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Balinese Cultural Experiences at the Kayon Resort

“You went all the way to Bali to hibernate in your hotel for 4 days?!”

That’s probably what you’re thinking if you stumbled upon my previous blog posts (here and here). I was surprised with myself too. I’m usually the type who quickly checks in at my hotel, leaves my luggage in the room, then sets out again for some adventure, coming back to the hotel only to go to sleep at night. But the Kayon Resort is the kind of place that makes you feel guilty for leaving it because you literally have everything you need right there — a beautiful bedroom, delicious and affordable food, a lovely pool, free Wi-Fi, and more! Why else would you want to leave? (Also, though this hotel is not as expensive as other 5-star properties, this was our biggest splurge in our trip so hell yeah, we really made sure that we made the most of every single cent we paid!)

Being holed up in a hotel for 4 days sounds boring but with the wealth of activities at the Kayon Resort, we were anything but bored! In fact, it was the perfect place to be stuck in… or, in our case, voluntarily stuck in.

Here are just some of the facilities and activities that guests at the Kayon Resort can enjoy:

Complimentary Afternoon High Tea

From 3:00 to 5:00 PM, we helped ourselves to nice little Balinese cakes and pastries and some coffee, hot chocolate, or Indonesian tea at our own private terrace or in the Kepitu Restaurant.

Afternoon Tea 1
Afternoon tea at the Kayon Resort

It was nearly impossible to get hungry at the Kayon Resort! These afternoon sweet treats were a great way to keep us full until dinner time. The cakes and pastries are also bursting with color and prettiness, and they look just as good as they taste.

Afternoon Tea 2

They also change up the offerings everyday so there was variety in our snacks and there was always something new to look forward to. Every day, we would say, “Hmm… I wonder what’s for afternoon tea today?” Everyday, we were served with a creative plate of baked goodies.


The afternoon tea can also be enjoyed at the hotel’s Canyon Jetty, a deck hanging along the riverside, right next to the waterfalls.

Lounge & Business Center / “Gym”

If you’re so sick of hanging out in your gorgeous bedroom and staring at the breathtaking view of the jungle from your terrace, you can also drop by the hotel’s lounge and business center to read some of the available books and magazines, have some drinks, watch TV, admire or shop for some trinkets, or surf the ‘net using their computer. It’s not a massive lounge but it’s cozy enough if you just want to take it easy.

Business Center

As for the “gym,” the quotation marks are there for a reason. Just to manage your expectations, their “gym” is inside the business center (right next to the computer desk and the couch!) and literally just comprised of a treadmill, a chest press machine, and some dumbbells. It’s good enough if you just want to squeeze in a quick workout. But as Mike said, “Why would I go to the hotel gym when I should be relaxing?” Good point. We were better off sticking to the eat-sleep-eat-sleep plan anyway.


Complimentary Morning and Afternoon Yoga

To be fair, we did participate in some fitness activities. One activity that I absolutely enjoyed was the complimentary yoga lessons held at the spacious rooftop pavilion. Imagine meditating and relaxing your body and mind while facing the trees and being in the heart of the jungle, with the rushing river and the birds’ trilling as your background music? This is the closest you can get to reaching a state of nirvana. That’s the kind of placidity that not even the best or prettiest yoga studio can give! Confession: I almost fell asleep. It was so relaxing!

Sleep-inducing shala

The class is conducted by an experienced Balinese yoga instructor, although on the days that I attended the classes, he was unavailable so Ari, the hotel’s spa manager took over. She was a good teacher and made everyone in the class feel comfortable. Her voice was a little soft but I liked it whenever she told us to “smile with your body, smile with your heart, and smile with your face.”

Ari conducted a hatha yoga class, which was perfect for beginners. However, if you are not used to doing yoga, be prepared for a little bit of pain with your pleasure. One class I joined had 4 ladies including myself and 1 man, who was there to join his wife. After some time struggling with the poses, he said to us women, “I now have more respect for what you ladies do!” And here you men thought that yoga was all about stretching and breathing in and out and looking cute in yoga pants?!

Personally, I preferred the morning classes just because the breeze was cooler and it was a great way to start the day but the afternoon class was lovely as well.

Morning classes start at 7:00 AM. Afternoon classes start at 2:00 PM. 

Private yoga classes outside of the complimentary classes’ schedule is at IDR 325K subject to 21% service and tax per person

Complimentary Balinese Genuine Activities

Because The Kayon Resort aims to present its guests with a “truly Ubud arts and culture experience,” the hotel holds free activities from Monday to Sunday. Click and zoom in on this photo to see the many different pursuits you can engage in while in the hotel:


Mike and I got to attend the Bumbu Bali activity where we were taught how to make this exotic Balinese spice. Honestly, I think a full cooking class would be so much more informative but since this was free, we attended anyway. It was actually a short “class” and took less than 20 minutes. How I wish I could have been there for the Balinese dress, canang-making, and Balinese dance lessons!

Free Activities
Bumbu Bali making and Rindik musical instrument class

Complimentary Morning Walk & Rice Fields Trek

Just to prove that we weren’t as sedentary as we seem, we also joined the free morning walk through the rice fields and the Kepitu Village. It took a lot of willpower to wake up as early as 8:00 for this!

Vilage Trek 2
Our tour guide leading us through the rice fields and Kepitu Village

Our tour guide brought us and other participating hotel guests through Desa Kendran or Kenderan Village (“desa” means “village”) where we inhaled pure oxygen, enjoyed the views of the rice fields and abundant trees, and learned how rice is made. It was extremely hot when we took the tour but it was also educational, and hence, worth experiencing at least once (or more than once, if you want to do some daily exercise WHILE learning at the same time).

