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Modern Toilet: Bathroom-Themed Restaurant in Taiwan

For our first meal in Taiwan, we found ourselves in a bathroom-themed restaurant, sitting on actual toilet seats, and eating food out of a miniature toilet bowl while surrounded by images of poop. We were up for some ‘toilet humor,’ so we decided to have lunch at Modern Toilet, a poo- and pee- themed restaurant in Taipei.

There are several Modern Toilet branches across Taipei. The one we visited was their flagship branch in Ximending, which was just a short 3-minute walk from our hotel, Muzik Hotel Ximending Xining.

Photo Credit: Modern Toilet Official Website

If you’re not the squeamish kind and if you’re in the mood for a laugh, URINEย  — I mean UR IN — for a crap-tacular good time when you visit this restaurant. It’s colorful, creative, and crazy!

We went at around 2:00 or 2:30 PM on a Sunday, and we were lucky to be seated right away even without making a reservation. I guess this is a good time to go because I heard the place is usually packed. I’m pretty sure a lot of people come here mainly to take photos of the zany food and interiors!

Entering the restaurant really feels like you are stepping inside a loo, complete with a toilet seat, bath tub, shower, shower curtains, a sink, and even a painting of a dude ‘dropping some friends off in the pool.’

As you ascend the stairs, you’ll be greeted by bathroom signs, another toilet bowl (this time with a huge piece of fake dung), and funny signs like ‘Crappy Food, Shitty Service.’

Pixelated poo on the wall, poo lights, poo on the table (yes, where you will eventually be eating your food), and toilet seats… it’s definitely a poo party in here! Prepare to spend at least an hour here because aside from having your meal, you’ll want to take a photo of everything! For sure, you’re going to want to Instagram that sh*t. Literally.

Don’t worry, the toilet seats aren’t grimy. They’re actually quite pretty! Some are even designed with glitters, flowers, and leaves. If you lift the cover, you’ll see that it really does look like an actual toilet seat inside! Just don’t try to flush anything in it.

Boring tables have no place here at Modern Toilet. Their glass table has a sink underneath with a swirl of stool. Mmm… appetizing!

Would you be able to enjoy your chocolate ice cream while sitting just right next to this urinal with a fanny fudge? Or will you lose your lunch?

For extra fun, you can even borrow one of their turd toys for photo ops. The turd even has a fly on it to make it more realistic (and disgusting)! When the staff saw that we were with a baby, they handed us one for Andi to play with. Andi was grossed out though, and she kept pushing it away.

Her mother, meanwhile…

I was laughing up a (sh*t) storm while playing with this poop toy, which made Mike go, “What are you, five?!” Hahaha!

True to its toilet theme, you can also find rainbow-colored water pipes hanging on the wall. I never thought water pipes could make a place — even a bathroom-inspired restaurant — look so pretty!

The Ximending branch of Modern Toilet is quite big and spacious and has three floors. Each floor has a different design, but all of them are eye-catching and kooky.

If you want to remember your Modern Toilet experience forever, they sell all kinds of souvenirs too.

What’s on the menu? (Or you’re probably thinking suspiciously, ‘what’s IN the food?’ Relax, it’s clean ;)). They offer everything from sandwiches to hot pot meals to sweets, and serve mostly Asian (Chinese, Thai, and Korean), American, and Italian cuisine.

Good news… their menu is in English, so there will be no surprises when you order. They have dishes with funny names like Modern Toilet Turd Sub Sandwich, Poop-stuffed Pancake, and Constipation Black Stool Chocolate Snow Shaving. It would be even more hilarious and more consistent with the theme if ALL the dishes in their menu had some kind of poo and pee in their name. Somehow, just Classic Meat Sauce Spaghetti or Crispy French Fries sound too safe. And safe just doesn’t sound so interesting if we’re talking about a toilet-themed restaurant.

You can check their menu here.

Modern Toilet Chicken Curry (TWD 280)

Mike got himself a Modern Toilet Chicken Curry, which came with a bowl of rice, soup, and a side dish of tofu. The chicken curry, which was brown and thick, looked like diarrhea, especially since it was served in a toilet bowl. Yucky or yummy? You decide!

So how did it taste? It wasn’t terrible, but it was also a bit forgettable. It was just okay. But the good thing is it was really filling!

Mushroom and Veggie Stir Fried with Cream Sauce Au Gratin (TWD 280)

I chose their Mushroom and Veggie Stir Fried with Cream Sauce Au Gratin, which was served in a mini bath tub, which looked less unpalatable than a toilet bowl. This dish also came with free soup and a drink — a choice between Green Tea or Black Tea. I may be a little biased because I love mushrooms, cheese, and cream, so even if I wasn’t expecting much from the food here, I actually liked this one. It’s not the most incredible meal I’ve had in Taiwan, but it was alright. They didn’t scrimp on the ingredients on this one, as it was really loaded with mushrooms and broccoli. I couldn’t even finish it because it was big, to think that I was super hungry when I went and had not eaten in more than 10 hours!

Most people, including us, come here more for the novelty and not for the food. If you’re looking for an amazing meal, you might be better off looking somewhere else. While the food here is not crap, it’s not memorable and exceptional, if not for the presentation. It’s also a little expensive, though to be fair, the servings are pretty big. You are really paying more for the experience than the food. Keep in mind that each person from your party MUST order something, whether it’s a main dish or dessert. My tip is to keep your food expectations low, and just come here to have fun! That way, you won’t feel like going there is a ‘waste’ of time.

Look at Andi’s face. She looks so appalled. Hahaha!

Is it baby-friendly?

My 11-month old baby was too young to find it funny (and she was not amused that I was shoving the stuffed poop on her face) but it’s certainly going to be a hit if you have older kids with you. The meals are definitely kid-friendly so it won’t be hard to find something suitable for them.

They do have a high chair for parents who are dining with small children. For parents with strollers, best to stay on the second floor as they don’t have a lift here.

Would I return?

I wouldn’t mind going back, but maybe just for dessert next time if I’m trying to save money. Again, the food wasn’t outstanding, but the experience was pretty unique. The servers were also nice and friendly, which probably contributed to our positive experience. I would like to take Andi again when she’s a little older and can already appreciate fart jokes. ๐Ÿ˜€

Puff Corner (a.k.a. Mike’s Take):

The food was wholeheartedly forgetful. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. And you’d be hard pressed to remember the taste in a city where even the local 7-11 has such amazing grub. Where Modern Toilet really shines is its design and gimmick. It’s worth going there at least once just to experience the decor and eating out of a toilet bowl – which you could do for free right this very second if you wanted to. But Modern Toilet has a friendlier atmosphere and very helpful staff which were second to none. Overall – 6/10. Go for the experience, not so much the food.

Would you eat at this poo and pee-themed restaurant? ๐Ÿ™‚

Modern Toilet Restaurant
Address: 2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City
Phone: 02-23118822
Business Hours:
Monday-Thursdayย  ย  11:30-22:00ย ย  ( Service hours ย ย 21:00)
Fridayย ย  ย  ย  ย ย 11:30-22:30ย ย  ( Service hours ย ย 21:30)
Saturdayย ย ย ย 11:00-22:30ย ย  ( Service hours ย ย 21:30)
Sunday ย ย ย  ย 11:00-22:00ย ย  ( Service hours ย ย 21:00)

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