Celebrate the Love Month with Chase’s Food Creations

Hey, lovelies! Hearts Day is coming up, and for sure, most of you are looking for ideas on the sweetest V-day gifts for your loved ones. And if you’re planning on having a date at home instead of braving the traffic (oh, and yes, the virus!), you’re also probably searching for the best food to order for your Valentine’s feast.

Chase’s Food Creations is here to make your Valentine’s Day more special. Felix Lucky Champ Paz and his wife Rose really take pride in their premium delights. A little back story: Lucky is actually a musician by profession, but after the entertainment industry was badly hit by the pandemic, he and his wife decided to start a home business revolving around food. They started out selling milkshakes around their village until they eventually expanded their product line and reaching out to other customers outside of their area. Rose is very hands-on in the kitchen, tirelessly preparing and cooking everything herself, and makes sure that each of her food creations is made with love. What’s even more impressive is that this husband-and-wife team uses a portion of their revenue to assist their fellow musicians who were also affected by the pandemic.

From party platters to desserts, Chase’s Food Creations has got you covered!

Here are some of the dishes that we were able to sample:

Premium Flans

Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ more than hearts ❤❤❤, and these premium flans which are conveniently stored in a red heart-shaped tin can are an ideal gift for the one who has your heart. (How many times did I say ‘heart’ in one sentence?) It’s a gelato when frozen and a flan when chilled. Interesting!

They have 7 different flavors:

Mango Graham (PHP 249 for 250g / PHP 449 for 500g)

Mike and I agree that this is one of their best flavors, maybe because I like the Mango Graham dessert. The mangoes in this flan were fresh and sweet, and it blended well with the light and delicious cream.

Premium Matcha Flan (PHP 249 for 250g / PHP 449 for 500g)

White chocolate chips, matcha powder, and green tea-flavored Kit-Kat bars, this flan has a light and delicate matcha taste. Such a unique flavor for a flan!

Chocolate Overload with Maltesers (PHP 249 for 250g / PHP 449 for 500g)

Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! It has Cadbury powder, topped with Maltesers chocolate, and is drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was like eating chocolate ice cream! Great for the kiddos!

Ube Cheese (PHP 249 for 250g / PHP 449 for 500g)

This is my favorite flan from Chase’s (Mike’s too!). It has a delicious blend of ube from Laguna and topped with their special cheese. Valentine’s Day is all about being cheesy, and THIS is super cheesy… in a good way! I like the combination of the sweetness of the ube with the slight saltiness of the cheese. It’s like eating frozen ube cheesecake. Yummy!

Premium Coffee Flan with Cocoa Nibs (PHP 249 for 250g / PHP 449 for 500g)

Chase’s Coffee Flan is filled with special cream, topped with chocolate nibs, and sprinkled with cocoa powder. If you like coffee, this should be your choice of flan. But what I like about it is that the coffee taste is not too strong and bitter, but you can definitely still taste the coffee.

Chase’s Classic Leche Flan (PHP 199 for 250g / PHP 399 for 500g)

For those who just want the good old leche flan they grew up with, Chase’s has that too, but theirs is much thicker, so it’s kind of like eating a cake-slash-leche flan.


Chase’s Food Creations also offers freshly-baked crinkles. There are 9 flavors available:

  • Premium Ube Crinkles
  • Choco Butternut Crinkles
  • Blue Vanilla Crinkles
  • Rainbow Assorted Crinkles
  • Premium Red Velvet Crinkles
  • Lemon Crinkles
  • Premium Matcha Crinkles
  • Blueberry Crinkles
  • Chase’s Classic Crinkles

If you want to sample all the flavors, you should definitely get the Rainbow Assorted Crinkles* so you can find out which one is the best for you. Andi and I had fun eating it and having lessons about colors as we nibbled on the crinkles, and if you have little ones, you’ll enjoy taste-testing each flavor too. Also, how can you not love these rainbow colors? They’re so fun!

My top choices would be the Premium Ube Crinkles, Blue Vanilla Crinkles, and Lemon Crinkles.

They are VERY generous with their crinkles! One piece is as big as my palm! I wanted to try everything so I cut it in half and shared with my baby because I couldn’t finish one whole piece. It’s hard to believe that these huge crinkles are less than PHP 500** only!

* Rainbow Assorted Crinkles – PHP 450 2oz. box of 12 big-sized crinkles
** All other flavors – PHP 349 for 2oz. box of 12 big-sized crinkles


Chase’s offers home-cooked dishes that you can order for your parties or dates at home.

Here are the dishes that we sampled:

Cinnamon Rolls (PHP 250 for a box of 4)
At first, I thought the cinnamon rolls cost PHP 250 PER PIECE. I was so surprised to discover that it was actually PHP 250 FOR 4 PIECES! These cinnamon rolls are MASSIVE, and you can probably split it with your partner. or not, because you might just like it so much that you can finish it all by yourself! I would definitely pay more for this because taste-wise and size-wise, it’s quite satisfying. The bread is soft and the sweetness is just right. Best paired with coffee or hot tea!

Japchae (PHP 699 – good for 6-8 persons / PHP 1,299 – good for 12-15 persons)
If you like Korean food, you’re going to enjoy this. Chase’s displayed their generosity once again with this dish, filling it with lots of meat, vegetables, and egg. It has a hint of sweetness in it, so it’s probably a dish your kids will like. The noodles could be a bit softer though, and the solidity could be improved as the noodles were stuck to one another. It’s not the most amazing Japchae I’ve tried (I’ve tried quite a few) but it’s still okay. 🙂

Salted Egg Shrimp Pasta (PHP 949 for 3-4 persons / PHP 1,799 for 6-8 persons)

The idea of eating noodles swimming in salted egg sauce might immediately make you think “heart attack!” because it’s high in cholesterol and sodium. Surprisingly, Chase’s Food Creations does their salted egg pasta pretty well. The sauce was creamy but not too salty and overpowering, which is the problem with a lot of salted egg dishes, so I didn’t feel so bad eating two servings in one sitting. Sorry, make that three. Both Mike and I really liked it, and we think it’s the kind of pasta we could eat over and over again. Of course, I LOVE shrimps to that was the highlight for me. Mike’s only comment is that it would have been better to use a lot of smaller shrimps and scatter them in the noodles instead of using 8 big pieces of shrimp. I can already imagine bringing this to our family reunion and 20 people would be fighting over the 8 pieces of shrimp, whereas if it contained a lot of small shrimps, everyone would get their fair shrimp share.


Because this month is all about spreading LOVE, I am running a giveaway on my Instagram account and on this blog! Check my post about Chase’s Food Creations on my Instagram page  for the details.

For the meantime, don’t forget to show your LOVE to Chase’s Food Creations by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy February!!!

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  1. Jill Ann says:

    Oh my! All of these look so yummy! Can’t wait till when I am allowed to eat sweets again 😁
    IG: nanaynidalisay

    1. When will that be? I can’t imagine not eating sweets!

  2. Jenivive D Bedia says:

    Everything looks delicious!! Especially the Premium Flans 😍😍 I can eat Leche Flan all day 😊😊 (Super Love ko and Leche flan)
    IG: jen.vive ❤❤

    1. Agree, Leche Flan is such a yummy dessert! ❤️
      Scenes From Nadine (Nadine Smith) recently posted…Celebrate the Love Month with Chase’s Food CreationsMy Profile

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