Reasons to Look Forward to Winter in Vancouver

Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by winter. Coming from a tropical country where it’s summer almost all year round except when it’s the rainy season, I’ve always imagined how fun it must be to feel snow on my face and to cozy up by the fireplace while sipping hot cocoa! I’ve travelled to many places, but never during winter. One day, I thought, I’ll get to experience that too!

Meanwhile, while waiting for that day, I’ve started researching on the most ideal places to spend the winter season. One place that is I came across while looking for possible winter destinations is Vancouver.

Many falsely assume that the only vacation you can have in the winter is in the South, but Vancouver lives to prove that that idea’s wrong. Gorgeous views, nearby skiing and snowboarding sites, and fun holiday activities make Vancouver a winter wonderland every year.

These are the top reasons to stay in Vancouver through the winter and why so many come to visit.

Reasons to Look Forward to Winter in Vancouver

Day Trips to Whistler

Whistler is less than a couple of hours from Vancouver, and in its slopes and mountain peaks, there are countless opportunities for fun and excitement. Whether you want to hit the slopes and enjoy skiing and snowboarding, or you’d rather soak and relax in the natural hot springs, you can find something that suits you.

Of course, you can push the vacation to as long as you want, but just one mini-vacation in Whistler will make anyone start digging for homes for sale in Vancouver. It’s like a winter theme park just a short drive away.

Skating at Robson Square Rink

Ice skating is as much a part of Canada’s winter holidays as enjoying frozen maple taffy or a hot cup of Tim’s. Robson Square Rink is a gorgeous outdoor skating rink that pops up every winter. Skaters of any age group are encouraged to come out and have some fun in the chilly winter air.

If you’re new to skating and want to learn, there are multiple lessons every year to show people of every age group how to participate. There’s no need to be embarrassed about learning; once you’ve put in some practice, you’ll realize why it’s such a fun and popular sport.

Enjoy the Gorgeous Winter Holiday Festivities

There are countless fun things to do once the winter holiday season starts up. Festivals happen nearly every week, from Chinatown to downtown, and you’ll find yourself in the holiday mood before you realize it.

The city heavily decorates for the season, stringing lights and putting up trees in prominent city areas. It makes Vancouver – a big city – feel like a comfortable small village, and although that can be surprising, it’s also fun and warming to be a part of.

The Northern Lights Are Most Visible In Winter

If you’ve never seen the Northern Lights, spend winter in Vancouver, and you can change that. These beautiful colorful lights flicker unlike any other and allow the sky to look like it’s made of rainbows for several nights out of the year. They’re most clear in the winter when the atmosphere is at its thinnest, and there’s less light than any other time.

Beautiful Views at Every Angle

Every inch of Vancouver is beautiful in the winter. Snow on distant mountain peaks, beautiful city decorations, and the endless waters take on a cool blue-gray look – winter suits Vancouver more than any other time. Winter markets pop up, allowing you to get warm treats and drinks whenever you want, and the locals become a little cheerier as the holiday approaches. This city is paradise year-round: but in winter, it’s at its best.

Someday, when it’s safe to travel again, I hope that I can visit Vancouver during winter! With its gorgeous scenery and multiple options for enjoyable activities, it sounds and looks like the perfect place to make all my winter dreams come true!


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