Village Trek 1
Spot the dog




As we walked around the village, we also got to see how locals really live. We were shown the villagers’ town hall, some traditional Balinese houses, and artisans at work.

The villagers’ town hall
Village Trek 3
Traditional Balinese houses. We were told that as many as 7 to 10 families can live inside a Balinese compound.
Village Trek 6
Learning more about how rice is made.
Village Trek 7
A short stop at a wood carver’s work place. On the left is a traditional Balinese door. Many establishments, including the Kayon Resort, have this kind of door.
Village Trek 8
Free drinking and bathing water for just about anyone and everyone. Our tour guide said that no one knows how to turn this off so it’s just constantly running!

The 1-hour walk was leisurely and we got to make a few stops to take photos. Our tour guide was also very knowledgeable and was ready to answer any questions about the village and rice fields.

So I told Mike that my fantasy is this: that I’m in the rice fields and I’m being chased by a carabao, then a strapping young man runs after the carabao and kills it with his bare hands…
My cute farm boy. This one looks like he can kill a carabao with his bare hands!
Can this pass for the front photo of a rice packaging?


An abundance of rice
A “kubu” or a hut where rice farmers take a break.. coz rice farming ain’t easy!
Village Trek 10
We met some farm friends along the way like.. ooohh, a carabao! Carabao: “Don’t get any ideas!” (Nope, the fantasy didn’t happen)
Village Trek 11
The chicken has its own private villa!
Passing through narrow walkways through the rice fields


It’s important to note that comfortable and anti-slip shoes must be worn when trekking because there are plenty of muddy and slippery paths. Also, you’ll notice that the ladies (including myself) are carrying bags but it’s really best not to bring anything except for sunnies, a hat, and a camera. No need to bring water because the hotel provides free water which comes in a bag that can be worn around the neck.

Water c/o the hotel. So thoughtful of the Kayon!

Village Trek 12





It’s wonderful of the Kayon Resort to offer this informative and interactive activity to guests for free. It’s an interesting way of learning more about the culture and practices of the Balinese people. Instead of just reading about this information from printed materials or online, it’s so much better to actually experience it and be part of it, at least for an hour.

The Serayu Spa

While we were at the Kayon Resort, which was our slice of paradise in Ubud, we took relaxation and wellness a notch higher by indulging in a massage at the hotel’s Serayu Spa.

Massage beds at the Serayu Spa

We booked the Early Bird Package, which was a 3 nights’ stay with free 1 hour Balinese massage for 2 at the Serayu Spa.

I’m sharing photos of the spa during the day so you can appreciate all of its beautiful and well-defined details.

The beautiful Serayu Spa
Serayu Spa 1
Nice little touches at the spa
Feet washing area
Serayu Spa 2
Dressing room and bathroom at the Serayu Spa

We opted to have our massage at night, just before dinner. The spa is so incredibly beautiful any time of the day, but at night, it’s even more romantic and alluring — perfect for couples!

First, we were asked to fill out a form which asked us about our medical history and conditions, which was a good sign that they were taking all necessary precautions before proceeding with the treatments. Then, they asked us to choose from three different aromatic massage oils: lemongrass, coconut, and frangipani. They smelled so good, I wanted to get a whole bottle to take home for myself so I can take a whiff every time I’m stressed out!


There are two treatment rooms and one beauty room complete with a manicure and pedicure chair, plus a beauty salon.

The beauty room at the Serayu Spa
Serayu Spa 4
A salon for all your beauty needs

Serayu Spa 3 Serayu Spa 5

The spa and its treatment rooms rest on a high river cliff overlooking the jungle and the river below. We had the sliding doors opened while we were having our massages, so we could hear the rustling of the trees and the tranquilizing streaming of the river beneath us. It was sheer ecstasy! I can’t think of a more relaxing atmosphere for a massage than this!

Just looking at this massage room is relaxing me already!

Before we had the massage, our massage therapists Krisna and Kadek led us to the bathroom so we could get changed into our robe and slippers.


After changing into our robes, our therapists then washed and mildly scrubbed our feet in a basin filled with warm water, fresh flowers, and scented oils. That was really nice!

Serayu Spa 6
My husband, feeling like a king while his feet are being washed!

With the gentle and soothing strokes of our masseuses, plus the pacifying sights and sounds of nature, this was one of the most rejuvenating massages we’ve ever had! We felt like soft, refreshed newborn babies after!

The Serayu Spa is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Due to the limited space, guests are encouraged to make a reservation at least 1 day in advance. For a full list of treatments and their corresponding prices, go here.

These are just some of the activities that we were able to participate in while at the resort. Other activities offered at the resort include:

  • Complimentary hourly shuttle to and from the Ubud center
  • Purity bath trekking
  • Jungle picnic lunch
  • Private half day and full day tours
  • Car and bike rental
  • Wedding ceremony at the Puspaka Chapel
  • Freestyle BBQ dinner every Tuesday night
  • Balinese Private Cooking Experience
  • Nude Purity Bath at the Sacred Telaga Waja Spring

For rates of these activities, you may contact the hotel or visit

Spending 3 and a half days in a hotel is not as boring as it seems now, does it? How can it be, when you’re staying in a hotel like the Kayon Resort, which offers an array of entertaining and educational activities that cater to people with varying interests? It’s not just a hotel; it’s a complete cultural experience! If you can’t go out to explore Ubud, the Kayon Resort will bring Ubud to you!

The Kayon Resort
Address: The Kayon Resort, Banjar Kepitu, Desa Kendran, Tegallalang, Ubud
Phone: +62 361 479 2553
Fax: +62 361 479 2552
Managed by: Pramana Hotels and Resorts

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
For all stories related to our Bali honeymoon trip, visit the link below:


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