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Why You Should Make a Christmas Wish List for Your Kids with Rustan’s Christmas Gift Registry

Sure, Christmas is so much more than just the presents. But for kids, receiving a gift that they absolutely love is one of the things that makes Christmas more magical! Imagine your child excitedly unwrapping one of the presents under the tree, and as she unveils the gift, her eyes widen and twinkle and she happily exclaims: “It’s the toy that I’ve always wanted! I love it!”

Now, what if it was a completely different scenario? Visualize this: the look of happiness and excitement on your child’s face quickly turns to confusion or disappointment as she unravels a present that she:
a) already owns
b) has way too many of, or
c) doesn’t like and will probably never use

This is where the beauty of a Christmas gift registry comes in.

Andi and I were given the opportunity to build our own Rustan’s Kids Christmas Registry, and it was such a fun and fantastical experience! We participated in the Elf Academy wherein kids were asked to sign up for the Christmas Registry and complete all the activities prepared for the little ones.

Attended the Elf Academy with my little girls
If you think the entrance is beautiful, wait til you see the inside!
Elf Academy activity list

Here are some of the activities that Andi enjoyed doing:

Parol Cookie Painting. The cookie was actually quite yummy!
Andi posing with her cookie together with the Santa Skater Girls
Create a Christmas Card with Artline, Elmer’s and Maped
Making a Christmas card with her cousin Natalia
Style Me Up Activity by Periwinkle. She got to design an outfit for her doll!
3-D Ornament Making
Design Your Bag
She won underwear at the Jenga game by Meet My Feet
We had some cotton candy at the event!
They also served popcorn and water for all the guests.

After Andi had finished all the tasks, she then received her Elf Academy Certificate. Good job, baby girl!

Congratulations for completing the Elf Academy!

At the event, Andi also got to build her own Christmas Wish List with the help of Gelo, one of Santa’s Little Helpers. Gelo took us around the aisles of merchandise so Andi can personally handpick the items that she would want to receive for Christmas. There were so many cool things to choose from that Andi couldn’t decide on what to get! Good thing Gelo was there to help!

Gelo, one of Santa’s Helpers, assisting Andi as she builds her Christmas Wish List

After creating her Wish List, we received an e-mail with a graphic containing Andi’s Registry ID. This is what we’ll be sending to our loved ones so they can view the Wish List. Sooo easy — both for us AND our families and friends who will shop for gifts for Andi!

Why You Should Build a Christmas Registry with Rustan’s Kids:

It’s a great way to bond with your kids.

When you sign up for the Rustan’s Christmas Registry, the next step is for you to visit your preferred Rustan’s store. Going around the shop and exploring the range of possible gift choices together with your kids is such a fun and special way to spend quality time with them.

Bonding with my babies!
Enjoying all the activities and decors together with my girls

You’ll have plenty of choices for gifts.

Sometimes, when we ask our children what they want for Christmas, they usually just stick to what they already know. But when you take them to the Rustan’s store, they get to see and experience the vast range of items available. Suddenly, they realize that they actually have options – LOTS of options!

Rustan’s Kids houses a wide array of well-loved brands offering everything from toys to clothing and apparel and more. Kids will have a ball just checking out all the amazing finds, trying out some fashion pieces, or tinkering with toys, until they make a thoughtful decision on which items they would want to own as gifts.

Just some of the items that are available for gifting at Rustan’s

Kids get to curate their own Christmas gifts

We’ve all been there before. We receive some not-so-ideal gifts from the most well-meaning givers but those gifts end up in the charity, someone else’s home, or worse, the bin (if the quality is sub-par that it breaks after a few uses). The Rustan’s Christmas Registry gives kids an avenue to select the gifts they REALLY want and need. They get to pick gifts that really suit them – their hobbies, lifestyle, preferred color / size / style, and more. Getting a gift that they ACTUALLY love?! That’s already a step towards making their Christmas extra merry and bright!

You will be assisted by their knowledgeable staff.

Choices, choices, choices… sooo many choices for gifts! Where do you even begin?! Luckily, Santa’s Helpers are here to assist! The Rustan’s Kids personnel are very friendly and acquainted with the items that are available for gifting. They will happily suggest which items to get based on your child’s age, gender, interests and other considerations.

Thank you for helping us with Andi’s Christmas registry, Gelo!

You can make things easier for your loved ones.

Christmas is such a joyous and wonderful season, but it can also be STRESSFUL! And one of the biggest Christmas stressors is Christmas gift shopping. Having to think of what gift to get, where to get them, whether the receiver will actually like them, the cost of having to deliver them – it can be all pretty overwhelming! With the Rustan’s Christmas Registry, you can give the best and most priceless gifts of TIME and CONVENIENCE! By supplying your loved ones with a wish list, you’ve already saved them so much time by already pointing them towards the right direction in choosing gifts for your kids. You’re taking the guess work out of gift-giving AND ensuring them that whatever they give your kids is something that won’t be discarded or re-gifted.

And speaking of convenience, they can even do their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their own home! You can just have your wish list sent to them via e-mail. Then, they can pay online using a variety of payment methods. Delivery is hassle-free too! They can just choose to have the gifts picked up via courier. For a minimum purchase, Rustan’s can also deliver the gifts straight to their home or the recipient’s home.

You can create fun family memories.

Christmas is all about creating new family memories, and visiting Rustan’s stores is a one-of-a-kind holiday experience for the whole clan. Watch your kids’ eyes light up as they marvel at the beautiful decors and the sparkling Christmas lights. They even get the chance to get up close with Santa Claus! But this is definitely not just for kids. Even adults like myself would enjoy having photos taken with the gorgeous Christmas setup as the backdrop!

Take the whole crew with you and make it a fun family holi-date!

Andi had fun at the Rustan’s store with her family — Dada, Mama, baby sister, Tito, Titas, and cousins!
Being amidst the beautiful decors is the perfect excuse for an instant Christmas family photo shoot!
New Christmas memories for our little family!

How the Rustan’s Christmas Registry works:

Ready to give your kids the best Christmas ever? Create a Christmas Wish List for them with the Rustan’s Kids Christmas Gift Registry!

The next and LAST Elf Academy is happening this coming December 2, 2023. Contact Rustan’s Makati to find out how you can take part in this event and sign up for their Christmas registry!

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