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Zippies Reusable Storage Bags and Mesh Produce Bags

There’s just something so satisfying about clearing the clutter and having a place for everything you own. However, not all of us live in huge houses with lots of pieces of furniture where we can dump our stuff. As someone who is renting in a small condo, we only have space for a few cabinets and shelves to store our belongings. We had to make do with smaller and space-saving storage solutions.

A few months ago, I received a package from Zippies containing their reusable storage bags and mesh produce bags. I was so ecstatic upon getting this gift box! I have been seeing these storage bags all over Instagram since 2018 – the year when I started pumping breast milk on the go. At that time, whenever I had to host events and be away from Andi, I stored all my pump parts in a bulky Tupperware, and I wished that I had Zippies bags instead.


Reusable Storage Bags

I don’t know how I’ve lived without these reusable storage bags, but I know that if I had gotten them sooner, life would probably have been so much more convenient for me! And now that I own them and I’ve been using them, I can enumerate the reasons why I love them!

They’re made with safe materials
Zippies reusable storage bags are food-safe, PVC-free, lead-free, and BPA-free! I’m not afraid of putting my kid’s snacks in them because I’m assured that they’re made with non-toxic materials.

They’re extremely versatile
When it comes to utilizing these bags, the sky’s the limit! You can put whatever you want in them! Here are just some of the ways to use them:

Kids’ toys and learning materials
Medicines and ointments
Travel essentials like passports and money

They’re easy to clean
Because we need to disinfect practically everything these days, whenever I need to go out, I only bring bags or purses that are washable or easy to sanitize. Zippies reusable storage bags are definitely effortless to clean! I just wash it with good ol’ soap and water, or if I don’t have time, I just wipe it down with wet wipes and alcohol. Easy peasy, and it saves me so much time and effort in cleaning.

Since the height of Covid, I’ve never used my wallet when going out since it’s too much trouble to clean because of all the multiple pockets. I’ve replaced my wallet with Zippies storage bags, and aside from using it for my cash and cards, I also keep my phone in it too.

They’re reusable
You can use Zippies over and over again, which means you actually save money since you don’t need to keep buying disposable containers or plastic bags.

They’re affordable
Speaking of saving money, Zippies bags are actually pretty affordable, when you think about it. Here are the prices of Zippies Color Reusable Standup Bags:

  • Small 3-Pack: PHP 400
  • Medium 3-Pack: PHP 450
  • Large 3-Pack: PHP 500

Zippies also has the non-colored version, and the prices are as follows:

They’re perfect for anyone!
Your dad can place his office materials in these bags. Your mom can store meat in them and arrange them neatly in the freezer. Your husband will find these handy as a bag for his gadgets and chargers. Your kids can keep their toys and trinkets tucked away tidily in these bags. Regardless of age, gender, occupation, interest, lifestyle, etc., anyone will be able to find a use for these reusable bags! It makes for a practical gift too! Don’t know what to give someone as a present? These bags are a ‘safe’ and practical choice because it’s highly likely that they’ll use these.

These bags also come in varying sizes so you depending on how you intend to use it, there’s a perfect size that corresponds with your desired function.

They make organizing simple and easy!
Because of their transparent design, it’s easier to see their contents, helping you save time by eliminating the need to have to open up each pouch to check what’s inside. Another cool thing about these bags is that you have the option of either laying them flat or arrange them in a stand-up position.

They’re earth-friendly
If you’re looking for an even bigger reason to get these reusable bags, how about the fact that they’re committed to protecting Mother Earth? Through their products, they encourage us to eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags which pollute our oceans.

They’re cute!
Let’s face it. When we look for storage solutions, we look for something that does the job, but of course, we want something that’s pleasing to the eyes too. Whether you prefer the plain or colored set, Zippies reusable bags are all nice to look at. I really like their clean, simple, and minimalist look, although I prefer the colored ones because I adore pastels and I like color-coding when I organize things. The pop of color also brightens my mood!

They also have a new LIMITED EDITION printed design, The Green Vibes sampler set. This set has really cute illustrations of people embracing a green and sustainable lifestyle, such as eating fruits and vegetables or growing plants, making it perfect for all the plant moms (or plant dads) or anyone who supports eco-friendly practices. Currently, Zippies is running their Bags on a Mission Project, wherein 50% of the proceeds from the Green Vibes series will be donated for Typhoon Ulysses rebuilding projects.

Mesh Produce Bags

Zippies also has mesh produce bags that are great for, well, carrying your fresh produce! I used this when I went to the supermarket, and since then, I’ve never gone on a grocery run without this.

Why should you get these mesh produce bags?

They’re compact and lightweight
When buying groceries (or doing any kind of shopping, really), carrying big, heavy, and bulky bags is just not fun. What I appreciate the most about these mesh produce bags is that I can easily just stash them in my bag and you won’t even notice that they’re there! You can fold them and they will fit in even the smallest bags. It’s so easy to carry anywhere you go!

They’re durable
These mesh produce bags are really light and small, but I was really surprised at how much stuff I can put in it without feeling like it was going to snap! I was able to put in 6 apples, a small pack of lettuce and spinach, 4 pieces of kiwi, and about a dozen tomatoes inside one bag, and I was amazed at how it expanded to fit all the fresh produce that I got. I was even more amazed to find out that these bags can hold items with a weight of up to 20 lbs!

They’re easy to wash
After using these bags in the supermarket, I tossed it straight in the washing machine to thoroughly disinfect it. No sweat!

They’re chic
… or should I say eco-chic?! These bags are both practical AND pretty, with its neutral color and simple design that can match any outfit. I know, looking fashionable while buying fruits and vegetables is probably the least of your priorities, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little trendy while doing errands, right? 😉

They’re environmentally-friendly
Just like the reusable storage bags, these mesh produce bags allow us to do our part in saving the earth. We can say goodbye to plastic bags and use these mesh produce bags as a sustainable way to shop.

They’re affordable
Here are the prices of the mesh produce bags:

  • Pack of 5 Small: PHP 400
  • Pack of 5 Medium: PHP 500
  • Pack of 5 Large: PHP 580


Zippies reusable bags are an eco-friendly way to easily keep our things neat and organized, while their mesh produce bags let us care for the environment while we shop! You may order these via their social media pages.


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