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New Year, New Shoes: Sofiel Pink by SOLA Soleful Manila

It’s the New Year, and that only means it’s time to apply that saying “out with the old, in with the new.” The last few days of my 2013 were spent on spring cleaning and parting ways with outfits and shoes that: a) I haven’t used in a long time, or b) I will probably never use again.
I had to throw a couple of shoes because there was really no point in keeping shoes that I no longer wear, or that look like they’ve been a snack for a pack of rats. So when Isis of SOLA Soleful Manila told me that she would like to send me and my sister a pair of their classy flats, I was thrilled! New year, new shoes! What a sweet way to start 2014!
Isis told me that I can choose any — yes, any! — of the styles on SOLA Soleful Manila’s Instagram account. Would you believe it took me about three weeks to decide? I was being so fickle because they were so cute, and it’s not everyday that someone gives me a nice pair of shoes just like that. I wanted to make sure that I pick the best one. After much thought, I finally narrowed it down to these three:
Sofiel Pink
Urim Bronze
Urim Pink
I finally went with the Sofiel Pink because, well, I love pink, I like the bow, and I heard it’s Sola’s comfiest pair. Perfect!
I was so excited to wear it, so I used it on the very first working day of 2014.
The pink metallic fabric makes the shoes look more elegant, and the black velvet bow gives it a dainty, feminine touch.
The good thing about this style and color is that it can go with almost anything. That day, I paired it with a simple black shirt and a pink sequined mini skirt.
Flats are my “template shoes.” I wear them every single day. I commute going to work and everywhere else, and I also do a lot of walking so flats are the most practical footwear for me for everyday use. However, not all flats are as comfortable as you think… or stylish, for that matter. These shoes from SOLA Soleful Manila are pretty comfy, plus, they’re lovely to look at, so I’m probably going to wear these a lot from now on! I’m going to have to break them in and let my feet get used to them though. I wasn’t sure if I should get a size 6 or 7, but from experience, every time I get a size 7 pair of shoes, they end up getting too big for me later on. I got the size 6 instead because shoes do expand a little over time, so I’ll most probably achieve maximum comfort after wearing it a couple of times. Overall, though, the material of the Sofiel Pink flats is nice, and the shoes are easy to walk in.
Sola puts a lot of importance on style and comfort. They refer to their shoes as “your soles’ angel of light / connection / peace / mysteries” — elements that signify lightness and freedom. Sola lets you move freely and comfortably… just what a good pair of flats should do!
Get your own pair of Sola shoes! Visit the following links to see more of their gorgeous styles:
You may place your orders here:
SMS/Viber:ย +63917-520-2850
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  1. Anna says:

    Those look like wonderful shoes!

  2. nadinemadarang says:

    Hi, Anna. They are! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

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