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Pampers Launches the #BetterForBaby Advocacy to Support Unhindered Movement and Development

Andi loves to move around. She’s very hyper and enjoys crawling, rolling around, dancing, and now, walking! For an active baby like her, it’s really important that her diaper can keep up with all of her movements, and I can say that Pampers — which is our diaper of choice — does the job. Even if I go on for hours without changing her, I noticed that her diapers don’t sag. I think the magic lies in Pampers’ magic gel channels, which is a unique technology that enables it to become more absorbent so as to minimize contact of pee and poo with baby’s skin.

We love Pampers, so we were happy to have attended their media launch last May 2, 2019 at Rockwell, wherein we got to meet their newest endorser – celebrity mom Sarah Lahbati. There, we also learned more about their new nationwide advocacy called Pampers #BetterForBaby Movement, which is a call-to-action for everyone in the Philippines to help give babies a world of unhindered play and movement, so they are free to learn and explore the world. Of course, being able to move freely and comfortably starts with wearing the right diaper, particularly, less lawlaw diapers like Pampers.

During the event, Sarah shared why she partnered with Pampers: “I’m so excited to launch the #BetterforBaby campaign with Pampers. I’ve learned that the more our babies play and move, the more it helps them develop their skills. We need to pay close attention to the small yet critical things that can help them move better, such as the right diaper. I chose Pampers for Zion,and even now with Kai.  I know they are able to move better and with greater ease because Pampers is less lawlaw compared to other brands.”

Pampers invited a panel of experts to talk more about the importance of movement for baby’s development, and the many ways families can help.  This means giving babies plenty of time to play, advocating for more galaw-friendly public spaces, and ensuring babies move comfortably in a less lawlaw diaper.

Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP) shares, “2-3 hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day will not only help them develop physically, but cognitively as well.” She adds, “It’s important for babies to move comfortably without much bulk hindering their movement. So, a good diaper na less lawlaw is very important.”

As part of the launch, Pampers unveiled the microsite where everyone who wants to show support for the advocacy can share the badge, and share stories of how they are making life #BetterForBaby. These all add up to points in the microsite, and for 10,000 points and more, Pampers will be donating newborn kits and galaw-friendly play areas to hospitals across the Philippines. Reaching 30,000 points will enable Pampers to donate to 5 chosen hospitals across the Philippines. Those who join can also get a chance to win up to 3 months’ supply of Pampers. Win-win!

How to support the #BetterForBaby advocacy?

You do your part in helping more galaw-friendly spaces for babies by doing the following:

  1. Watch this online video and share it via social media:
  2. Share the Pampers #BetterForBaby badge here to show support for the movement:
  3. Share a personal story on the site, or how you have used less lawlaw diapers for your baby.

Simple, right? Remember, more shares and stories means more points, and more points mean more happy babies who will enjoy moving around and playing in their brand new, baby-friendly recreational areas!

By supporting the movement and advocating the use of less lawlaw diapers, you can help make life better for lots of babies!

More photos from the event:

Sarah Lahbati, the newest endorser of Pampers
Watching the new Pampers video featuring Sarah Lahbati
Full house!

The Pampers promodizers demonstrating just how absorbent Pampers diapers are compared to other diapers.
The lady in the middle looks like she’s rejoicing and saying, “And the winner is… Pampers!!!”
See how passionate she is in talking about Pampers diapers? That’s because it really IS amazing!

This is how many moms, dads, and babies love Pampers
Sarah Lahbati, mom bloggers. and the experts who joined the panel
Hanging out with my mom blogger friends

Some of the snacks served at the event
Kids’ meal
Andi looking wary in case someone steals her food. (The lady in pink was someone who used to clean our house. I asked her to join us for the event)
Enjoying your snacks, baby girl?
My friend / wedding coordinator, Arbee Panga-Delgago, her husband JB, and their baby Lauren

Giveaways for the guests
My super likot baby!
It took a million attempts to get her to sit still. So hyper!
She’s a happy baby coz she’s wearing Pampers 🙂
At the play area
Every baby deserves to have a nice play area like this.
Someone likes the rocking horse.
Posing by the Pampers booth
After the event, we went walking around the garden of our venue.
Look at her moving around freely, thanks to Pampers!

All babies deserve to have a nice play area like this one. Join the Pampers #BetterForBaby movement and help more babies get a chance to have a happy, healthy development as they move freely and explore a world of unhindered play, made possible through galaw-friendly spaces and Less Lawlaw diapers.

For more information, please visit:

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