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PUR Philippines Grand Launch

Moms, we all want nothing but the best for our babies, right? Thankfully, there’s a brand that shares the same goal, which is to provide products that are simply the best for your baby, and it’s now available in the Philippines!

PUR Baby, a leading developer of feeding products and accessories for babies from Thailand, has been supporting moms all over the world by manufacturing products that are safe and comfortable for babies. And now, moms in the Philippines can finally get their hands on PUR’s products that are Pampering, Understanding, and Reliable! Its exclusive distributor, Main Pacific Features, Inc. spearheaded the very successful formal launch of PUR Philippines, which was held last July 29, 2018 at Enderun Colleges.

PUR started in 1985 on the back of a pioneering feat in developing silicone nipples by the liquid silicone injection process in collaboration with Bayer of Germany. This brand has been around since I was just one year old! (Oops, I just revealed my age!) Since then, it has continued to create efficient products that moms around the world love and trust, such as bottles and nipples, breast pumps, weaning sets, training cups, teething accessories, personal hygiene products like baby wipes and cotton, and so much more.

I am honored that Andi and I were invited to this groundbreaking launch. The event was like a fun-filled family affair as mommies, daddies, kids, babies, and even grandparents and friends came together to welcome and get to know the brand, as well as to participate in the program activities.

Andi and I went with Lollie Tess, Andi’s grandma (Mike’s mom). We were also joined by Alessa, my good friend / one of Andi’s godmothers. They were both my angels that day because they helped me look after Andi, and also helped me take photos and videos for this blog post. I’m really thankful that they were around! (By the way, the lovely wrap dress that I’m wearing is from Mum Tess, and so is the pair of pants that Andi is wearing!)

With Andi’s Lollie Tess
Andi with her godmother, Ninang Alessa

What made it even more exciting for me was that it felt like I was attending a high school reunion because some of my friends from St. Paul College Pasig were there too! Of course, they were also there with their cute babies. One of my friends, Rheena Villamor-Camara, was the host of the event. She was also the one who first invited me to the launch. (Thank you, Rheena!)

St. Paul Pasig batchmates with Rheena (+ baby Mikel), Alessa, and RB (+ baby Amare)
Our classmate J dropped by quickly, but without the kids!

Guests did not miss the opportunity to have their photos taken by the beautiful setup, which comprised of a colorful flower wall surrounded by life-size stuffed animals. So pretty!

PUR’s diverse range of feeding products and accessories was on display and we all got a chance to check them out one by one.

Everyone’s bellies got full, thanks to the delicious and overflowing snacks. But even before that, guests got to munch on snacks like cotton candy, popcorn, and marshmallows.

We also got to take home these cute souvenirs!

The glamorous C.O.O. of PUR, Ms. Marites de Joya Limtong, talked about PUR as a brand, as well as its mission, vision, and direction. The more I listened to her talk, the more excited I got about PUR arriving on Philippine shores because I’m always on the lookout for products that will help me make my life as a mom easier, as well as products that are good for Andi. I’m sure the other moms in the room felt the same way too.

Ms. Marites de Joya Limtong. C.O.O. of PUR

The lovely brand ambassador of PUR, Ms. Trishka Puno-Samonte, expressed her delight in being chosen to be the face of PUR, and shared her positive experience in using PUR products for her 11-month old daughter Marika. She reveals that her favorite PUR product is the weaning set. Mine too!

PUR brand ambassador, Ms. Trishka Puno-Samonte

Gracing the event was the gorgeous Thai actress and model Yol Pranvarin, who is also a PUR brand ambassador in her hometown. She joined her husband and Managing Director of Royal Industries (PUR Thailand), Mr. Rajvin Narula.

Managing Director of Royal Industries (PUR Thailand), Mr. Rajvin Narula with wife and Thai superstar Yol Pranvarin join Trishka Puno-Samonte and Mr. & Mrs. Limtong

One of most memorable and enjoyable parts of the program was the mini-concert of One Groove. They got everyone singing and dancing along with them. I’m not a big fan of the song Bboom Bboom but Andi and I danced along to it anyway, together with the other moms, dads, and babies! (And we all got a prize for it! Not bad!)

One Groove

At the end of the event, Mr. Harry Limtong, Chairman of the Board of Main Pacific Features Incorporated, shared the struggles and rejections that Pur had to face before finally breaking into the Philippine market. After everything that they went through, he expressed his sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped make the launch of PUR in the Philippines possible.

Mr. Harry Limtong, Chairman of the Board of Main Pacific Features Incorporated

PUR really takes innovation seriously, and really pays special attention to the quality and design of their products. But what sets PUR apart is their commitment to giving back to those in need. A portion of the sales from PUR products will go to the Jesus, the Amazing Grace Foundation, an organization founded by Mr. and Mrs. Limtong, that aims to assist less fortunate Filipino families. So when you purchase PUR products, not only will you make your baby happy, but you make other people happy too! Win-win! And really, wouldn’t YOU be happy too, knowing that you’ve made an impact on someone else’s life?

Here are more photos from the event:

PUR sent me and Andi some feeding products that we both love and use every single day and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these items in another post. But for now, I shall leave you with photos by Lomograpika Design Studio. Check them out here:

Watch this video to see what went down at the Pur Baby launch!

Learn more about PUR by visiting their Facebook and Instagram page!

Photos with watermark grabbed from Lomograpika Design Studio’s Facebook page.
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