Our Shopping Haul from the Baby Company April Sale

When I was pregnant with Andi, one of my favorite places to shop was Baby Company. Every time I was there, my eyes would light up in excitement! Baby clothes, shoes, strollers, carriers, cribs, toys, toiletries, sleeping gear, nursing accessories โ€“ you name it, they have it! I could stay there for hours, just browsing through the shelves and aisles of baby items!

Now that Andi is finally here, shopping for her is even more fun! I recently went back to the Rockwell branch of Baby Company and brought Mike and Andi with me.

Shopping at Baby Company is a fun family affair!

Baby Company is having a Babies and Kids Fair for the whole month of April. From April 1 to 30, customers get to save up to 50% on select items across all product categories.

Not only that, but for a minimum single receipt purchase worth PHP 3,500, you even get a free air diffuser! This offer is exclusive to all Mom Card holders.

As early as on my second trimester, my mom already got me a Mom Card! This is really helpful because not only do I get to earn points when I purchase items from Baby Company, but Iโ€™m also notified when there are special offers and promos, just like this promo for the air diffuser! Also, there are certain exclusive discounts that customers can enjoy only if they own a Mom Card. I think all moms should have a Mom Card in their wallet!

My Mom Card. Thanks for getting me one, Mom!

Before I share my loot from our Baby Company shopping spree, let me show you around the Rockwell branch of Baby Company first.

Rockwell branch of Baby Company

It was our first time at this branch and I have to say, it was a really delightful experience. The staff were really friendly and helpful, even offering to hold our shopping cart for us while we looked for stuff. They were also very patient in answering my many questions. Also, it was nice shopping in this particular branch because it was bright and spacious.

Another thing I liked about shopping in this branch was their wide selection of items. There are products that I found here that I have not yet seen in other branches.

I love Baby Company because they literally have EVERYTHING you need, whatever stage of motherhood you’re in: pregnant, about to pop, new mom or first-time mom, or ‘veteran’ mom. Here are just some of the categories you can expect to see in Baby Company:


So many cute toys for babies and toddlers!


Mustela products. I love this brand! I used Mustela products when I was pregnant and I’m using them now for Andi.
Wipes, soaps, detergent, toothbrushes, and more!


Enfant and St. Patrick are brands that I use for Andi. A lot of her lampins (gauze and bird’s eye diapers) are from Enfant, while I got a lot of her newborn clothes from St. Patrick.
Bibs, blankets, and towels for the little ones
How cute is this swimsuit?!
Halo sleepsack swaddles. I swaddle Andi with this every night instead of using a loose blanket.
More shoes! (I know, babies don’t need shoes yet but they’re just so cute!)


i-Angel hipseat carriers. We own one and it’s very sturdy.
Picolo baby carriers. My uncle and aunt gave us one of these for our baby shower. Get this if you’re on a budget!
More carriers from Lillebaby and Aprica
Car seats
Cribs, playpens, and baby seats
Rockers and walkers
Igloo insulated bags (good to use as a breast pump bag)
Is this cute baby on sale too? ๐Ÿ™‚


Nursing bras, nursing tops, breast pads, and binders
Nursing covers
More nursing bras. A must if you plan to breastfeed!
Nursing pillows. I own the pink one on the top left and the small colorful arm pillow in the middle. The big one is much, much cheaper than a Boppy but it does the job!


Utensils for when babies start eating solids

Baby bottles
Teats, cups, pumps, sterilizers, etc.

All things Pigeon! Andi is a Pigeon baby. She will not take any other bottle aside from Pigeon.

For our family shopping date, the goal was to spend PHP 3,500 worth of Baby Company items so we can get the free air diffuser. Mike and I have always wanted to get one for our home, especially with a baby around. Itโ€™s really important for us that Andi gets to breathe fresh air sans the harmful chemicals, and air diffusers can give our home a calming ambiance and a relaxing aroma, which I believe is helpful when youโ€™re trying to pacify a fussy baby or trying to put her to sleep! Our challenge was to shop and choose as many items as possible to reach the required amount to claim our freebie. Sounds like a good challenge, donโ€™t you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The problem is not that I don’t know what to buy, but that I want to buy everything! So here I am, showing Mike my shopping list so he can help me control my urge to buy stuff we don’t really need. That’s what husbands do!

