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Hosting the Private Screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Mike had a simple birthday wish: he just wanted to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with me. So despite receiving numerous inquiries for the evening of his birthday, I declined all of them because I was already “booked” by my most important client — my husband! (This is me trying to be a good wife. Family first!).

We really liked the movie, and we said to each other that it was the kind of film that we wouldn’t mind watching again. Well, who knew that we would actually be watching it again?!

It was the 18th of December when Abigail, my client-turned-friend from Ion Management Solutions, sent me a message on Facebook and asked if I would be okay to host their company’s event, which was the block screening of Rogue One. The event was happening the next day!!! There was no more time to meet, prepare, and review the script beforehand, but the opportunity to host this cool event for one of the most anticipated movies of the year was just so hard to say no to. Plus, I was also doing it for Mike, who is a huge Star Wars fan! Happy birthday? No! More like HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!

The event was sponsored and organized by ION Management Solutions, Inc., a company that provides expert services and skills in IT Management and Virtualization, together with Red Hat, an American multinational software company providing open-source solutions. This was their year-ender event for 2016, which was also their way of saying “thank you” to their valuable customers for their unwavering support.

Ion and Red Hat rented out one of the cinemas in Uptown Mall BGC for the event. It was my first time to see a movie in this cinema, and I think this was certainly a good choice for a venue! The mall is new, so of course, the cinemas are also modern, with state-of-the art facilities. It’s so easy to fall asleep on the seats! They’re so comfy!

My “office” for the day. Yeah, my job’s not too bad.

When I asked Abigail what I should wear when I host this event, she asked, “Didn’t you host a Star Wars party before? You wore a Princess Leia outfit, right?” (She was talking about this Star Wars party). Right! But I didn’t think a Princess Leia OOTD (with buns on my head and all) was the most suitable ensemble for this kind of event. Haha! Thank God Mike has a Darth Vader shirt stored in his closet! I borrowed my husband’s shirt, put a blazer and a pair of jeans on, and finished off the look with black combat boots. Bad-ass and edgy, eh? Just like the movie’s main character, Jyn Erso!

Channeling the power of the dark side!
It’s “wear your husband’s shirt to work” day!

Before the movie started, we heard a few words from Mr. Steve Bird, the Managing Director and CTO of Ion, as well as Mr. Bobby Corpus, Red Hat’s Solutions Architect. They talked about their approach to Open Shift and Open Stack Solutions. Don’t ask me what that means. I know nothing about I.T. jargons! (Nosebleed!)

The customers (plus Mike and I) got a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the film while snacking on popcorn, burgers, and drinks, all provided by Ion and Red Hat, of course! We really felt like VIPs. We had the entire cinema to ourselves, and we even got free nibbles! What a life!

Movie date while working

At the end of the movie, a lucky draw was held wherein three lucky customers won Starbucks gift certificates worth PHP 1,000 each! That can buy you about five cups of coffee!

Here is a short video of the event. Don’t worry, no movie spoilers here because posting spoilers is just rude.

Thank you to Ion Management Solutions (especially to Abigail and Mr. Bird) and Red Hat for having me and for this awesome experience!

To my husband Mike, thank you for being my movie date. Thanks also for letting me borrow your shirt and for making me look cool that day. Haha! Hope you had a happy birthday!

Visit ION Management Solutions’ Facebook page and Red Hat’s website.

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  1. That was so cool, Nadine. On some nights, work night could be date night at the same time. And this is certainly one of them. I am not a fan of Star Wars, but I could imagine your excitement at this opportunity. Have more to come!

  2. Belated Happy birthday to your husband! I am sure you guys had fun. You’re lucky to have hosted this event. Rogue One is such a beautiful master piece. I love your shoes, by the way.

  3. Wow! That’s an awesome birthday gift for a Star Wars fan. The chairs look so comfy! That’s a luxurious way to watch a movie. That slot and mini table on the side is just perfection while watching a movie. Its like sitting in the comfort of home. Btw, awesome outfit. Love how you’ve gotten creative after raiding your husband’s closet! Lolz!
    Bhushavali recently posted…Why is Israel in my wishlist?!My Profile

  4. What an amazing birthday present for any Star Wars fan! You did a great job doing something nice for your husband. And I think you look very cool in your outfit. It would be too sad to see a Princess Leia costume since Carrie Fisher just died. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, so I haven’t seen Rogue One yet, but I’m sure I will eventually.
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…A Perfect Travel Itinerary for Cold Spring, New YorkMy Profile

  5. This looks like an exciting experience. I’m sure the movie was good. Haven’t watched it yet. But I’m going to share this article with one of my very good friend, Bhuvan Gupta who will definitely find this article exciting. In fact he is according to me the biggest Star Wars fan alive :-p

  6. Glad to be able to read a post from you again. I love Rogue One! The movie is soo cool right especialy the last part showing Princess Leia. Awww. I bet you did great as a host as usual 🙂

  7. What a blast! I’m not a star wars fan before but my boyfriend is such an avid fan that it makes like the movie too. Free food and free movie on a date night, I’m sure your husband really did enjoyed it. The cinema looks really comfy with that lazy boy chair.. and who would not want unlimited popcorn? :p

  8. Wow! You got to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story through your hosting gig. Awesome! You are actually inspiring me to start hosting events too. Anyway, the shirt of your husband that you wore is something that my partner would want too. He is a fan of Star Wars too. Anyway, the cinema in Uptown looks amazing. We have yet to try it.

  9. Yo! Haven’t watched Rogue yet. and any of the starwars movie. haha. lame ba? hahaha. i think i would need to watch the past movies before this. anyway, galing mo naman! you were able to host an event without too much prep. ako, i was asked to host the wedding recepption event of my dear college friend. grabe kaba ko! as in todo preparation. hahaha. i like your boots! tama, edgy! 🙂

  10. That was so cool! You actually get to host the Star Wars Screening, and getting to watch it with your husband at the same time. Definitely killing two birds with one stone. So lucky!

    I like your outfit as well. You totally look badass, alright. And I like the fact that you styled your husband’s shirt and paired it with a black blazer. Love it!! <3
    Gryselle Mae Co recently posted…Roses De Chloé Perfume by Chloé: A Fragrance for WomenMy Profile

  11. Laura H says:

    What an amazing opportunity for both you and your husband! That cinema looks like the nicest one ever – I can’t believe it has footrests and a mini table! I think your outfit was a sensible choice, rather than choosing Leia’s buns ;p I still need to see this film, I will have to go to my own (less cool) cinema.

  12. Hi Nadine, I won’t comment on what happened during the screening. Rather, I will share my emotions when one of your projects becomes successful. You are top of the world and feel like that the next challenge can be easily surmounted. You are raring for more. I can see that feeling on your face. God bless.
    Swayam Tiwari recently posted…Delhi photoblog-the city comes to lifeMy Profile

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