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Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

How do you express your love to your little Valentine? One of the best ways is by reading to them. This is actually one of my favorite bonding activities with my daughter, Andi. That’s why I thought that books would make the perfect choice for a Valentine’s gift for her.

For Hearts Day this year, I got her four new love-themed books.

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
By: The World of Eric Carle

If your little one loves Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, he or she would be delighted to receive this! This book gives all the simple but lovely reasons why someone is loved. With only an average of only 2 to 5 words per page, this is a very easy and quick read, making it suitable for babies and younger children. Andi is already 4, but I got this for her anyway, simply because The Very Hungry Caterpillar holds a very special place in her heart. The illustrations are really cute, and kids would love identifying the objects in the pages. It’s a really short book so it’s almost like a Hallmark Valentine’s Day greeting card, but in book form.


I Love You Little Pookie
By: Sandra Boynton

In this quirky, cute, and sweet book, a doting Mama Pig tells her baby pig named Pookie all the little things that she loves about him and all the things she loves doing together with him. The cartoon drawings are quite funny (my favorite would be the ‘Piggie’ license plate on Pookie’s Mom’s car) and the rhymes are catchy, so it’s really a light and delightful read, while still being touching. Also, how can you not love piggies?! The small size of the book is ideal for those tiny hands too!


Little Love
By: Nadine Brun-Cosme
Illustrations by: Marion Cocklico

Another superb V-day book for your little love is… well, Little Love! This darling book narrates how Little One became Little Love after being showered with hugs and kisses by his adoring parents. Sure, it’s not much of a story, but it’s really fun to read to your little one… and even more fun when you re-enact the hugging, snuggling, and tickling done by Little Love’s Mommy and Daddy. It’s a nice way to make your kids understand how these gestures of affection are your ways of communicating your love to them. From the baby pink cover to the cute main character that resembles a smiley little cotton ball, this book is just ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORABLE! (By the way, Little Love is a boy! Don’t be fooled by all the pink and fluffy things!)


In My Heart: A Book of Feelings
By: Jo Witek
Illustrations by: Christine Roussey

This wonderfully-written book encompasses the many different emotions that the heart could feel – happiness, hopefulness, sadness, shyness, and more. Each sentiment is described in simple yet poignant language, with accompanying visuals to help children recognize and envision each feeling. Children do not always know how to process and communicate their feelings, and this book might just help them in expressing or at least understanding their emotions. On top of that, the images are just really pretty. It’s got fanciful drawings, lots of color, and of course, a fun die-cut heart that serves a new purpose in each page. It’s a powerful and engaging book for kids, but even adults will love it. I know because I do!


Aside from these new books, below are also some of Andi’s old books that let you and your littles celebrate Valentine’s Day:


Who’s Your Valentine, Charlie Brown?
By: Tina Gallo
Illustrations by: Vicki Scott

Andi has had this book since she was 1 year old, if I’m not mistaken. I still read it to her to this day. There’s some funny little romantic drama going on in this book as Charlie Brown waits around for days for a Valentine gift from the little red-haired girl, wondering if she will ever give him one. He does get a surprise in the end, but I won’t spoil that for you!  This is an amusing book with the cute cast of the Peanuts gang, and its heart shape really screams ‘Hearts Day!’


Guess How Much I Love You
By: Sam McBratney
Illustrated by: Anita Jeram

Name a parent of a small child who does not own a copy of this book. I’ll wait. Can you believe that ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ has been around for 28 years now?! And to this day, kids around the world have this on their book shelves and it remains to be one of the most famous children’s books ever. The story revolves around Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare, who talk about – you guessed it! – just how much they love the other. This heart-warming book just proves that a parent’s love really has no limits, and that a child can never out-love his parents. As for the imagery, the watercolor illustrations and the light and muted colors make it feel relaxing to read.


You’re My Little Cuddle Bug
Illustrated by: Natalie Marshall

I first saw this book at the Big Bad Wolf book fair 3 years ago. I was captivated by the precious illustration of the mommy bug and baby bug, as well as the lovely title, so I immediately added it to my cart. It turned out to be one of my favorite books to read to Andi (to think that I hate bugs!). This rhyming board book is just as sweet as a honey bee! There’s a different bug for each page. The Mommy Bugs tell their Baby Bugs just how special they are and how much they adore them. With every turn of the page, it’s so easy to feel warm and fuzzy, and you might not be able to resist giving your little love bug a hug! It’s colorful, happy, and endearing – all the elements you need for a good bedtime story!

Which ones of these have you read or want to read to your kids? 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credits (for the books): Fully Booked and Amazon
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