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Padang Padang Beach: The “Eat, Pray, Love” Beach

After our very short (10-minute) trip to Dreamland Beach (New Kuta Beach), we moved on to another beach in the Pecatu area of Bali: Padang Padang Beach, also known as “that beach from the movie Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts.

The fun started when we were greeted by the beach’s naughty and funny welcoming committee: the monkeys!

What a cute monkey! No, not THAT! That’s my husband! I’m referring to the brown and furry creature on the right.
Padang 9
We were warmly welcomed, alright!
Padang 8
A mommy monkey and her baby

The monkeys in Padang Padang really cracked us up! They were all grooming one another that it almost felt like we were in a beauty parlor for monkeys.

Padang 5
Back rubs
Digging for some hidden treasure
“You could use a little less fuzz”
Padang 7
Daddy Monkey grooms Mommy Monkey. Sweet!
Balinese massage
The face of that monkey on the left!!! That is pretty scary!
Wow, this guy’s getting the full spa treatment!

We didn’t bother going to the popular Monkey Forest in Ubud because a friend told us not to waste our time there. “The monkeys will only steal your stuff!” she warned. Also, Mike decided that we should probably skip it because in case the monkeys go bananas, “I don’t want to get some kind of ebola virus,” he joked. The monkeys at Padang Padang Beach were harmless, though. Actually, our driver Made told us that the monkeys in Bali are generally gentle, as long as they are not provoked.



Padang 6

To get to the beach, visitors need to descend a narrow staircase in between a large limestone cave. It’s not the most ideal passageway for claustrophobics, but it’s really quite an experience. This is also the only way back up, and only one person at a time can go through so there can be a bit of traffic when there are people going up and down at the same time.

Padang 1

And if there is a monkey passing through, you must let it go first because in this place, they are the boss!

Make room for the monkey!

Padang Padang Beach, just like Dreamland Beach, is a popular beach for surfers. It’s also quite small and was occupied by a lot of people, which only made it seem smaller. If you’re expecting that you’ll have the beach all to yourself just like Liz and Felipe did in the movie, you most probably won’t.

Sorry to burst your “Eat, Pray, Love” bubble.
On the bright side, if you do want to re-enact some scenes from the movie, at least you’ll have an audience!
And if people-watching is your thing, you’ll have plenty to look at at Padang Padang Beach!
The beach is full not just with tourists but with also vendors selling clothes and accessories or renting out surf boards

Like I mentioned in my previous post, our driver said that locals don’t like going to the beach that much because they don’t want their skin to get dark. True enough, Padang Padang Beach was alive mostly with fair-skinned beach bums (mostly Caucasians) who want to achieve the perfect tan.

The beach babes are getting baked

The heat was a little overpowering that afternoon and it was a little too crowded when we visited so we didn’t really stay long. We just took a few shots before proceeding to our next beach.

Swimming under the searing sun
Padang 2
Eat, PLAY, Love
I think this is the spot where Felipe asked Liz to sail with him in the movie
If you can’t swim, just strut. Haha!
Padang 3
I have too many solo photos, people are beginning to wonder if I was really on a honeymoon with my husband or if I was just by myself. Haha!
Padang 4
I promise, I was with my husband. I just enjoy posing for photos more than he does.
There’s my Instagram husband!
Spot the crablet
“Attraversiamo!” (“Let’s cross over!”) If you’ve seen the film, you probably know this line.

If you’re a huge Eat, Pray, Love fan, you’ll probably be curious about Padang Padang Beach and want to check it out for yourself. The water in this beach is clear and beautiful, especially with its surrounding rock formations and soft sand. However, you will have to share this beach with a lot of people — tourists and hawkers alike — and the beach is already small to begin with. Like Dreamland Beach, this beach is worth a look if you love to surf or if you’re in the Pecatu area. Otherwise, you can just skip it and go to Suluban Beach instead.

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  1. Okay that beach is just gorgeous! Wow!

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  2. The beach looks amazing and your outfit is on point! 🙂

  3. Jen m says:

    monkeys have always been my fav!

  4. Those monkeys are so cute! I’m jealous! 🙂

  5. that beach is beautiful, lovely photographs. looks like some where I would love to see in person 🙂

  6. This beach looks like heaven. When would be the best time to go? Although Im a little scared of those crazy monkeys!!!

  7. Haha Thank god for Instagram Husbands! Great time you showed us there in Padang Padang beach, I miss it so much it has been like 3-4 years!

  8. Wow I really want to go there and see the monkey. It look amazing!
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  9. i love this beach my kids love this place.. they really have fun.. with monkeys giving them bananas lol
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