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Party Like a Wizard at the Harry Potter and the Great Hogwarts Halloween

Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express for an enchanted Halloween feast this October!

The creative minds behind Privatus Dining and Plato PH, who previously threw an epic Star Wars and Game of Thrones dinner, have teamed up once again to turn every Potterhead’s fantasy into an extraordinary reality. On the 28th and 29th of October 2017, the Pineapple Lab in Makati will transform into The Great Hall as Chef AJ Reyes works his magic behind the kitchen and concocts a lavish Harry Potter-inspired supper. Plus, with their partnership with events styling and planning group Portkey Events, guests will feel as if they are traveling through the Wizarding world!

I was one of the charmed ones who received a Hogwarts “acceptance letter” and was invited to this fascinating feast. As soon as I entered The Great Hall, I was wildly stupefied as I saw the various house banners hanging on the ceilings, the floating candles that made the room look more entrancing, the wizards dressed in their robes while carrying their magic wands, and of course, the majestic spread that would surely earn Harry Potter’s seal of approval!

Welcome to Hogwarts!
A spell-binding spread!

Happy OWL-oween! Time to get sorted!

The bewitching mood in The Great Hall is enough to make any Harry Potter fan ecstatic and elated without even having to chant “Wingardium Leviosa!” Plus, the dishes served were tso unforgettable, they’ll make you wish you could have a pensieve so you can store those delicious dishes in your memory forever!

Magic Wands Breadsticks (yes, they’re edible!)

Here’s a sneak peek of the out-of-this-world dishes that we tried, and you WILL get to try if you sign up for the Harry Potter Halloween Feast!

Kreacher’s Onion Soup


Kreacher, the loyal house-elf who served the House of Black, cooked meals for Harry and friends, including this Onion Soup. Well, Kreacher would surely approve of Privatus’ take on the Onion Soup, a sensational and soul-satisfying stew made with slow cooked onion in beef broth and wine. Topped with a piece of round bread and heavenly melted cheese, this is truly one amazing appetizer!

Gillyweed Salad


Inspired by the dish that Neville Longbottom gave Harry Potter before entering the Triwizard Tournament, this Gillyweed Salad is a real winner! Soft squid bits and crunchy and fresh pickled seaweed are mixed together with tangy sesame dressing. This salad won’t give you gills, but it will give you a huge appetite for greens! (Who knew you could enjoy salad this much?)

Chocolate Frog Legs


“Are those… REAL frogs?” you ask. Of course they’re real frogs! You want an authentic Harry Potter experience, don’t you? Don’t worry, these deep-fried croakers are surprisingly sinful, as they are tossed in a slightly spicy chili chocolate sauce with a tinge of sea salt. If you’re still having second thoughts, remember that according to folklore, frogs bring good fortune.

Molly’s Meat Pie


A main dish that’s truly fit for a wizard, Molly’s Meat Pie is a real treat. Named after Molly Weasley, Harry’s loving mother figure, expect this to be a heartwarming and comforting dish. Sink your teeth into the hot and tender ground wagyu and shank that melt in your mouth, slow cooked with a blend of special herbs and spices, and served with whole grain mustard. It’s beautifully presented on a cast iron with a bone sticking out from the middle of the pie, giving it that Medieval touch.

Hogwarts Roast Suckling Pig


No banquet is complete without a roast suckling pig, so you’ll be pleased to know that the Hogwarts Roast Suckling Pig will be served at the Halloween bash. This massive slab of slow-cooked meat is both tantalizing and tempting with its glorious, golden, and crispy skin. Once you bite into the soft and succulent meat, all of your senses will be thrilled. For an even more divine dining experience, dip the meat in the plate of tasty juniper berry sauce.

Cauldron Brownies, Snitch Cream Puffs, and Hogwarts House Cake
Hogwarts House Cake


Satisfy your sweet tooth with three delectable desserts on the menu. The Cauldron Brownies will cast a spell on you with its lush and divine chocolate taste. The Snitch Cream Puff, with its dainty flavors and creamy filling, is sweeter than a victory at a Quidditch game, so make sure you catch it! And no matter which Hogwarts house you belong in, you’ll surely enjoy each velvety bite of the smooth and buttery Hogwarts House Cakes.



For a supernatural soiree, cap off the evening with none other than Butterbeer! With its refreshing and mind-blowing blend of beer, soda, amaretto, and brown sugar cream, a sip of this sweet yet strong brew will make you wonder, “What sorcery is this?!” Chugging down this smooth-textured pint will make you want to dance all night long, as if the Tarantallegra spell has been cast on you!

Aside from these dishes, guests at the event will also savor two new dishes: Hagrid’s Roasted Vegetables (Vegetables roasted in butter and herbs, straight from Hagrid’s garden) and Ron Weasley Roast Chicken (Chicken slow roasted on open flame, served with pepper gravy).

