Sugar Craft MNL
Food Carts: Fried ice cream by R-Freezy, Snacks by Sunrise Buckets
Piñata: Piñata Party Ph
Gifts: Mothercare


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  1. Jasmin N says:

    Looks like an amazing party! Kind of makes me wish I had a babyshower haha. Everything looks just so gorgeous 🙂

  2. Your work is so beautiful, magnificent i should say! Everyone look so happy and i am sure they enjoyed this event. Well done Nadine!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  3. Congratulations to your friends. Well done for pulling it off in that shot space of time. Those pictures are stunning
    Adetunji recently posted…EARLY IN THE MORNINGMy Profile

  4. Amelia is really a pretty name for a girl for sure. I am curious as to why they thought they were having a boy. The party does look like it was marvelous and such a fun idea for revealing the sex of your child.
    David Elliott recently posted…70 Days Of ThankfulnessMy Profile

  5. Wow, this is such a lovely baby shower event. I like how beautiful the tryst of the event and it is very colorful and full of life. The name of the baby is so catchy and pleasant to the ear. You must have really enjoyed this event. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. Cool! You were one great host then mommy. I also do hosting but I do not know if I can pull something that fast. You are so amazing, given that you are also pregnant. Anyway, congrats to you both. I was actually eyeing on other celebrities but didn’t spotted some. Or perhaps I just do not know them. Hihih
    theresa recently posted…Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in CarnelianMy Profile

  7. That was quite a surprise hosting! Having been informed in 2hours time, wow! You are just amazing! Bangs and husband’s gender reveal party looks like so much fun and i love every details of the event, the styling was superb! Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! It must be really exciting for a first time mom to be.. keep safe always! 🙂

  8. What a lovely party! I like the theme and the execution. It’s beautiful wherever one looks. Congratulations also for being a good host despite the short notice. And congratualtions on your upcoming baby.

  9. wow!This seems like a great party.All the decorations are eye-catching.You look gorgeous too.I am sure you had great time in this baby shower…
    Amila recently posted…Must Visit Places in ArmeniaMy Profile

  10. I bet you are really good on what you do. Imagine getting the notice 2 hours before the show and you still nailed it! Not to mention that you are also pregnant but pulled it off. You and Bangs are both pretty preggy!
    Kris recently posted…Calauit Safari ParkMy Profile

  11. What a beautiful celebration. One would truly see how happy a person is with his smile. And I could see the sincere smile of the parents. They must really be excited and happy with the coming of their baby. And you yourself are glowing.
    Berlin recently posted…MOMI REVIEWS Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning TherapyMy Profile

  12. First time I read about an event for a gender reveal party. I love the set up – the theme, the color combinations, the characters. They really don’t give any clue f the baby’s gender but hose confetti. The couple and everyone looked really happy of the party. Bangs still look pretty as ever. I wish her the best on her journey to motherhood.

  13. Congratulations nadine! You were meant to be the awesome host in that notable event! Good job and pulling off everything despite the short notice! That only shows you are one true talent! Btw, the event looks grand! Congratulations to thw couple too!!!
    Erica recently posted…Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yamaha Supports TraveloozaMy Profile

  14. Wow! Congratulations! Bravo on your achievement, so proud of you 🙂 a lovely party & love all the photos captured, so so lovely. Really love the whole party set up, bravo! Am sure all attendants enjoyed the ambience & great party preparation:) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing
    SiennyLovesDrawing recently posted…Jom Makan lunch hang out @ Klang ParadeMy Profile

  15. WOw naman, the party looks lit! The decorations also are so nice and girly. I’m sure Bangs is already thrilled to have her baby girl. And btw, I didn’t know she’s preggy pala. Hehe. Nakakatuwa lang to gave baby showers and gender reveal parties. 🙂

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