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Odaiba, the Giant Gundam Statue, and DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

In Omotesando, we checked out two cool and out-of-the-box coffee shops. We wanted to see more of the awesomeness that Tokyo has to offer, so we set off for Odaiba, a famous shopping and entertainment district in the Tokyo Bay area.

To reach Odaiba, we rode the Yurikamome, an automated guideway transit service which is a cross between a sky train and a bus. Though it is expensive (see fare table here), taking the Yurikamome is the most comfortable and most scenic way to get to Odaiba. A 15-minute ride onboard the Yurikamome on the way to the Daiba Station is a fascinating experience in itself because you will pass through many of Japan’s state-of-the-art architecture. As it crosses the Rainbow Bridge and makes a 270-degree loop, passengers will have a sweeping view of Odaiba and the Tokyo Bay. For that, the Yurikamome has become an attraction in itself. Also, it’s a driverless train that’s completely controlled by computers! How gnarly is that?! (Tip: Sit in front to get the best views.)

On the way to Odaibe via the Yurikamome
On the way to Odaiba via the Yurikamome
No driver needed for this fully computer-operated train because, hello, this is Japan!
You’ll never get bored in this train ride because there is so much to see while in transit
The view from the Yurikamome
It’s so clean!
One of the many cool buildings we saw while riding the Yurikamome
A view of Tokyo Bay
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, a suspension bridge that connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo which was constructed in the 1850’s originally as a series of fortresses to protect Tokyo against attacks from the sea. In the late 1990’s, it was developed as a commercial and residential area, and is now a major entertainment center with a cornucopia of futuristic buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks, museums, and other leisure facilities. If you’re looking for a place to go to in Tokyo that’s bursting with activities and diverse points of interest, you will be overwhelmed by the limitless choices at Odaiba. Believe me, this blog post is just a very small slice of the Odaiba pie. To see the other attractions in Odaiba, do check this link out and you will understand why one day in Odaiba is not enough!

Odaiba, I see you! (That golden needle makes me think of Cinderella pricking her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel)
This stupendous building is the headquarters of Fuji Television. one of Japan’s biggest private TV stations. This was not the best angle to take the photo from, as this is the back part, but even from this inferior angle, it’s quite impressive. That blue sphere lights up and changes color from time to time.
We have arrived!


My Odaiba OOTD: Grey long-sleeved turtleneck shirt from Muji , Tartan skirt from H&M, black knee-high socks borrowed from my sister, black combat boots from the Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong, and a black leather jacket (not worn because it was hot!)
Odaiba is a popular place for couples. We’re one of the many couples who are loving it here!
Officially our first afternoon date as an engaged couple!
The boys
Wouldn’t you want to walk around in this place? It’s so peaceful and pretty!

Because we simply could not go around every attraction in Odaiba, we just picked the most important ones for the meantime. For Eric, the most important attraction was the 18-meter tall Gundam statue at the Gundam Front Tokyo.

Damn, that is HUGE!

Standing at 60 feet tall (whoa!), the gargantuan Gundam statue stands outside the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex in Odaiba. Every day between 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM, the statue lights up and steam comes out of its chest, while its head moves from side to side. A short video is projected as a background at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza wall while the nightly lights showcase happens.



I see tears of joy
The tight embrace. The wide smiles. The leg flick. Pure happiness!
Not sure what this pose is, but is this Gundam-related?


They got what they came here for!
The guys with the Gundam statue
Bowing down to their god






The back of the Gundam statue
Those people look like ants next to the statue! And the statue is just as tall as that tree on the left!
The Gundam statue is great and all, but I like this view better. 😀

Die-hard Gundam fans can also guzzle refreshments at the Gundam Café just behind the statue and located at the DiverCity mall.

The Gundam Café at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza



Mike ordered the Char Zaku (¥ 430). It’s a strawberry-flavored drink with milk and black pearls. It was delicious!
Eric got the hot Café Latté for ¥ 390. Customers won’t be able to choose the latte art, so it’s a surprise!


Someone is thirsty! Mike got another drink: the Red Comet Soda (Acerola Soda) for ¥ 350. Refreshing!
Food and drink choices at the Gundam Café
When in Japan, you better do.
They’ve got Gunpla-Yaki shaped like a Gundam model. A gunpla-yaki is a waffle-like snack with a crunchy shell and a sweet filling. However, at the Gundam Café, they sell Gunpla-Yakis with savory flavors, such as Cheese Hamburger Steak or Vegetable & Sausage. These are sold at ¥ 240.
I don’t know what this is but it looks like… cake that comes with a paint brush? Haha!

Inside the Gundam Café, you can also find and purchase all sorts of Gundam-related collectibles — toys, snacks, coffee, utensils, mugs, coasters, shirts, pens, pins, phone cases… the list goes on and on! Gundam freaks will go gaga here!

A shelf with all sorts of Gundam merchandise



Grabbing some goodies from the vending machine outside the Gundam Café
My fiancé at the café

It was a hot day so we decided to cool down inside the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza after having some drinks at the Gundam Café. It is a mall with 7 floors and a wide range of shops and restaurants. We had no intentions of shopping. We just wanted to look around. (That’s what we kept telling ourselves!)

Diver City Tokyo Plaza
A cute little area for the kids
The boys stopped for a smoke inside the mall’s smoking room
This is a smoking room?! It looks like my condo’s lobby! Fancy!
Cuteness overload! It’s a Hello Kitty store!
Hello Kitty heaven
Posing with the most famous cat. Oh wait, sorrrry! Hello Kitty isn’t a cat. She’s a British little girl! Crikey!
A stall that sells Hello Kitty pancakes and ice cream (milk-flavored, green tea-flavored, and milk and green tea-flavored)
Hello Kitty pancakes in different flavors (chocolate & corn flakes, cream cheese, custard cream, and plain)
Chikin the Ramen Chicken
Pretty cool visual merchandising! These legs swing back and forth.
The baby and toddler section of Old Navy has these cute decors like helicopters and space ships that go around the store, so it looks like a baby’s mobile
Where’s Nadine? I guess my outfit is in season! Haha!

Remember when I said we had no intentions of going shopping? Yeah, well, that was quickly forgotten. Mike and Eric got identical jackets from Uniqlo, while Paula and I got identical jackets (and more) from H&M. Everything there was 50% cheaper than they are in the Philippines! That was a little hard to resist! Even the boys couldn’t help themselves.

Though we didn’t get to see all of Odaiba, it was still an afternoon well-spent. It would be wonderful to come back here. Every area in Odaiba is worth exploring! Whatever you’re into, in Odaiba, the choices for recreation are endless.

The Flame of the Liberty Gold Needle
Bye, Odaiba! (For now)

Gundam Front Tokyo, Odaiba
Address: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Phone: 0120-355-231 (Inside Japan) or +81-3-5446-5143 (outside Japan)
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Address: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Phone: 0120-355-231 (Inside Japan) or +81-3-5446-5143 (outside Japan)
Opening Hours: Shops/Services – 10:00 to 21:00, Food Court – 10:00 – 22:00, Restaurants – 11:00 to 23:00
How to get there:

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