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Autumn in Ueno Park

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our last day in Tokyo than strolling around Ueno Park, one of the largest and most famous parks in the city and in Japan.

Ueno Park is a spacious public park located in the Ueno district of Tokyo, which attracts more than 10 million visitors each year¹. During cherry blossom season, it is a popular spot for hanami parties. But during fall, with the dramatic hues of the autumn leaves growing from the trees or fluttering around the ground as they are blown gently by the cool gust of wind, the park looks like a backdrop of a romantic movie!

The descent to the park proper






A full day (more, if possible!) is needed to be able to roam around every nook and cranny of Ueno Park. Within the 133 acres of this public garden are a bounty of attractions and activities, including several museums (Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, etc.), various temples and shrines, art galleries, theater halls, and a 35-acre zoo! With limitless options for leisure and discovery, but with such tight timelines, we did not have the time to see all of Ueno Park. But what we did see left us breathless!


For lovers of nature, Ueno Park is a tranquil haven where they can just peacefully walk around and take pleasure in the sight of the fascinating plant life.


The moment we walked inside Ueno Park, it was clear to us that the main feature of this park are the copious trees. With over 800 trees including Japanese cherry trees, gingko biloba trees, and more, the park is an enchanted landscape that looks almost otherworldly. But aside from the trees, more interesting things can be found inside the park. For instance, street performers show crowds of visitors what they got and perform music, tricks, and other antics. I think it’s a great asset to the park, and it’s wonderful that the park becomes an avenue for these different kinds of performers to express themselves and share their art to others!

A street performer entertains passersby


These street performers are not afraid to get down and dirty!
What’s the buzz all about?
It’s about a street performer pulling some stunts!

There are also a couple of intriguing structures inside Ueno Park. If you love taking photos, better make sure that you have lots of space in your memory card because you’ll most probably have lots and lots of subjects you’ll want to take snapshots of, such as this shrine called Gojōten Jinja (Hanazono Inari Jinja) which resembles the famous Fushimi Inari shrine in Tokyo because of its torii. These gates suggest that this is a Shinto shrine.

Gojōten Jinja (Hanazono Inari Jinja)





Meanwhile, the Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple, a Buddhist temple which is one of the oldest in Tokyo, looks like a place of peace as it is surrounded by greenery. This temple is recognized as a national treasure in Tokyo.

Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple

Another notable structure inside the park is this Lions International totem pole, which features animals from the Ueno Zoo.

Lions International totem pole

I wish we could have extended our stay in Tokyo so that we could tour all the temples, theaters, galleries, and gardens lying in the vastness of Ueno Park. I’m sure every single space is remarkable! But even though we didn’t get to see everything, we were still very, very fortunate to have seen how beautiful the park was during that time of the year. The vibrant glow of red, orange, green, and brown foliage, especially when lit up by the warm tones of the golden sun, makes the park a sight to behold, and I feel blessed to have been able to see it, not just in pictures, but in real life!

Such a picturesque park!
Mike’s just taking it all in
We could have had our engagement shoot right here! (Too bad there was no professional photographer around!)
Trees, trees, and more trees!


This is what romance looks like!



No filter needed to bump up the beautiful colors of Ueno Park in autumn!



This grandpa is basking on all of the beauty of the park. I think it’s endearing! And I know exactly how you’re feeling, grandpa!





The golden leaves of the trees are aglow against the sun’s light
Nothing says “drama” like standing against these autumn trees with a distant look on your face!


Too bad the sun went down so fast! The leaves aren’t as ablaze with color in this photo but they are still gorgeous!
I’m loving this view 🙂
The Shinobazu Pond


This tram takes visitors around at Ueno Park
The silhouettes of puffins perched on trees


IMG_7202 copy
Watching the sun set while gazing at the pond. I could do this all day!
IMG_7211 copy
I think spring is my season but my friend told me that autumn suits me. Well, I think I’ve fallen in love with this season!


The Tokyo National Museum



Our trip to Ueno Park that fall of November 2014 was, for me, a harvest of happiness. I remember strolling around the park with Mike, just taking in the scenery while hugging each other, talking about the next time we go back to Tokyo and daydreaming about the other places we want to go to, just the two of us. With all those colorful trees and pretty flowers surrounding us, plus the crisp autumn breeze enveloping us, Ueno Park was the dreamiest setting for that kind of moment.

Ueno Park during the fall season will really make you fall in love!

Ueno Park
Address: 110-0007 Tokyo Ueno Park, Taito-ku, 5-20
Phone: +81 3-3828-5644
Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays, from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM (For specific areas inside the park, operating hours vary so check each one individually)
How to Get There: Ueno Park is just next to JR Ueno Station on the JR Yamanote line. Easiest access is provided by the station’s “Park Exit”. It is a 1 minute walk from the station to the park.
Fees: Entry to the park is free but specific areas may have separate entrance fees

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  1. Autumn scenes in Japan are so pretty! Would love to visit Japan in autumn too.

    1. Every season in Japan is pretty but autumn is just so romantic!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I love the showcase of nature and temples in your photos – they are truly stunning! These are definitely something to consider if I happen to be in Japan soon!

    Abigail of GlobalGirlTravels.com
    Abigail recently posted…6 Things to Eat, See & Do in Niagara Falls, CanadaMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Abigail! Japan is just so gorgeous. Everywhere you turn, whether it’s a temple or a park, you’re sure to be blown away.

  3. I love gardens in the middle of the big city. I’m not a big city girl so a garden is a great refuge for me. One full day to explore it? That’s amazing!
    Noemi of Pinay Flying High recently posted…Things To Do in London | Visit The Cursed Kensington Palace.My Profile

    1. I love gardens and parks too! Yes, one full day to explore it and it was a day well spent!

  4. The park looks beautiful. I have never been to Japan so I will it it on my list. Thanks for the info.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  5. I so love city parks! Have you ever been in the winter? I’ll be in Tokyo in Jan and will definitely have to spend some time wander Ueno Park!

  6. The park you have shared is so beautiful. I love Japan and want to visit it very soon.
    Khansa recently posted…The Art of Relaxing | Jaula SpaMy Profile

  7. I would love to visit in Autumn. Your pictures are so gorgeous and I love the colourful leaves. Thanks for sharing this spot!

  8. Autumn seems like the perfect time to see Ueno. I can’t believe how busy it is, there are people everywhere! I would love to see some of those street performers do their thing!

  9. We have always been fascinated by the gardens in Japan. Ueno Park sounds amazing with so much to do and see, museum, theatre, temple, zoo thats incredible.
    Rashmi and Chalukya recently posted…Ethereal hues of Pangong Lake amidst the Ever-Changing LandscapesMy Profile

  10. So many people in the park. Autumn is such a perfect time of the year, weather-wise. Love the golden-red colors of the leaves.

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