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Shopping at the Baby Company Mom & Baby Fest 2023

If you have kids, I’m quite certain that you’ve visited Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair at least once in your parent life. After all, the Grand Baby Fair is known as the BIGGEST mom and baby expo in the country. Moms and dads flock these baby fairs because of the HUGE – and I mean – HUGE – discounts and crazy good deals on different baby products.

Everybody loves sales, am I right? But not everybody loves huge crowds. The Grand Baby Fair is always exciting and happening, but some people just prefer a more quiet and relaxed shopping experience. If that sounds like you, you will enjoy Baby Company’s Mom and Baby Fest!


Baby Company held its very first Mom and Baby Fest this year at The Fifth at Rockwell. It is the most comprehensive, curated, and complete baby fair. Basically, it’s similar to the Grand Baby Fair, but on a smaller scale.

I love the beautiful styling at the Mom and Baby Fest!

Shopping with my baby Hailey! Mike and Andi were with me too but they couldn’t be bothered with having photos taken.


I’m sharing with you some of the brands and products that participated in the event this year.

Applecrumby — our favorite overnight diapers!

I love my nursing bras and nursing clothes from Mamaway! Their post-partum binder has been so helpful for me too during my post-CS days!

Got a new toy for Hailey from Fisher Price! 

I’ve been using Pigeon’s Breast Pads since 2017 and I got some again now. They gave away a free pack of wipes for every purchase from their stall.

We are trying out the new Huggies Skin Care diapers. It’s 2x thinner plus it has a wetness indicator and disposal tape.

Shoppers get discounts of up to 25% on Biolane products. Plus, you get a free diaper bag and bath book for a minimum purchase of PHP 1,500

Hailey chose this banana teether from Nuby. Yes, she picked it out from the shelf herself! She got excited when she saw it so we got it for her.

One of my favorite baby skin care brands — Mustela! I love all of their products! Even Andi used them when she was a tiny baby.

New products from Tiny Buds: the Gone Away Spray and Stick-Ons to keep those pesky mozzies away

Spin and win at the Tiny Buds booth!

Hello, Team Tiny Buds! Thank you for remembering me. They are obviously having fun doing their job. 🙂

  • Entrance is FREE!


  • Push carts were provided for shoppers’ convenience. Take note, however, that push carts are no longer allowed outside of the shopping hall, so make sure you have a game plan for how you will carry your shopping haul after. In our case, the staff offered to help us bring the items to the car, but since we wanted to go around the mall first, we just put our shopping bags on our stroller.

  • It’s best to bring a companion who will help you carry your shopping bags. (i.e. your husbands. Hehe)

  • You can get a FREE Wow Bag for every minimum purchase of PHP 6,000 when you present your Mom Card. Here are the contents of this year’s Wow Bag:

  • There are no food stalls in the shopping area, so make sure to have a bite before going shopping!

  • There are also no package counters available, so if you’re bringing a stroller, you won’t be able to deposit it anywhere and you’ll have to take it around with you while you shop.

  • It’s helpful to have a list of things you want to get so that by the time you check out in the cashier area, you’re sure that you have everything you want and you wouldn’t have to get out of the line to go back to get the items that you forgot to add to your cart.

  • There is a breastfeeding area, and what a beautiful and comfortable breastfeeding area it was! They were even giving out free samples of Lansinoh products and a breast pump was available for mamas who need to express milk. There were also Pigeon baby wipes if ever you need to clean and disinfect anything.

Gorgeous, comfy, and clean breastfeeding room! I loved unwinding here with my babies after shopping.

Alcohol and Pigeon breast wipes are available so you can disinfect your hands, pump parts, etc.

For nursing moms: get free Lansinoh samples and a pack of Pigeon wet wipes when you visit the breastfeeding room. 

No pump? No problem! Baby Company has thoughtfully partnered with Lansinoh to make sure mamas can pump at the venue.


I got all of these for only PHP 6,000, thanks to the big discounts! Happy with my purchases!



While I like going to the Grand Baby Fair, I felt that the shopping atmosphere at the Baby Company Mom & Baby Fest was more relaxed. Yes, there were fewer stalls and the venue was smaller, but on the plus side, that means that there’s also a smaller crowd, making it easier for you to browse the booths. But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean that it’s not as extensive. My favorite baby brands were present and I was happy with the availability and diversity of products, from strollers, car seats, toys, nursing and feeding items, and so much more! Of course, there were also lots of fantastic deals on these products. As a mom of two, I thought that it was really worth checking out the Mom and Baby Fest. It was quite organized, all the staff were helpful, and the whole shopping experience was stress-free.

Thank you for inviting us, Baby Company!

The Mom and Baby Fair runs from July 14 to 16, 2023 at The Fifth at Rockwell. Visit Baby Company’s social media pages for more info!

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