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Are you one of those people that can’t get through one day without coffee but can’t be bothered waiting in line at the coffee shop to get your caffeine fix? Or do you wish you could enjoy your espresso everyday but have neither a coffee-making machine at home nor the time to brew your own coffee? Well, here’s some good news to make your day: now you can indulge in brewed coffee even without a coffee brewer!

One Fresh Cup, Southeast Asia’s first Mobile Drip coffee introduces an innovative way to brew a fresh cup of filtered coffee minus the coffee-making machine. Using a patented filter brewer system, coffee drinkers can just pour hot water over a paper filter containing ground coffee beans. The water trickles through the coffee, and voila! Instant brewed coffee! No bulky coffee machine. No messy filters to clean up. No sweat. Just delicious coffee!

IMG_8973 ed

One Fresh Cup comes in a variety of flavors. I’m not a coffee connoisseur but I’ll try to explain the variants as best as I can.

  • Decaffeinated –  One Fresh Cup’s Decaffeinated brew gives you the same coffee goodness minus the kick of caffeine. Made with coffee beans from Colombia, this light-bodied mix has a clean aroma, and is safe to take even before bedtime.
  • Guatemala Antigua – Wake up and smell the coffee made from 100% fine Central and South American coffee beans. Best for breakfast, you need only to take a whiff of its aromatic scent to be instantly energized. Its rich and strong flavor is enough to give you the jolt you need.
  • French Roast – There is nothing French about the French Roast brew. It is comprised of pure ground coffee beans from Indonesia, roasted to perfection. If strong coffee isn’t your cup of tea (or in this case, cup of coffee), you will appreciate the hint of sweetness in the French Roast variant. It has a mild, roasted taste with low acidity.
  • Sumatra This heavy-bodied coffee made with fine Indonesian coffee beans boasts of an exotic aroma and an earthy and herbal flavor with almost no acidity. You can partner this with your favorite savory snack or sugary treat because of its smooth and mellow taste. This is for those who like their coffee thick, deep, and black.
  • Gourmet Dark Roast – Dark, smooth, rich, and fragrant — sorry, ladies, I’m not talking about a man here! I’m describing One Fresh Cup’s Gourmet Dark Roast. Coffee beans from Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Colombia come together and make up this intense, full-bodied brew. Satisfy your espresso cravings with the Dark Roast’s strong aroma and delicious roasted flavor. Add milk and sugar as desired.
  • Golden Mocha – Chocolate or coffee? You can have both (sort of). One Fresh Cup’s Golden Mocha, made with coffee beans from Africa and Indonesia, has subtle chocolaty notes and a well-balanced taste. It’s light-bodied and not too overwhelming or aggressive, so it’s nice to enjoy when you just want to take a relaxing mid-day break.
  • Italian Roast – Sorry, I didn’t get to try this!

Go here for more information on each One Fresh Cup Mobile Drip Coffee variant.

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Each bag of One Fresh Cup contains 100% fresh ground coffee made from the finest and carefully selected coffee beans from various parts of the world. Thus, every pack of One Fresh Cup coffee promises nothing but fresh, aromatic, and flavorful brew.

Here is a step-by-step guide in preparing the One Fresh Cup Mobile Drip coffee. Please don’t mind my chipped nail polish. Haha!

IMG_9018 ed
Step 1: Choose your favorite One Fresh Cup Drip Coffee
IMG_9024 ed
Step 2: Take out the coffee bag and tear along the red lines that say “OPEN”
IMG_9027 ed
Step 3: Hold the flaps on both sides of the bag and pull them sideways to open. Mount the flaps on a cup or mug and make sure that they hold steadily.
IMG_9055 ed
Step 4: SLOWLY pour 180 mL of hot water through the drip bag. Pour water on the center of the drip bag, as well as all the edges of the inside of the filter.
IMG_9177 ed
Step 5: Wait a moment and watch the magic unfold! (This is a very important step!)
IMG_9178 ed
Step 6: Enjoy your instant brewed coffee! (I’m enjoying in this photo but my face is so serious because I was really just concentrating and trying my best not to spill hot coffee all over my clumsy self)

Pretty cool, right?! If you want to see a demonstration of how to prepare your favorite One Fresh Cup coffee, watch this.

With One Fresh Cup’s craftily engineered filter brewer system, now you can make yourself a fresh cup of brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. All you need is boiling water, and you’re good to go! Convenience in a cup!

The coffee bags are also so light and small that you can carry them around with you wherever you go. It’s not called “MOBILE Drip” for nothing!

Keep in mind that each bag is designed for a single serving of fresh brewed coffee. You get maximum flavor in every bag. Reusing the coffee bag will result in a weaker and less desirable taste.

You can get One Fresh Cup Mobile Drip Coffee for only PHP 120 for a box of 4 pieces.

