Cheesecake Soufflés by PILYO Sydney Manila

When I saw a photo of Pilyo’s Bibingka Cheesecake Souffle on Instagram, I immediately had two thoughts:

  1. “Damn, that looks good!”
  2. “Bibingka Cheesecake Souffle?! What is that???”

Curious, I then clicked on their profile and was surprised to read that though they are promoting Filipino desserts, Pilyo is actually “born in Sydney.” I was even more intrigued… maybe because my husband is also from Sydney, and I really didn’t know of any uniquely Australian desserts aside from the Pavlova, Lamingtons, and okay, Tim Tams.


Bibingka is a famous native Filipino rice cake, often eaten during Christmas time right after the Christmas night mass (“Simbang Gabi.”) Pilyo (which means “playful” or “cheeky” in English) makes the bibingka an even more exciting dessert by preserving the well-loved Filipino flavors and adding bold combinations and using modern cooking techniques to make it more current.

The people behind Pilyo say: “We put the cheek in Grandma Filo’s food using  a  playful  approach reflective  of Australian culture whilst paying tribute to traditional  flavours.  So  come  and  shout “wala ‘yan sa lola ko!” (Nothing like your grandmother’s cooking!)”


The chefs behind Pilyo worked as the site caterer for the café and functions at Cammeray Golf Club in the lower North Shore of Sydney, and they thought that was the perfect opportunity to introduce Filipino food on the menu. The response was positive, and from then on, it became their mission to put Filipino cuisine on the Sydney food map.

Now, after 10 years of living in Sydney, the folks at Pilyo returned home and brought their winning recipes, extensive experience, and avant-garde techniques back with them. Lucky for us living in Manila, we can finally get our hands on their delightful cheesecake souffles!


I had the pleasure of trying all three different flavors of the cheesecake souffles over the weekend… (all at the same time, mind you, because they were all so yummy!) and I was hooked!

BIBINGKA CHEESECAKE SOUFFLE | with crumbled salted egg yolks & kesong puti (PHP 850)


MAMON CHEESECAKE SOUFFLE | with guava glaze and grated queso de bola (PHP 750)


PUTO UBE CHEESECAKE SOUFFLE | with coconut-dusted yema de avila (PHP 850)

These cheesecake souffles are fluffy, moist, and  airy! Each one had a distinct taste and texture – they stayed true to the original format (meaning the bibingka cheesecake soufflé actually tasted like bibingka) but elevated its flavors and really gave it an interesting twist. Both Mike and I liked the Puto Ube the best, but all of them are good. They’re not too sweet, so it doesn’t feel too heavy, yet despite the light flavor and feel of these desserts, they’re also rich and filling at the same time.

I wouldn’t mind snacking on these on a bad day and immediately feeling better after because they’re just so nice to eat! These treats are also nice to bring to a family gathering. Not only are they yummy, but they’re also one-of-a-kind. For sure, everyone from the kids to the grannies will want to get their hands on these!


For orders:
Phone: +63 917 639 6229
Address: Pick up from North Greenhills, San Juan


Disclosure: I received these samples for free in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. I think I just put on a couple of calories by just looking at them. They all look so delicious. I am not a big sweet tooth, but I do love an occasional cheesecake… May be go get one today 🙂

  2. I’m from Australia and I’ve never heard of these, perhaps because I don’t visit Sydney all too often?

    Either way, it’s a great concept and seems like a deliciously naughty treat! Perhaps I’ll try emulate the idea and make a healthier version so I don’t feel so guilty! 😉

    Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Mhmm, that cheesecake souffle look so yummy. Interesting how someone from Australia gave a twist of some of our delicacies. Makes me curious to try it out, especially the bibingka cheesecake. How big are they? They kind of look a bit tiny in the photo.
    Mica de Leon recently posted…5 Reasons to Wear RompersMy Profile

  4. Those all look yummy even on the photos! It’s really a new story for me since it’s from Sydney. It’s unusual for me since a Filipino food getting known in a foreign land. I’ve tasted bibingka because my mom used to make those when I’m home in the province but this is a must-try since I’ve never tried how Australian dessert would taste like.
    Maria recently posted…Featured Artist of the Month XIMy Profile

  5. cheers! I am a big fan of cheesecake but this one is absolutely special because it has a Filipino twist to it and it looks truly yummy on your photos
    I think i can finish a dozen of it in one sitting haha
    thanks for sharing
    Milton Coyne recently posted…Inflatable Island In Subic : The Biggest Floating Playground In AsiaMy Profile

  6. That puto ube cheesecake souffle looks damn so good!! I wonder though, is the price good for one only or is it for one box? Because if it’s just for one, then it’s really expensive. It really looks delish and good dessert to bring to potlucks and different events. I honestly want to try it.

  7. Loving the name of the company, “pilyo.” It makes me think that they love to tease people with their food. They made a playful change on the classic bibingka and viola! People are surely hungry for more. Anyway, hoping we could try this soon too. I think my Yogo will love it.

  8. I also had the same two things in mind when I saw the picture. They look excellent and tasty, and they simply lure you to taste them. And I bet they are as playful as their name says. I’d love to have these, so I’ll definitely try to make them at home.

  9. It looks yummy. Speaking of Pilyo, there are so many examples of ideas returning back home after taking rebirth. Who knows some Australian dishes might have taken birth in Australia, gone to Philippines and later returned to Australia.
    Oh, so do you have guavas too in your country? It is called amrood in India and is my personal favorite
    Swayam Tiwari recently posted…10 travel tips for India that nobody will tell you at all!My Profile

  10. I always have a sweet tooth. I’m into chocolates and not into cakes. But by the looks of it, I am encourage to get them. A little pricey though.
    theresa recently posted…Event: Where’s Marcel? Grand Opening (With a Little Disappointment)My Profile

  11. Damnnnn they do look good!! Gasped when I saw those prices tho. Hahaha!

  12. My girlfriend used to make those for me, for almost 2 years so far and I can never get enough of them xD they taste great with mint tea

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