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#KnorrTestKitchen: Knorr Savor Rich Liquid Meaty Seasoning

The dilemma of every busy mom: how to prepare delicious home-cooked dishes when you don’t have that much time?

Since becoming a mom, I haven’t been cooking as much as I used to, simply because there’s just too much on my plate already. So when I do cook, it’s usually just simple and easy-to-prepare meals. Of course, I have to make sure that even though my dishes are simple, they’re still something that my family will enjoy eating (i.e., they have to actually taste good).

When Knorr launched their newest product, the Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning, I felt like this might just be the answer to my dilemma!

Who doesn’t know Knorr? I practically grew up with Knorr products in my kitchen. The Knorr Crab & Corn soup is one of my favorite instant soups of all time (just add one egg!). I sprinkle Knorr seasoning on my food whenever it needs a bit more ‘oomph!’. I cook all sorts of dishes with the Knorr chicken cubes. So when Knorr came out with the Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning, I got excited about all the culinary possibilities! You can marinate, stir-fry, and pan-fry using this seasoning.

At the #KnorrTestKitchen event last March 30 at the Greenbelt Open Park, four of the country’s top celebrity chefs created new recipes using the new Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning.

We got to sample the unique and delicious dishes of Nicco Santos of Your Local, Josh Boutwood of Savage and Helm, Happy Ongpauco of Happy Concept Group, and Kalel Chan of Raintree Restaurants.

Chef Happy’s Filipino dishes were a hit! People kept coming back for her Garlic Fried Chicken, Bangus Tofu Salpicao, Chicken Tocino, and Lumpiang Shanghai at Queso.

Chef Josh’s also prepared some lip-smacking treats for everyone to try, such as the Pork Skewers, Pulled Pork, and my favorite out of the many dishes I’ve had at the event, the Roast Chicken Barley Porridge, which was like a creamy risotto! I seriously need to the recipe for that one!

Chef Kalel’s Japanese and Mexican offerings were both interesting and delicious! With the use of the Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning, he was able to make Tacos Al Pastor, Togerashi Karaage with Matcha Mayo, and Sisig Gyoza. His unique and eye-catching creations not only looked good, but they were also very palatable.


Chef Nicco’s Southeast Asian dishes, the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis, Chicken Rice, and Coffee Pork Ribs, were a real feast for the eyes… and the gut! His dishes were bursting with colors and flavors, with the help of Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning, of course.

Tasting all this yummy food made by the chefs, I was really impressed with what you can make with the Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning. One thing the dishes had in common was that they all looked and tasted vibrant. Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning really brings out the meaty flavor and color in each dish. And the great thing about it is that it’s already so rich and concentrated that you only need to add a few drops to the dishes. You don’t even need to add salt to your food anymore because just a little bit of the seasoning is already flavorful enough. Also, you no longer have to marinate your meats for an hour or even overnight to make sure that all the flavors are absorbed by the meat. With the Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning, you can cut your marinating time short and just do it in 10 minutes!

Even Andi loved the food! 🙂 Here she is, snacking on Chef Josh’s Pulled Pork burger.

Despite the sweltering summer heat, it was really a fun afternoon of discovering this new product, sampling all that fantastic food, and of course, eating them with friends / my fellow mom and food bloggers!

More photos from the event:

Simple and easy-to-prepare dishes can be exciting and tasty with the help of the new Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning. Now that’s good news for us busy moms! What about you? What recipes can you think of with the help of Knorr Liquid Meaty Seasoning?

The Knorr Savor Rich Liquid Meaty Seasoning is available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide with the SRP of P6 for the 16g, P85 for 240g, and P150 for 480g. Visit for recipes and like Knorr on Facebook for more information. 

Watch my vlog about the Knorr Test Kitchen event here:


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