Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

What are the things you look for when buying toys for your kids?

If you ask me, I don’t buy toys for Andi all the time, but when I do, I find that I am inclined to getting her toys that are:

  • Interactive – Andi is the type of baby who gets bored easily (she is my child, all right!) so the toys she gravitates toward are those that hold her interest for long hours. These are toys that play music, light up, or encourage her to do things like push buttons or move things around.
  • Educational – Toys that let Andi learn while having fun? Yes please!
  • Eye-catching – Well, of course, it goes without saying that cute and visually-appealing toys are always a winner!

Andi recently received a toy that ticks all these boxes and more! Fisher-Price, one of the most well-known producers of educational toys for infants and children, sent her the Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym, and I swear, it’s the most complete baby play gym ever! It’s probably the only activity mat your child will ever need.

Excited to play with her new toy!

Let me take you through the cool components of the Fisher Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym!

Take-along Piano

Andi loves music, and if your baby does too, he or she is going to love this toy. It plays 65+ songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases, and can play up to 20 minutes of music! That’s a lot! The tunes are really catchy and fun too. In fact, one of the songs is playing in my head as I type this. Andi was just happily moving to the music and she really enjoyed pressing the keys and watching them  light up.

This versatile piano also teaches kids about animals, colors, shapes, and numbers. This kept Andi busy for quite some time as she discovered new words and sounds.

Traveling somewhere and you don’t want to bring the entire play gym? No problemo! The piano can be unfastened from the set so you can take it anywhere with you and your baby can play with it however or wherever he or she wants. Yes, the piano is power-packed but it’s portable!

When your baby is old enough to learn how to play the piano, he or she is going to find this toy really useful because it plays real piano notes! They can create their own songs and practice playing with this until they’re ready to move on to a bigger piano.


3 Smart Stages

You know those toys that you have to let go of when you declutter your home because “the baby is too big for it now”? The Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym is one toy that will take a while for your baby to outgrow simply because it grows with your baby. Good for babies from 0-36 months, the learning content changes with baby’s age and stage!

  • Level 1: Sense (0+ months) – Babies – especially newborns — learn more about the world around them through their senses. This toy delights baby’s senses as it plays fun tunes and sounds and colorful lights at the same time.
  • Level 2: Discover (3 months+) – At 3 months, babies become more mobile and start learning how to use their hands, fingers, feet, and voice to discover and understand their world. This toy guides them through this journey of discovery as they press the keys with their hands or kick them with their feet, roll over on the mat, and grasp the toys. Each key has a number and a picture of an animal playing a musical instrument, and also has a corresponding color. As they tap the key, they’ll hear the name of the animal in the picture, the sound that it makes, the musical instrument that it plays, and more.
  • Level 3: Explore (6 months+) – At 6 months and up, babies become even more curious about their environment. This is a really exciting time as they learn, grow, and move more than ever before. When your baby presses each key of the piano again and again, and therefore hear the words that it plays over and over again, they become more acquainted with these sounds and familiarize themselves with colors, shapes, and numbers. Such a fun way to learn!

Exploring made more fun with this cool Fisher-Price toy

Linkable Toys

Another interesting feature of the Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym is that it comes with four linkable toys:

  • Teethable elephant
  • Satiny, crinkly panda
  • Rattle lion
  • Monkey around cymbal clackers

Each one of them is cute and serves a unique sensory function.

And because they are ‘linkable,’ that means you can take them out of the arch and attach them somewhere else, like your baby’s stroller or play pen, or simply just let them play with the toys on their own.

Andi is fascinated with the linkable toys
Her favorite is the rattle lion
She really loves the lion!
The toys kept her preoccupied for a while

Repositionable Toy Arch

The bright and colorful toy arch can be adjusted. Move them to the back near the piano or place them at the front and center for more sit and play fun.

The arch when placed in front
It can also be placed at the back

Deluxe Mat

This toy comes with a super soft and thick deluxe mat, perfect for babies who are learning how to do tummy time. I can imagine how comfortable it would be to lie there! Not only is it made of excellent material, but it’s also machine-washable and very easy to clean. Bonus points for having a cute and colorful design too!

So comfy!

Loops for Rearranging Toys

The mat has loops that you can attach the linkable toys to, so if you want to mix it up, instead of hanging the toys on the arch, you can fasten them on the mat.

See the little green hoops on the mat? You can attach the linkable toys here

Self-Discovery Mirror

Have you ever heard of a Montessori style of nursery? If you have, you’ll notice that they put a mirror in this type of nursery because having one apparently allows babies to explore his surroundings by giving him a different perspective of his room and also allows him to watch and discover his or her own movements, facial expressions, etc.

Even at an early age, Andi has always loved checking herself out in the mirror (practicing self-love early, I like that!), so this feature of the Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym was a hit for her! Don’t worry though, this mirror is very safe and baby-friendly. No need to worry about baby getting hurt if it breaks.

Checking herself out in the mirror. So vain!


Would I recommend this toy?

If you’re going to buy just one toy for your baby, let it be this one! You won’t have to buy many different toys because this is already so multi-functional. Plus, it’s a toy that your baby can use for a really long time. I suggest getting this as early as when (or even before) your baby is born so that he or she can really make the most of it, especially as he or she enters each important developmental phase during his or her first year of life.

Andi is already one year old, and one of my concerns with this toy was that she might already be too big for it. But fortunately, she is still captivated by it. She has a short attention span and tends to get tired of some of her toys really quickly, but because this toy can play up to 20 minutes of music and it has a lot of parts that she can tinker with, it was able to keep her busy and entertained longer than some of her other toys.

It’s also amusing to see how she can multi-task using this toy – she plays with the linkable toys with her hands WHILE playing the piano with her feet!

Multi-tasking at its finest: using BOTH hands and feet to play with the toy!

It’s also great that you can customize this piano gym according to your preferences. You can change the placement of the arch and the toys, attach or detach the piano, keep the mat or fold it away, and play around with the stages of the piano and the volume of the sounds.

Like all Fisher-Price toys, the overall quality of the Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym is excellent, and it’s easy to see that that it’s been tried and tested by child experts and was made for early childhood development.

I can’t wait for Andi to discover and learn more new things as she finds new and exciting ways to play with this nifty toy!


Learn more about FisherPrice by following @FisherPriceSEA and @RichwellClubPh. Shop online at Kids Company by clicking this link:

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  1. This looks really well thought out the musical toy. I truly feel that if you want to raise a musically endowed kid, then introducing him/her to the world of music is the right way to go about it. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. You have such an adorable daughter Nadine.

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