As we went around Baby Company, I got really excited at the sight of all the amazing baby items! I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!! Of course, in the end, I had to choose wisely and pick out mostly the โ€œessentials.โ€ Here are the items I chose:

Goo.n diapers (PHP 60 off)

Goo.n diapers

I have been hearing so many great reviews about this diaper brand. It’s a Japanese brand, so the technology used to make these diapers is supposedly really good. Although it’s a little pricier than other diapers, I wanted to give it a try and experience the magic that other moms have been talking about after using this! For the month of April, mommies and daddies can save PHP 60 when they buy Goo.n diapers.

Drypers diapers (Buy 1, Take 1)

Drypers diapers

Since I got a more premium-priced diaper brand (Goo.n), I decided to balance that by getting a cheaper brand. I guess I was lucky because Drypers was on a Buy 1, Take 1 promo! Yay! This is also one of the highly recommended diaper brands because not is it very economical but it is also said to help keep babies dry.

Chino Pino pre-folded diaper inserts

Chino Pino pre-folded cotton soakers

I plan to start cloth diapering soon so these are going to be very helpful! I like that they fit perfectly in cloth diaper shells. Less effort, less hassle, less mess!

Bloom waterproof mattress protector

Bloom waterproof mattress protector

This is to absorb any stains or leaks in case Andi poops or pees on the bed or crib. The design is too cute! I should have gotten more!

Baby Clean cotton balls

Baby Clean cotton balls

Cotton balls are a staple in our home now! Every time I make a grocery shopping list, I always make sure to include cotton balls. I use it for a lot of things, but mostly for when I change Andi’s nappies (I soak it in water) or when I clean her face.

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash (Buy 3, Get 1 Free)

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle Cleanserย 

Cleaning and washing Andi’s bottles and my pump parts is part of my daily routine, so I go over baby bottle cleansers so quickly! I got these travel-sized packs for when I need to wash on the go or for when I’m somewhere else, say, at our families’ homes. This particular cleanser is very thick and not watery so I really feel like it cleans bottles and pump parts thoroughly.

Cycles Stain Soaker

Cycles Stain Soaker

When Andi accidentally stains her clothes, I chuck them in a pail of water with detergent soap immediately so the spot will be easier to remove. Now, I’ll be using this stain soaker for this purpose.

Cycles Sensitive wet wipes (Buy 4, Get 2)

Cycles Sensitive wet wipes

Just like cotton balls, I always make sure to stock up on wet wipes because they’re just so useful! This is one of the best brands for wet wipes because of its pure ingredients (99.5% water!). I got travel-size packs for when we are out and about with Andi.

Little Tree wet wipes

Little Tree wet wipes

I love this brand of wet wipes! It was the first brand of wet wipes we used for Andi and Mike and I really liked it. We feel that it cleans her really well and the sheets don’t stick to each other when they’re pulled out, minimizing wastage. They have three different variants for the wet wipes. I got the one for ‘General Use.’ Little Tree actually just became available in Baby Company recently, so this April, Little Tree wipes are at 10% off.

Belle & Coco socks and bonnet set

Belle & Coco socks and bonnet set

Okay, so this is not really an ‘essential’ but I just wanted to get it because I thought it was cute. And the snail reminded me of the snail from Adventure Time, a show that Mike, Andi, and I watch together. ๐Ÿ™‚

And because we reached the minimum amount of PHP 3,500, we now have an air diffuser! Yay!

That was a fun family summer shopping spree at Baby Company! Iโ€™m happy with all my purchases! In fact, I plan on going back to Baby Company soon. I might as well do that and take advantage of the great deals offered for this month only! And for sure, I’m bringing my Mom Card with me.

To apply for a Mom Card, just visit any Baby Company store, fill out an application form, and pay PHP 100. Super easy!

To find out more about Baby Company and their special offers and promos, visit their social media channels:

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