UVi Buddy Sterilizer and Dryer

Once upon a time, I was this tired mom who would wake up at 3:00 in the morning to pump, then right after pumping, I would go through the whole ordeal of washing and sterilizing my pump parts and my baby’s bottles. It was a looong and dragging process of jamming the bottle parts inside the steam sterilizer and soaking the pump parts (which can’t be steam sterilized) in boiling water. Once in a while, I would burn myself (because I’m not exactly at my most alert state at 3:00 AM!). Not fun at all! But you know what else isn’t fun? Having to air dry the parts and waiting until they’re actually dry. The whole routine of washing-sterilizing-drying would go on for about 40-45 minutes. I could have used that 40 minutes to rest or do other things! Every single time that I went through that whole cycle, I would think “I wish I had a UV sterilizer with dryer!” Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And yet I never got one because it was just too expensive! I just didn’t have the heart to spend 15,000 PHP on a gadget when I know that my baby has other more important needs.

Enter UVi Buddy. It’s a small but powerful UV sterilizer with 4 modes: automatic, drying, disinfecting, and safekeeping. The price? It retails for PHP 7,450, the cheapest in the market today, costing only half the price of the leading UV sterilizers!

As soon as I received my own UVi Buddy unit, I knew it would be my new best buddy! It was perfect for me, my needs, my lifestyle, my living space, and of course, my budget! It has become my favorite gadget at home.

I have been using UVi Buddy for two months as of this writing and I am very happy with it. (Yes, I am still a tired mom but SIGNIFICANTLY less tired than when I was still using a steam sterilizer!) If you’re still on the hunt for a good sterilizer that won’t cost an arm and a leg, let me tell you why UVi Buddy is worth getting.

It’s affordable
I said that already, didn’t I? But I can’t stress that enough since cost was the #1 factor that hindered me from even considering getting a UV sterilizer. As a practical mom, let me tell you that you certainly don’t need the most expensive or “the best” sterilizer. As long as your sterilizer does the job, that should be enough. I can say that for its very competitive price, it certainly performs well. No problems with it so far!

It’s time-saving
Time is such an important currency for a very busy mom who has to juggle a million things all at once! Would you rather use your precious time by taking a break, getting an extra 10 minutes of sleep, sipping a cup of coffee, and playing with the kids… or boiling your pump parts and watching them dry? This is why I think the UVi Buddy is not an expense but an investment. I can simply stuff everything in it, press some buttons, and leave it to work its magic while I go and do other more important things with my time. It allows me to multi-task too. Sometimes, I even fall asleep while the UVi Buddy is sterilizing, and that’s fine because I don’t need to turn it off. It’s really perfect for busy moms, lazy moms, forgetful moms, and sleepy moms. (I was describing myself but I’m sure all you other moms can relate!)

It’s space-saving
I always thought I wanted the biggest sterilizer in the market, simply because I wanted to just jam everything in there and sterilize in one go. But I realized that I was being unrealistic. I live in a small condo. Did I really want a bulky and enormous sterilizer that takes up a lot of space? The UVi Buddy is compact so it’s ideal for small spaces. It’s also very light so it’s easy to move it around from one spot to another. You can even bring it with you when you travel as it will fit a small luggage. UVi Buddy may be small but don’t underestimate its size because it can hold up to 12 bottles! Yes, you might have to do two (or more) cycles of sterilization, depending on how much stuff you need to sterilize, but most of the time, I find that I can fit a lot inside and do just one cycle. I usually sterilize pump parts, Andi’s teethers and feeding items in one round. For bigger items like toys, I sterilize them separately.

It’s power-saving
I had no idea that steam sterilizers consume as much as 650 watts! UVi Buddy is more energy-efficient because it only uses up 80 watts! Imagine the savings! This means you can sterilize as many times as you want and not have to worry too much about your power bill.

It’s safe to use
Unlike steam sterilizers, UVi Buddy is waterless. Instead, it makes use of a Philips UV lamp for sterilizing. With UVi Buddy, there is no risk of burns and less chances of bacteria breeding. It also automatically shuts off when you open the door while the sterilization is ongoing.

It’s effective
Is it weird to say that I actually get excited about sterilizing?! There’s something strangely satisfying about putting all the stuff inside the sterilizer, then taking them out once they’ve been sterilized and smelling that freshly cleaned scent and touching them while they’re still warm. That’s how you know that it works — when the items have a slightly burnt smell. As I mentioned earlier, UVi Buddy makes use of a 4W Philips UV lamp which has been lab-tested and proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as E-coli and Salmonella. So far, Andi has never been sick, despite the fact that she touches everything and puts everything in her mouth. I guess it really works!

It’s easy to use
I didn’t even have to read the manual prior to using it. It’s THAT simple to figure out, I bet even kids can operate it! Whenever I hire a midwife to help me with Andi, I only teach them once how to use it, and they get it right away. Just plug it in, press the button of your desired action, and you’re good! I also like that you can set your desired time for drying and disinfecting.

It has a cute design
Looks might not be your top consideration in choosing a sterilizer but it’s certainly nice to have one that is pleasing to the eyes and can blend well in any room, whether it’s your kitchen or your baby’s nursery. One look at the UVi Buddy and you’ll be able to tell right away that this is an appliance for babies or kids. It has a cute little window that looks like a Hidden Mickey, and it comes in two vibrant colors — Baby Blue and Barbie Pink. But even if it has that kiddie look, it’s still elegant. Its child-friendly yet sleek and modern design will even complement spaces with minimalist or neutral tones.

Their customer service is great
If you’re going to invest in a big-ticket item like a sterilizer, you better make sure that when something goes wrong, you can run back to the seller and they will be ready and willing to help you out. UVi Buddy has great customer support. They always respond in a prompt, courteous, and friendly mannner.

It’s versatile
My UVi Buddy has easily become one of the most used appliances in our home. I can sterilize practically anything in it! Pump parts, bottles and bottle parts, feeding items, teethers, toys, kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, mobile phones… the list goes on and on! This is why I think that the UVi Buddy is a worthwhile investment: because it not only keeps my baby healthy and safe, but it’s also something that will grow with her (she can use it at any stage of her life!). Moreover, the whole family can benefit from it, not just the baby.

I haven’t encountered any issues with my UVi Buddy, but if there’s anything I would change, here they are:

Limited color options – The only drawback of having only two color options is that if you wish to resell it, pass it along, or use it for your next baby, you might have to consider the gender of whoever will use it next. It would be good for UVi Buddy to have more gender-neutral shades other than just blue and pink.

Only two trays – The sterilizer comes with two trays but an additional tray could always come in handy, in case one of the trays get damaged. Also, if you’re going to sterilize small things, there is still enough space for a third tray so you can sterilize more items in one go.

Thinking of getting a UVi Buddy?

If you are contemplating on buying a UV sterilizer with dryer, stop thinking and just get one already! I can honestly say that one of my biggest regrets was that I didn’t get one sooner. I could have saved myself from so much hassle and work if only I had the UVi Buddy as early as when Andi was only a newborn! Now that UVi Buddy is available in the market, it’s easier for moms to get their hands on a reliable sterilizer that is also very cost-effective!


Still using a steam sterilizer? Still boiling water? It’s time to switch to a UV sterilizer, Mama! ๐Ÿ™‚ To know more about UVi Buddy, visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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  1. WOW. This looks like a great value for money. I’ll be sure to get one of those the next time I order something.

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