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Best Outdoor Places to Exercise in Little Rock

Little Rock is a quickly growing city that seems to be taking on new life in recent years.  As people move here, inspired by the incredible job market and low housing costs, they quickly realize they want to make the most out of all of the outdoor space available.

While you’re here, get the best work-life balance possible, and consider enjoying exercising in some of these awesome outdoor spaces.

Go Hiking and Biking in Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a fantastic view of the city and the plains and mountains that surround it.  Not only is the climb up this mountain fantastic, but the trails that surround it offer more than just walking or trekking space.  

Instead, consider biking up and down the trails that allow for it!  This will give your legs a great workout, help you work on your balance and agility, and will allow you to improve through the seasons.  

Go For a Run Across Big Dam Bridge

Big Dam Bridge is a long pedestrian and bicycle path that allows you to travel across the four thousand feet over water thirty feet above it.  This allows you to take in wonderful views, fresh air, and atmosphere while also getting to enjoy the camaraderie with the others who are traveling the dam.

In the winter, it’s advised that you don’t bike or run on this and instead walk it since the bridge can get icy when temperatures drop, and you don’t want to risk injury or falling into the icy water below.  

Go Hiking Through The Old Mill

If you need a break from looking at Little Rock houses for sale, consider taking a hike through the Old Mill!  This mill was active in the 1800s and is now a gorgeous piece of architecture that offers fantastic views as you walk and explore the area around it.  This portion of the forest is heavy with vegetation, so it’s a good idea to bring bug spray if possible so that you can enjoy your hike or walk uninterrupted.

Another perk of this location is that by reading the plaques, you can learn more about the area and become familiar with its history as you enjoy your exercise.  

Play In The Water At the War Memorial Park Pavilion

This may sound like a strange idea due to its name, but the War Memorial Park Pavilion is also a water park with multiple ways to play and have fun.  This is especially awesome if you’re in town with family and trying to get the most out of your vacation.  Not only can you keep active together, but you can also enjoy cooling off in the refreshing water park.

Every Part of Little Rock is Made to Keep You Active

Little Rock may be a busy city, but it has plenty of room for anyone who wants to start a new active lifestyle.  Not only can you enjoy the multiple parks, trails, and excursions, but you can do so in one of the most incredible cities in the country.

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