L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery

It is widely known that the best bagels in the world come from New York City. In fact, the bagel shop is a staple of New York culture. Everyday, the humans of New York flock to one of the many bagel shops in the area, and start their day with or snack on these delectable baked babies that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Bagel lovers in Manila need not travel all the way to NYC to take a bite of these delish pastries. L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery takes care of bringing the authentic New York bagel experience to the Philippines!


Named after the Lower East Side neighborhood in Manhattan where bagels first gained popularity in New York City, L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery offers a wide selection of tasty bagels and a plethora of cream cheese spreads. With their chef (Chef Cuit Kaufman of Borough and Nolita) hailing from New York, you can trust that their bagels are just as good as the ones from The Big Apple.


L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery is a combination bagel shop, bakery, and coffee house, which serves freshly baked bagels and high quality coffee beverages. Their goal is to provide a feel-good spot for anyone who just wants to grab a quick bite or simply hang out. When you step in the restaurant in Podium, even though it is just a small place, it’s true that you’ll feel happy and cozy. Maybe it’s the simple and inviting interiors, or the friendly staff, or the fact that you can mix and match your bagels and cream cheeses, or the smell of freshly baked bagels — there’s just something about the place that gives off good vibes.

Because bagels are the restaurant’s key item, they made sure that they have it in a variety of flavors so that customers can choose whatever appeals most to their taste buds.

Different flavors of bagels


Before coming to L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery, I didn’t even know that bagels had flavors! I’ve been eating bagels all my life, and I’ve only ever had one kind: the plain one. That’s why when I saw the many kinds of bagels, I got really excited — and also confused, because I didn’t know which one to try first! Haha! Each one had a distinct taste, and it’s definitely something I can see myself having not only for breakfast but even for lunch, snacks, dessert, and dinner! The one thing it could improve on, though, would be the texture. Some of the bagels I had were crunchy on the outside but were a little hard to chew.

Their bagels are not only flavorful, but are also filling! One is enough to satisfy your hungry tummy, but hey, nobody’s stopping you from getting more than one. Go ahead and try the different flavors. If you’re dining with a group, you can get different flavors and have them cut up in small pieces so that everyone can try each kind.

Tip: Ask the guys at L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery to toast it for you. The crunchier and the warmer the bagel, the better!

So how do you eat a bagel? Ditch the fork and knife and eat with your hands!

To add even more fun and flavor to the bagels, L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery also has an assortment of cream cheeses that you can order in a bagel or in a separate container (available in small, medium, and large).  The cream cheeses are very rich, so just a little dollop is enough to give the bagels a little more gusto – although L.E.S. Bagels are very generous with their servings of the cream cheese! Because they were all so good, I ended up eating them on their own, even without spreading them on my bagel.


Scallion Cream Cheese – best with Black Russian Bagel
Herb Cream Cheese
Sun Dried Tomato & Olive. One of the best!
Jalapeno Cheddar for those who like a little heat
Garlic and Chives Cream Cheese is great with the Sesame Bagel
One of my favorites is the Lox, which has smoked salmon cured in a salt brine. Partner this with the Pumpernickel Bagel!
Black Pepper Truffle
Another one of my favorites: the Black Pepper Truffle. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop eating this!
They also have Plain Cream Cheese for those who just want something a little more simple. Best paired with the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel.

Their savory cream cheeses are all fantastic but their sweet cream cheeses are just as super!

The Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese adds a refreshing and sweet touch to the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
I love strawberries! I didn’t know that they would be good as a fruity cream cheese flavor too!
Finish off your savory snacks with this sweet and creamy Blueberry Cream Cheese


Thinking of what to do and where to eat? Why not have a bagel party?


Sandwiches and salads are offered at the shop

L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery is the home of great bagels, sure, but don’t miss out on their desserts, which are just as sensational!

Fudge Brownies and Espresso Hazelnut Brownies. So chocolaty and moist, it’s crazy! The Raspberry Cheesecake is also quite heavenly and succulent. Also, they’re huge! I don’t think I can finish one whole!
Oatmeal Maple Cream Cookie and Homemade Oreo. No matter how full you are from the bagels, you NEED to try these crunchy yet creamy treats.
I didn’t get to try the macaroons but if the brownies, cheesecake, and cookies are all good, I’m betting that these are awesome too!




L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery takes pride in the high quality of its products, the attractiveness of its menu selection, and the uniqueness of its concept.

Take your friends, workmates, or family to either of their two branches (one at the Podium and one at McKinley Hill) and have a taste of New York at L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery.

L.E.S. Bagel Shop and Bakery

McKinley Branch:
Address: Tuscany Residences, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Phone: (02) 804 0423
Store Hours: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Podium Branch:
Address: 2nd Floor, The Podium, 18 ADB Ave , Ortigas Center
Phone: (0995) 160 0048


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