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Baby Shower #2: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Our Fluffy Space Princess is so blessed to have not just one but TWO baby showers! Actually, that’s two baby showers and one celebratory dinner with Mike’s family, all to commemorate the coming of this little lady who’s already so special even if she hasn’t even come out yet!

My sister Alexa threw us a darling and dainty Adventure Time-themed baby shower a few weeks ago, and last Sunday, our friends, spearheaded by my two dearest gal pals Aspe and Alessa, put together a colorful and oh-so-pretty party for our baby girl.

The theme of this party was ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ and it truly was a stellar affair! Our friend Punky said something like this: “Mike and Nadine had a space-themed wedding, and out of their cosmic love, this little star will be born.” It really was the most fitting theme for our little star girl’s party!

Though the baby shower wasn’t exactly a surprise, some of the elements were still kept under wraps, at least from me and Mike. We knew nothing about the party except for the guests who were invited and the venue, but even the venue was a sort-of surprise since Mike and I have never actually been there before.  Aspe did keep telling us that it was going to be VERY simple and asked that we don’t expect much. Honestly, Mike and I didn’t really care for a grand celebration. All we really wanted was to be able to spend time with our friends and share our joy with them. But at the back of my mind, I also didn’t believe Aspe when she tried to downplay the party. I know her and Alessa well enough to know that these two creative, talented, and detail-oriented ladies can and will throw nothing but the most amazing party. When Mike and I arrived at the venue and looked around the beautifully bedecked venue, I said to myself, “I knew it! I was right!”

The baby shower was seriously a Pinterest board come to life. The cozy and colorful venue, the dreamy pastel colors, the too-cute-to-eat sweet treats, and more – it was even better than how Mike and I imagined it! Best of all, seeing the happy faces of our closest and most carefully selected friends there made everything even more perfect! Our friends obviously put so much thought into this shower, and it was evident that it had LOVE written all over it. If our baby was there to see it, she would be so moved by the amount of effort that was given especially for her!

I’m excited to share the photos from our baby shower. Do look out for the following highlights:

  • The out-of-this-world styling by Hey Holiday!, with the help of our friends, of course! Everything looked so beautiful!
  • Our venue, D’Cup Coffee Republic. Definitely not your ordinary venue! How cool is it to have a party in a room that looks like a library full of books? The food was really good too, and those light bulb iced tea glasses are so neat!
  • The adorable cake and the prettiest unicorn cupcakes by Sugar Corner, which everyone couldn’t get enough of. Seriously, I could just stare at these lovely desserts all day!
  • The props by Pops & Decos. They made the setup look even more stylish and charming.
  • James Besalo, our official photographer. He did not just give us the gift of photos. He gave us the gift of memories. This is one of the happiest days of our lives, and I’m so thankful to have these photos to remind us of this great day!

Special shout out goes to these early birds who helped with the set-up:

My face when I saw all our friends and the beautiful set-up.

Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Smith
Love these colorful cupcakes! Thanks, Bella of Sugar Corner! 🙂
Did you know that when we were just starting to date, Mike’s term of endearment for me was ‘Kapkeyk’? Hahaha!

Photographer said “Have fun with the cupcake!” so that’s what we did!
Still can’t believe all of this is for our baby!
The San Juans! 🙂
Baby practice? 😉
The Mothers! Missing Tin, who was sick that day.
The mom-to-be with the brides-to-be
All my gorgeous girlfriends! (Missing Lyka who was not yet around at that time)
I love you, girls! ❤

My best friend Aspe! She and Alessa did a fantastic job with the baby shower!
UA&P friends

St. Paul friends

How nifty is this iced tea glass?!
Baby mama and the balloon-blowing boys (Jigger not in photo)
The goal: pretend that the plastic balloon is your baby and keep it alive!

So serious, guys!

Not bad for your first time, Stefan!
Mike is really giving it everything he’s got! Haha!

The Balloon Daddies
Trivia Game
They hosted the program so I didn’t have to host my own party. Haha!

What’s with your face, Puffy?

They may be late, but they killed it at the Trivia Game!
Mike: “What’s a ‘Pookie’ and why are you laughing?”
Baby Smith’s playmate!
They used our wedding souvenir (the mug) for our baby shower game
Playing baby-related Charades
Wahaha! Our favorite part of this game was when Mike was pretending to milk his own man boob!

Kai was the baby Charades master! Mommy knows best!

Gift-giving… with explanations and back stories!

So happy that I got a Haakaa!

This baby shower is (sort of) sponsored by Uniqlo

Are we going to have to use the hashtag #UniqloBaby now?

The Nipple Cleanser. Mike’s favorite gift. Wahaha!

Eric: “Your nipples could use a good cleansing, Mike!”
Mike and Lyka’s gift came in this cute R2-D2 box

Thank you speech from the overwhelmed and happy parents-to-be
Thank you for coming and celebrating with us, everyone!!! 🙂 We love you all! ❤❤❤

Before the shower, Mike and I were talking about how fortunate we and the baby are to be showered with so much love. We thought, “What if we’re already in Australia and our next baby doesn’t receive this level of attention?” Haha! Seriously, though, Mike and I really thank our lucky stars for friends who go the extra mile for us. This party was a real labor of love and team effort. Everyone was involved and had a part to play (shout out to Punky who hosted the program and did some food styling and Bea and Mina who also helped out with the decors).

Like I said before, with people who love and care for her, our baby is going to be born under a lucky star!

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  1. what a beautiful, wonderful event. these pictures are memories that will be etched in your memories forever.

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