What could be a more exciting way to spend Halloween than by feasting on all of this spectacular food? How about taking wizarding classes? At the Great Hogwarts Halloween event, learn the different spells that will help defend you against the Dark Arts, know more about the charms used in the Harry Potter books, brush up on the history of magic by learning about the two Great Wizarding Wars, and study the ancient art of divination through reading tea leaves and composing dream journals with the Seer Sybill Trelawney. For the adults (especially those who can’t get enough of Butterbeer), there’s good news for you: you can also sign up for the Potions / Mixology Class! Yes, you will get to make your own spirits. (By “spirits,” I mean booze, not ghosts! Hogwarts has plenty of those already!) Act fast because the Potions / Mixology Class has limited slots!

A preview of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class

Here’s everything you need to know about the Harry Potter and the Great Hogwarts Halloween:


  1. Those who book the dinner ahead of time will be prioritized for seating.
  2. Call ahead of time to check if there are seats available for walk-ins. You may contact Jio at 0917 580 5883.
  3. Since it’s a feast, guests will be seated with each other. Be friendly, make conversation, and you might just make a new friend!
  4. Dinner will strictly be served at 8:00 pm.
  5. Feel free to bring your house cloaks and respective wands.


Basic Package:

  • Day 1 Entrance Only: P600
  • Day 1 & Day 2 Entrance: P1,000

Great Hall Package:

  • Day 1 Entrance with dinner: P2,100
  • Day 2 Entrance with dinner: P2,100
  • Entrance both days and Day 1 Dinner: P2,500
  • Entrance both days and Day 2 Dinner: P2,500

Complete Harry Potter Experience

  • Entrance both days, Dinner both days: P4,000
  • Potions (Mixology) Class: P1,200 Limited to 20 Students
    *Note: The Potions/Mixology Class is for Adults only


Contact Jio at 0917 580 5883 or visit the booking page here.


Because I want you to have a Happy Harry Potter Halloween, I, together with Privatus Manila, Plato PH, Portkey Events, and Pineapple Lab are giving away a FREE DINNER FOR TWO (2) AT THE HARRY POTTER AND THE GREAT HOGWARTS HALLOWEEN on October 29, 2017 to one lucky person (muggles included)! Join the contest by following these easy steps:

  1. Like the Official Facebook Pages of the partners — Privatus Dining, Plato PH, Pineapple Lab, and Portkey Events — as well as my Facebook page: Scenes From Nadine
  2. Post any photo on your Facebook or Instagram page that will prove that you are the biggest Potterhead there is! (We need to know if YOU deserve to be treated to this sumptuous Harry Potter feast!)
  3. Make sure your posts are visible to the public and don’t forget to tag all the partners – Privatus Dining, Plato PH, Pineapple Lab, and Portkey Events – so that they can review your entries and determine the winner.
  4. You may post as many entries as you want, but make sure to follow Steps 1 to 3!
  5. The contest will run from October 5 to October 18, 2017. Announcement of the winner will be on October 21, 2017.

– The contest is open to Philippine residents aged 16 years old and above only. If the winner is 16 years old, he/she must be accompanied by an adult 18 years old and above.
– Potions Class in the winner’s prize package is NOT included.

Ready those robes, post those photos, and cross your fingers that you win the prize… or maybe you can just get a magic wand, do the swish and flick, and drink some Felix Felicis for good luck!

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  1. Joanna says:

    I really love how much effort they have put into organising this party, by thinking at every small detail, including naming the dishes. The decor is wonderful and I love the little owl in the cage. It couldn’t have missed the party, could it? 🙂 I would love to attend such an event, it looks like it was so much fun!

  2. Somehow, my Potterhead heart went jumping up and down when I read this! I’m not that much into Halloween with all the partying and costumes but this is truly something interesting. And honestly, I’m super curious about that potions class 😏
    Maria recently posted…Creative Prompts and Ideas #2My Profile

  3. I love HP… Such a great fan. I so wish I could also have been a part of this celebration. All I have here for consolation,is a HP themed cafe. These guys keep hosting some celebrations every now and then but definitely never been to a Halloween party yet 😣
    Sriparna recently posted…Goa; June’17-Day 3My Profile

  4. Uy this is sooo nice and such a great idea for every Harry Potter fans! This is the first time I’ve heard of this and I’m kind of sad because I didn’t know the star wars and game of thrones thing before. Had I know, I would probably reserve too. I’ll share this with my potterhead friends. I’m sure they’ll super excited to try this one out. And hopefully, more events like this soon! Probably Riverdale or Gossip Girl sounds cool!

  5. Hello, I am wondering when you will announce the winner for the giveaway? 🙂

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