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.Playing online games was never really my thing. I had nothing against it; I just preferred to be engrossed in my other hobbies. But when I came across the website and tried playing some of the games, I was surprised to find myself having a great time!

Contrary to its name, there is more to than just, well, Solitaire! They also have other card games, mahjong games, hidden object games, matching games, logic games, and word games. There’s really something there for everyone!

If you’re around my age (let’s just say I’m an ‘80s baby), you probably owned an old Windows computer with a built-in Solitaire game. If you enjoyed playing that but don’t want to download it on your phone or computer, you can simply go to the website and play away without having to download it or sign up to play.

I’m not good at Solitaire but when I tried playing it on the website, I was able to score a few points. It wasn’t easy, but at least I enjoyed it, and that was the most important thing! With a little practice, I think I might just get the hang of it.

Hidden Object Games

If you’re not a big fan of card games, don’t worry because also has a wide selection of hidden object games. This was more my cup of tea! I had a blast looking for the hidden images, and trust me, it’s not as effortless as it looks! It took a lot of squinting and zooming in for me to be able to find all the hidden objects, and it was just so satisfying when I did!

China Temple

There are actually varying themes for the hidden objects game such as the China Temple, Hidden Princess, Medieval Castle, Palace Hotel, and more. Some are a little more difficult to play than the others, but all of them were equally fun. And if you have little kids like me, this would be a nice family bonding activity too. My daughter loves princesses and fairy tales, so I let her play the Medieval Castle with me. She was so excited whenever she would spot the hidden object! I believe playing this trains her to be more observant and analytical.

China Temple
Medieval Castle
Hidden Princess
The Palace Hotel

Matching Games

I was also amused when I played the matching games at My favorites were the Candy Fiesta and the Candy House games because I love candies and I’m really into cute and colorful things, and these games were certainly cute and colorful!

Candy Fiesta
Candy House

I remember playing these kinds of games as a kid so playing these again made me feel nostalgic! A fair warning: these games are highly addictive, and it’s easy to want to keep playing these all day!

Another matching game that I used to play in my younger days was Zuma Legend. I was happy to find it in! This is a little bit tougher than the Candy Fiesta and Candy House. But if you’re up for a challenge, then you’re going to like this!

Zuma Legend

Logic Puzzles has logic puzzles such as Chess, Crossword, Minesweeper, and Sudoku that will really force you to use your brains! I tried playing the Crossword puzzle and I just gave up trying to solve it because it was so tricky! I opted for something that required less mental effort: The Tetra Blocks! Tetris was all the rage during my teen years so this was something I was more familiar with. I’ve played this a hundred times before, but playing it now still proved to be entertaining.

Word Games

I absolutely love word games and I was delighted to see some on Playing Word Search and Word Scramble were such great stress-relievers for me. If I had more time on my hands, I’d probably be playing these more often!

Word Search
Word Scramble

If you love playing online games or if you simply just want a diversion from life’s daily grind, check out! You’re sure to find a game that you will love in this website.

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