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I have to admit that while I do occasionally need my cup of joe, I’m not exactly a coffee junkie. I prefer other drinks like hot chocolates and tea lattes. If you’re like me, you’ll be pleased to know that One Fresh Cup also has a wide range of non-caffeinated beverages, which you can get at PHP 300 a box of 12 sachets.

IMG_9015 ed

One Fresh Cup has 6 variants of instant lattes:

  • Swiss Hot Milk Chocolate – If I had a fireplace and if we had winter in the Philippines, a cup of this hot cocoa would be the perfect drink to warm up to on a cold night. But of course, you don’t need a fireplace or snow to enjoy this comforting drink. Just like Swiss Miss, this hot choco is delightfully thick, creamy, milky, and sweet
  • Dutch Dark Hot Chocolate – Made with Dutch cocoa, this chocolate drink has a stronger and more bittersweet taste than the Swiss Hot Milk Chocolate. Still as rich, but not as sweet. (That also means less guilt!)
  • Old San Francisco Cafe Latte “2 in 1” – A soothing coffee drink that’s not too sweet, this variant is best for those who like the milky and smooth goodness of latte minus the sugar.
  • Old San Francisco Cafe Latte “3 in 1” – It’s got everything on it — coffee, milk, and sugar! Not a fan of black or brewed coffee? This one’s for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth.
  • South African Rooibos Latte – If you love milk tea, then this caffeine-free concoction will make you go “Sweeeet!” The Rooibos (or “Red Bush”) Milk Tea is made of the Aspalathus Linearis bush plant found in South Africa. Not only does it taste good, but it’s also good for you! According to Organic Facts, rooibos tea helps cure and alleviate headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and premature aging. Drink up as much as you want because there are no negative side effects, just amazing organic health benefits!
  • French Green Tea Latte – I’ve got much love for matcha. What’s not to love about this yummy and healthy drink? Matcha contains lots of antioxidants which are said to help prevent cancer and heart diseases, improve blood circulation and mental concentration, and is a good energizing and anti-aging drink.  And there’s something so relaxing about sipping a hot cup of green tea latte. It’s been said that Zen Buddhist monks drink lots of green tea to help them focus. One Fresh Cup’s French Green Tea Latte is blended with a hint of vanilla so it has a delicately delicious taste.

Find out more about One Fresh Cup’s instant lattes here.

IMG_9012 ed
6 different variants of One Fresh Cup’s instant latte

IMG_8978 ed

IMG_9000 ed

IMG_8984 ed

IMG_8987 ed

IMG_9110 ed
South African Rooibos Latte

IMG_9144 ed

IMG_8995 ed

IMG_9162 ed
Swiss Hot Milk Chocolate

IMG_9172 ed

IMG_8990 ed

IMG_9131 ed
French Green Tea Latte

IMG_9140 ed

IMG_9184 ed
This matcha is putting me into a Zen monk-like state
IMG_9205 ed
It’s always a good day for some green tea latte!
IMG_9209 ed

IMG_8975 ed


  1. Like One Fresh Cup Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@onefreshcup)
  2. Answer this question: “Which One Fresh Cup Mobile Drip Coffee variant do you want to try?”
  3. Comment your answers on this blog post.
  4. The best answer will receive an assorted Drip Coffee gift pouch containing all 7 variants of One Fresh Cup Drip Coffee.

Deadline for answers will be on March 18, 2016.

All photos by Punky Taguines.

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    1. Thanks for your answer, Michelle! 🙂 Good choice!

  2. I’m a green tea and coffee lover. I want to try the green tea latte. Hubby and I usually bond over a cup of tea or coffee. After a long tiring day from work we made sure that we can still have a good conversation every night. We want to try this coffee brand because it’s something new for us;)

    1. That does sound like a nice bonding activity with your hubby. Nothing like a hot drink and the company of the one you love to soothe your tired senses! 🙂

      1. Yes it’s so true.😃 atleast we can relax at the aroma of good coffee!😄

  3. Punky says:

    Hallu! It’s so fun reading this article especially since I know all the hurdles during the shoot. Glad we were still able to make it look effortless and pretty. Haha! Am i disqualified to join this? I would really like to get my hands on more of the Gourmet Dark Roast because I love dark coffee, I think I may actually be addicted to it. During my last trip in Taiwan, it was my first time to encounter mobile drip coffee. I horded different kinds from the convenience store because I thought it would take me a long time to experience such products again. Good thing, One Fresh Cup is finally in the Philippine shores and I can finally enjoy this coffee without having to worry when or where i’d be able to try again one next.=)

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for joining… but we had so much coffee and tea lattes during the shoot! We should let others try One Fresh Cup 🙂 Nice answer though! et’s just go to Taiwan. Haha!

  4. Kenneth Ang says:

    For me, I’d like to try the Sumatra variant. It seems like a marriage between coffee and tea, and love my cup of coffee and tea.

    1. The best of both worlds! 🙂 Thanks, Kenneth!

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