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They say that when a couple starts to look like each other, they are meant to be together. I don’t know if there is some truth to this, but for some weird reason, people always say that my boyfriend and I are starting to really resemble each other. Not only that, but even people who have met either him or me for the first time tell us that we are sort of dead ringers for each other, such as when I introduced him to my family for the first time, and their reaction was “You look like each other, especially your eyes!” Frankly, we don’t see it, but I guess it’s the same as body odor: everyone else can smell it except for the person with the stinky armpits.

Though I’m not too sure if we actually look alike, what I do know is that we are starting to sound alike. Well, it has been that way for quite some time now, but even more so now, after nine months of being together. Sometimes, it feels like we’re in our own little planet with our own language, understandable only to the two of us. and coherently spoken only by the two of us. To an outsider, our sentences may seem like gibberish, and our habits may seem like singularities. I guess it’s normal for a couple to have a bond so strong and unique that certain words, actions, quirks, and mannerisms become theirs and theirs alone. It’s just that I have never felt a bond this strong and unique before, that sometimes, I start wondering if we’re related somehow (God, I hope not!). That, or we were a couple in our past life, if there is such a thing.

Even our sense of humor is freakishly similar. Two nights ago, we were watching the movie “Compulsion,” which is a serious and very disturbing film. There was a scene where Sandra, one if the characters in the movie,  was in the parking lot,  walking to her car,  and there was a random paper cup being tossed around by the wind. We thought that paper cup scene was hilarious,  even if the director probably didn’t intend for it to be funny. Others may think we’re a couple of oddballs for finding that scene funny, and I can’t blame them.

Is it also possible for a couple to share or exchange their anatomy?

Between the two of us, I would say that my boyfriend is more prone to perspiration. He grew up in Australia, where they experience winter and the summers are not that scorching hot. So when he moved here, the heat was a little more intense than what he was accustomed to. I, meanwhile, have lived here all my life, so the searing heat is nothing new to me. But this afternoon, while taking the public transport, I was sweltering like crazy, while he seemed to be okay. I thought, “Hey, are we swapping sweat glands now? I think we’ve been hanging out way too much.”

Another sign that you’ve been hanging out way too much with your partner is when you start communicating with each other by sleep-talking, such as what happened to us a few nights ago. Half-asleep (or maybe even 80% asleep), in our state of grogginess, we actually had a conversation:

Me: Too much computer!

Mike: What?

Me: It’s because you use the computer too much.

Mike: What about it?

Me: You said your eyes hurt, and I said it’s because you use the computer too much.

Mike: I didn’t say that.

Me: I thought you did.

Mike: Maybe I was dreaming.

Me: Okay.

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