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Hosting The Private Screening of Fifty Shades Darker (Sponsored by Okamoto Philippines)

What could be wilder, steamier, naughtier, raunchier, and darker than Fifty Shades of Grey? How about Fifty Shades Darker?

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are back to heat up this love month with this second installment of the Fifty Shades series, and more than 300 guests were treated to the exclusive block screening of what people say is the “sexiest movie of the year,” thanks to Okamoto Philippines.

Okamoto is the number 1 selling condom brand in Japan, known for its ‘Sheerlon Technology,’ which they use to create condoms that are thinner and stronger than ordinary condoms. The condoms are intended to feel like skin without compromising durability and safety. So how thin are these condoms exactly? Their premiere product, the Okamoto 0.03 Platinum is only 0.03 mm thin! A strand of hair is somewhere between 0.12mm to 0.06mm. Split that in half, and that’s how fine the Okamoto 0.03 Platinum is! Whoa! Crazy! But then again, for the Japanese and their awesome technology, “crazy” is really not too crazy. They come up with the most high-tech and modern products that I won’t be surprised if these condoms are really that thin! (No, I haven’t tried it, but they did give us a sample so… hmm… Hahaha!)

I was contacted by Em of Blackbox Manila the day before the event, and she asked if I would be available to host this block screening. As soon as I found out that it was confirmed, I immediately asked Mike to download Fifty Shades of Grey so we can watch it together before watching Part 2… you know… just… doing my homework. Haha! Yes, part of my job as an event host is researching and preparing for an event, and sometimes, that entails watching an R-18 flick!

Some of the Blackbox Collab team, getting ready for the event

Part of being prepared is coming to the event dressed appropriately.

My very appropriate OOTD:
– A tight black sequined dress from H&M. Funny, this was given to me by my 50-year-old aunt.
– Black peep-toe stilettos from Payless that — now that I think about it — remind me of one of Christian Grey’s flogger things
– A black cuff bracelet from Armani Exchange. Not as kinky as Christian’s handcuffs, but they will do.

And don’t forget the make-up!

The movie itself was already a nice treat, but it was even more enjoyable because of the 15-minute program before the film started. We started the program by asking the movie-goers to answer this question:

At the end of the program, five winners were chosen and they each got gift certificates for two for a dinner buffet at Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza! Wow! Fifty Shades Darker is sexy but a dinner buffet at Spiral is a whole different level of sexy to me!

During the event, the lovely Ms. Kim Chiong, the Marketing Manager of Okamoto Philippines, gave a short introduction to the Okamoto 0.03 Platinum.

Okamoto also gave some contestants an early Valentines Day present: gift certificates for two for any branch of The Spa! In the theater, there were five seats with an Okamoto tag under it. Guests had to look under their seats, and if they find the tag, the prize for a nice pampering session for them and their V-day date could be theirs! Excited shrieks and moans were heard while everyone tried to look for the tag!

That night, everyone in the cinema really got lucky, but some were luckier than others because not only did they get to watch the movie for free, but they also won gift boxes from Saladbox, which contain an assortment of beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products.

Here’s a SHORT VIDEO of my hosting stint. At the latter part of the program, the microphone stopped working so I had to use my built-in megaphone to make sure everyone could hear me! The show must go on!

After the movie, everyone received a special Okamoto gift pack, which contained a sample of the Okamoto 0.03 Platinum, a scented candle, and Hershey’s Kisses chocolates — the perfect “romance kit.” (*wink, wink!*). My husband and I really liked the classy and useful packaging of the gift packs.

Congratulations to Okamoto Philippines and Blackbox Collab for a successful, fun, and well-attended event! I really had a SPANKING good time hosting this program and a PLEASURABLE experience working with these two groups.

About Okamoto Philippines:

Okamoto 0.03 Platinum is available in 7-11, PCX, Family Mart, and Robinsons Supermarkets. The prices vary depending on the store.

Visit Okamoto Philippines’ Facebook page and the Okamoto Global Website for more details.

To inquire about my hosting services and rates:

– E-mail me at:
– Visit me on Facebook at:
– Follow me on Instagram (@scenesfromnadine) and use the hashtag #HostingByNadine

Event Organizer: Blackbox Collab / Venue: Newport Mall Cinema, Resorts World Manila

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  1. I watched 50 shades darker! Oh boy, it was hawt! Hehe. I noticed also that most of the scenes was shot in Gastown, Vancouver and not in Seattle.. which made the romantic scenes all the more..Romantic! Haha. Lucky are the ones who won the prizes during the event! I want both hehe.
    cieri of recently posted…Nonna’s at NuvaliMy Profile

    1. Hawt hawt hawt! I didn’t notice the setting of the movie. You’re pretty observant!

  2. Soooo, this is the story behind your IG post 😉 Research is really important when hosting, be it a business event like this, a wedding or a party. Two thumbs up to you for doing your research. How was the movie?
    Mirriam recently posted…5 Movies To Binge Watch on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    1. I always like to come prepared… even if that means watching a raunchy movie. Haha! The movie was… well, steamy. LOL!

