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Philips Avent Launches the Pregnancy+ App

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it can also be a scary time, especially for first-time moms. After all, everything you do — the food you eat, the activities you take part in, and even if the beauty products you use (!) — can have an effect on that baby you’re carrying and nurturing. With so much information and with so many differing opinions out there, it can get a little overwhelming! Of course, as much as possible, you want to do everything right to make sure that that little bun in your oven comes out healthy and well.

With my first pregnancy with Andi, I had so many questions like “Why is she not kicking today? She was kicking up a storm the past few days!” or “So I’m not allowed to eat sushi AND I can’t drink wine?! Seriously?!” I didn’t want to text my OB all the time, especially for trivial matters. Thankfully, there are pregnancy apps that expectant parents can now turn to for answers and support.

One of these apps is the Pregnancy+ app, which is launched by Philips Avent, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brands. Philips Avent actively supports parents with their journey through this app, which helps parents navigate at every life stage their child is currently in, through a mixture of expert advice, real-life experiences, and brand-created content.

She’s excited to learn about the Pregnancy+ app!

The Pregnancy+ app was designed to support a healthy full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery. Downloaded by 25 million moms worldwide, it gives parents a comprehensive guide through all stages of pregnancy.

One of my favorite times during my pregnancy: knowing how small or big my baby is that week (fruit- and veggie-wise)

Maite Uy, Business Development Manager, Philips Personal Health, shared: “The first 1,000 days are critical to set the stage for their future health, and with that, even lay a foundation for the health of our society.” Hence, the Pregnancy+ app was created to give new parents all the information they need.

Maite Uy, Business Development Manager, Philips Personal Health

The app was recently launched in the Philippines last May 16, 2019 at the Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura BGC and was hosted by mom and blogger Patty Laurel-Filart. It was lovely to be in the company of other moms (some of them were expecting!), and we all had fun reminiscing about our pregnancies, learning new things about motherhood and babies, and even playing games and winning prizes.

Patty Laurel-Filart hosts the launch event
The product of my pregnancy. 😀
With mom bloggers Jan Lizardo, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Kristine Tan

At the launch event of the Pregnancy+ app, we got to know more about its nifty features, such as:

  • Daily pregnancy info
  • Color and scan images
  • Personal diary
  • Pregnancy weight log
  • Doc visits log
  • Diet, exercise, and labor info
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Contraction tracker
  • Baby shopping list
  • Thousands of baby names
  • Baby size visualizer
  • Pregnancy week by week info
  • and so much more!

If you’re going to download just one pregnancy app, let it be the Pregnancy+ app, because it already has everything you need and all the features you can ever ask for. No need to download multiple apps or look for information from too many sources (which might just confuse you!).

The app is a one-stop shop for all things pregnancy!

The Pregnancy+ app combines data derived from their most popular baby care products and parent-led input to produce specific insights for each child, enhanced with recommendations from experts and development specialists. It is fully customizable, making it even more exciting for moms-to-be to track their pregnancies week by week. It’s like having your own personal diary of your pregnancy, but in a more high-tech, intuitive, and power-packed format.

More photos from the launch event:

Thank you for inviting us, Philips Avent!
My gosh, so hyper!
But I think she’s my lucky charm coz I won Rustans GCs during the game!
The beautiful venue setup

The food was amazing! We started with Pesto & Roasted Mushroom Crostini
Herb Focaccia
Braised Beef Cheek
Gruyere Souffle Salad with Organic Greens, Grilled Corn & Shallot Vinaigrette
BBQ Pork Belly with Chimichurri Sauce & Pickles
Mini OMG Cake & Home Made NY Cheesecake with Strawberry & Lemon Compote
She loved the balloon backdrop!
Kristine and Jika with her baby Ellie
Love Patty’s OOTD!
Kiss for Tita Jan
I made a new friend… my seatmate / fellow blogger Denise Rayala (@royaldomesticity)
Why I love attending mom events: coz I get to hang out with these lovely mamas!
We all had fun, even the babies!

Here are the official photos from Philips Avent:

The setup was just gorgeous! It was like attending a wedding!
I wanted to bring home the flowers but I was shy. Haha!
Maite Uy

It was fun catching up with these ladies!
Andi and Ellie are having their own “chika” moment
Rich Asuncion
Rochelle Rivera tries out the app

Got a little one on the way? Downloaded the Pregnancy+ app for free from the Google Play and Apple store in the Philippines.

To learn more about Pregnancy+, visit

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