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Locked In Love with Lock and Lock’s Couple Tumblers

One of the best things about having a partner is having a default person to go on random adventures with. My fiancé Mike and I absolutely love going on adventures – big or small. In fact, when we post photos of us together on Instagram, we usually use the hashtag #PuffAndFluffAdventure. (Just in case you’re wondering, he’s ‘Puff’ and I’m ‘Fluff’ – those are our own versions of ‘Baby,’ ‘Honey’ or ‘Darling’). Our “adventures” may be as simple as working out in the gym together or trying out holes-in-the-wall, or bigger ones such as visiting a museum or traveling locally or abroad.

Speaking of travel, Mike and I have had our fair share of travels together in our 2 and a half years as a couple.

Frolicking in Casa San Pablo
Eating food with our hands on a raft before jumping in the 63-meter deep Lake Pandin in Laguna
Summer love in Acua Verde, Batangas
Kayaking in Camayan Beach Resort in Subic
We took a public bus all the way to Sonya’s Garden to celebrate our first anniversary as a couple
In 2014, we finally got to go on our first international trip together. I spent my 30th birthday with Mike in Hong Kong. Here we are at the Avenue of the Stars
On that same year, we had our second overseas trip in our favorite country: Japan! (Oh, and we got engaged there too! This photo was taken after Mike proposed!)

Mike and I promised each other that we would try to travel together at least once every year. Even before we met each other, we’ve already been fond of travel. But there’s something unique about traveling as a couple. There’s nothing quite like experiencing new things, seeing new places, and meeting new people with the person you love most. Having those shared experiences with Mike whenever we traveled gave us a chance to bond, get to know each other more in an entirely different level, and let us have stories to share — stories that we can call ours and stories that we can share with our kids someday.

Traveling in general opens your eyes and minds to cultures and worlds other than your own, and that’s a wonderful thing. But having that experience with someone you love is even better! When Mike and I visited Tokyo, for instance, both of us found ourselves in awe of the same things – the fascinating technology, the to-die-for food, and the kindness of the Japanese people. We were bowled over by how strangers would come up to us whenever we looked like we were lost and just proactively offered to help us find our way. We both admired the order in the country and both wished that our own country could achieve this kind of excellent discipline someday. We learned so much during our trip, and the best part is, we learned them together! I love how travel can enrich two people’s lives so much that it not only broadens their perspective but also makes them feel even more connected to each other.

Another reason why we love traveling together is because it challenges us and gets us out of our comfort zones, and we figure things out together. When we travel, we encounter everything from unfamiliar routes to language barriers. When we accomplish something together that we never thought we’d accomplish, we feel fulfilled and realize that, “Hey, we make a great team!”

Of course, the best reason for wanting to travel together is quite simple. It’s because we want to be together! Seeing the beauty of the world together, doing different things together, and just spending time with each other and having fun together – what better reason is there? I’ve travelled to different places without my fiancé and whenever I went to a gorgeous place, I would always find myself thinking “I wish I was seeing this with him!” It sounds cheesy, I know, but when your partner is also your best friend, he will also be your favorite travel buddy!


Reminiscing about our travels makes me look forward even more to our next trips, whenever and wherever that may be. But one more thing that is bringing about a wave of wanderlust in me is this new tumbler by Lock & Lock called “The Couple Tumbler”!


I recently found out that Lock & Lock came out with The Couple Tumbler, a ‘his and hers’ tumbler that forms a heart when you put them together, like this:

#LockedInLove and so in love with these couple tumblers!

IT’S SO CUTE! The set comes with two tumblers – one in blue and one in pink. Carrying this around makes traveling the world together so much sweeter!

I love the minimalist and sophisticated design of the tumblers matched with the pastel colors. I think they are simple, clean, and charming, and would be something that I would like using even if they were sold separately (that is, even if it wasn’t made as a Couple Tumbler).


But if you want to embellish the tumbler and make it look more fun, the tumbler set also comes with free stickers that you can adhere to the tumbler. People like me who like decorating things and being creative will get a kick out of putting on these stickers! (Mike, being a no-fuss kind of guy, would probably give me his sticker set and just stick to the basics. *rolls eyes* Men!)


Mike and I rely on Lock & Lock’s containers. We own three of these and would use these when we need to bring food to work.

We own three Lock & Lock containers and use them almost every day!

We love Lock & Lock containers because no matter what food you put in it, there is no spillage – not even a single drop! I really hate it when I put food in a container and when I take it out, my lunch bag is drenched in a disgusting and soupy mess. It’s such a hassle having to secure it with a rubber band and two plastic bags just so it wouldn’t drip. I have never had that problem with Lock & Lock, so I’m also confident about the Couple Tumbler. I feel that whatever activity we do, whether it’s visiting temples, riding roller coasters, or climbing mountains, the Couple Tumblers will do a good job at keeping our drinks in place with its flow-regulating piece.

The Couple Tumblers are also very easy and convenient to use when traveling. It has a wide opening so it won’t be too hard to wash. One less thing to worry about! And although it’s made of stainless steel, it’s still very lightweight so it won’t be a nuisance to carry around. This is especially helpful, especially for girls. We don’t want to lug too many things around when we’re going places! As much as possible, I want my bag to be light so I can move freely.

Okay, this tumbler is really getting me psyched about our future trips! I can already imagine it: Mike and I sipping hot chocolate during winter time in Zurich while we gaze at snowy landscapes from the balcony of our cozy little inn. I can also imagine us recharging with a cool and refreshing drink while wandering around the ruins of the majestic Machu Picchu. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here! But yes, in case you’re wondering, it can contain hot and cold drinks for long hours… so my idea of sipping hot chocolate in Zurich or recharging with a cool drink in Machu Picchu might not be so wild and unthinkable as it seems!

In three weeks, Mike and I are going on our biggest adventure yet: our wedding day and our married life together! Soon, we will embark on another big adventure… our honeymoon! It looks like the Couple Tumbler is going to be one of our travel essentials as we go on more of our love adventures! Looks like I’m going to have a new favorite travel buddy… next to my fiance, of course!


I don’t know where we’ll go to next but we’re taking the Couple Tumblers with us so that we’re #LockedInLove wherever we may be!

The Couple Tumblers are available at the following Lock & Lock stores:

  • SHANGRI-LA PLAZA MALL – 6F EDSA Shangri-La Plaza corner Shaw Boulevard, Manila
  • EASTWOOD MALL – 3F Eastwood Mall, Bagumbayan QC
  • GLORIETTA 4 – 3F Glorietta 4, Office Drive, Makati
  • BF HOMES – 114 Aguirre St., Paranaque City
  • ALABANG – Upper GF Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • FISHER MALL – 3F Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, QC
  • QUEZON AVENUE – Megastate Bldg., Araneta Ave., cor Agno St., QC
  • FAIRVIEW TERRACES – G/L Fairview Terraces Mall, Paranaque City
  • CEBU – MJ Cuenco, Banilad Town Center

The Couple Tumblers are also available in leading department stores nationwide.

Visit Lock & Lock’s social media accounts to find out more about the Couple Tumblers:
Facebook –
Instagram – @lockandlockph

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  1. The two of you looks amazing together. I’m still in the search of finding my eternal travel buddy. Haha and tumblers look neat 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope you find your eternal travel buddy soon 🙂

  2. Wow! Lume-level ang up ang Lock and Lock brand ha! Love the idea of the couple tumblers.

    1. It’s actually a cute gift idea for couples. 🙂

  3. Cheers to more loving couples days ahead! And the tumblers fits both of you…

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Cheers!

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