  3. I’m glad you had a good experience. Getting to watch a movie for free sounds like fun! Your OOTD looks excellent on you. Too funny that your aunt gave you the dress!
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…A Perfect Travel Itinerary for EPCOT at Disney WorldMy Profile

    1. When they said I could watch the movie for free, I said, “Okay, count me in!” Haha! Yeah, isn’t it funny that the dress came from my aunt? And she was so proud of it too! She was like “wear it! I wanna see you wear it!”

  4. Was it tough to host something like this? Haha. I mean it’s not usual hosting gig, I guess? I remember your hosting for star wars rogue one and it’s both work and play! Haha. Work life balance indeed. I just wonder how does okamoto choose the people they treated the movie with? Is it the people who bought rhe product? =)))
    Maaya Legaspi recently posted…7 Reasons Why You Will Always Go Back to BaguioMy Profile

    1. Oh no, it wasn’t tough at all to host this. In fact, it was so fun and I really enjoyed it because everyone was so game and I could utter “naughty” expressions without offending anyone. In fact, it was encouraged. Haha. I think they chose the people who joined their social media contests. 🙂

  5. I’ve never watched this yet. Even the first sequel! Too bad im so left behind already. It is not available in local cinemas here near my place and so that means i need to drive to manila. Yay! I wanna watch this!

    1. I haven’t watched the first one until the night before I had to host the event for the second one… so you are not too late 🙂

  6. I didn’t watch 50 shades darker yet because to be honest, I didn’t like 50 shades of gray. It skips too many scenes from the book and it just doesn’t really make sense, once you know the book and how the story should be. It’s great through that you were lucky to host an event for such a box office movie and that a condom company has thought to partnership with a cinema for the screening of this movie. The little perks bags are very cute, I like the silky look of them.

    1. I never got to read the book, but when I watched the movies, I did feel like there were some parts that didn’t quite flow and maybe those could only be explained in the book. Most of the time, I think the book version is more complete. I like the silver bags as well! So classy!

  7. So cool, looks like you had an amazing time! I am loving your blog too, you should be really proud of all your hard work! x

    1. Thank you, Adele! 🙂 That’s nice of you!

  8. How did it go? I can only imagine hosting such event! Haha! Anyway, I would love to see a photo of your shoes! <3 Can't wait to watch Fifty Shades Darker this weekend! <3

    1. It was so fun!!! Haha! The guests really enjoyed the movie and the games. 🙂

  9. Oh , is there an ‘upgrade’ on 50 shades of Grey? 🙂 I haven’t seen the film, but you are making me curious now. Is it worth watching? May I just say, that your amazing look keeps distracting me from raeding ? 🙂 You look absolutely amazing, the little queen of the night !
    klaudia recently posted…Elegant Bathroom Vanities Don’t Need To Cost A Lot!My Profile

    1. Yes, apparently there are 3 installments! The one I hosted was the second one. I think you will be interested in it because it’s very sexy and you write about sexy topics. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely compliment, Klaudia!

  10. I haven’t watched this one yet, we watched an action movie instead last valentines day. Haha! I haven’t experience any block screening I’m wondering if it would be all the same as the one you hosted. The free dinner is something that I’ll look forward to if i’ll be on this event. haha! Nice choice of outfit to go along with the event too. 🙂

    1. Well, this one has a lot of action too. *wink wink* Haha! Yeah, the winners of the buffet are so lucky! Thank you, Kris 🙂

  11. I haven’t watched this one yet, we watched an action movie instead last Valentines day. Haha! I haven’t experience any block screening I’m wondering if it would be all the same as the one you hosted. The dinner is something that I’ll look forward to if i’ll be on this event. haha! Perfect choice of outfit to go along with the event too. 🙂

  12. Congratulations for a job well done! About the movie, I really don’t watch the first part and although so much has been told about it which made it sound interesting, it still did not convince me. Maybe I am just too conservative hehe

    1. Thank you! No worries if you don’t feel like watching it. I honestly wasn’t dying to watch it but since I could watch for free, why not? 🙂

  13. It seems so cool to be able to host such a gig and a movie presentation, but as for me, I didn’t see any of those movies or even read them. I don’t find any interest in those, and I feel like it’s really bad written stories. Anyway, it’s so hard to balance both, but it seems you did it quite well! x

    1. Hahaha! My husband actually said that the 50 Shades series sound like a lonely housewife’s fantasy. 😀 But the experience of hosting it was really cool.

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